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SEO Strategies

With the thousands of different SEO strategies being advertised online, it can become a daunting task to explore the right one that perfectly fits your business. Most SEO agencies just skim over the tiny details of your business without exploring its salient features and they use a typical, run of the mill and generic SEO layout on your website, expecting it to kickstart it towards success.

But one size doesn’t fit all. What might work for a law firm will not work for a restaurant.

Most businesses jump headfirst into different SEO strategies without understanding who their target audience really is. Investing in high-end customer research was something exclusive to only the wealthiest of companies since small and mid-tier companies could never afford the tools needed to carry out the relevant research. Today’s technology, however, has completely changed, and affordable marketing research services from the likes of True North Social have finally become available to smaller businesses. You must analyze who your customers are, what their needs and desires are, where they’re from and what their ages are. True North Social will help you generate this data to provide you in-depth information about your audience. Because, let’s face it – if you don’t know your own audience, how can you create appealing content and promote your product? Without knowing about them you’re taking shots in the dark. There is no proper SEO strategy plan without knowing who it’s aimed at.

Keywords form the core of any SEO strategy template. They’re the primary means through which search engine rankings are generated. There is a lot of competition in SEO over important keywords. If you’re confused about what set of keywords to choose, analyze which ones your competitors are using to remain relevant to their target audience.

Synonyms which are semantically correlated with the rest of your website’s content will also get the job done. For example, if you’re selling sunglasses, making use of the words eyewear or goggles won’t hurt your ranking, will they?

But remember, not every keyword will resonate with what your audience is searching for. For instance, they might be searching for a burger, but because your digital marketing strategy only revolves around the keyword ‘buns’, you won’t necessarily appear on their radars.  Again, the best means of understanding important keywords is your rival businesses. What keywords are they using?

By using tools and specialized consultation from True North Social, you can get a detailed analysis of what your rival businesses are doing to drive heavy traffic to their websites.

Keyword research helps you understand what people are typing into search engines. Search volume is the total number of queries entered into the search engine for a particular keyword. It sheds light on what people are most likely to search for. These numbers are always estimates and never really accurate and should be mixed in with other key metrics to form the complete picture.

Generating content on a regular basis that isn’t a bunch of nonsensical gibberish is not an easy task for most companies. They’re too caught up with their actual business to pay any attention to blogs and articles. And when they do start generating content, it is usually written half-heartedly, as an afterthought, as merely a means to an end. These articles end up being largely irrelevant to the audience – but you can’t fool Google; they know which content is most useful to your audience, and base your organic ranking upon this fact.

It’s not just about quantity anymore or even keywords. Rather, it’s about in-depth coverage that makes relevant use of those keywords. Merely throwing them in will not help.

At True North Social, our content analyzer tool makes use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help you understand exactly the kind of on-page SEO strategy that will best suit your business.

The primary goal of your off-page SEO is link building, which directly influences how search engines rank your page. You should begin by making contact with other businesses on social media and ask them permission for access to their links in exchange for yours. Sharing your links on social media is also a great, free means of link building – use from a plethora of options such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Invite other bloggers to write on your blog and accept invitations to write on theirs in exchange. If you somehow manage to get the attention of a key influencer in your industry, it will also significantly improve your placement with SERPS.

Mobile phones have become so ubiquitous that they now account for more than 50% of all traffic on the web. Most businesses, however, don’t optimize their website for mobile users and as a result, miss out on the easiest means of gaining a rank boost. Think of it as a cheat code to orange county SEO success. Google even launched their first mobile-first index in November 2016 to highlight the importance of mobile phones as an important source of traffic.

If your website isn’t user-friendly for browsers on tablets and mobiles, it will adversely affect its search engine rankings.

Traditionally, making use of longer, more descriptive URLs used to result in higher rankings. However, Google has since changed their algorithm and instead prefers shorter URLs. Anything past 5 words will definitely not rank very high. If at all possible, make use of your primary keywords as your URL.

With True Social Media, you no longer have to worry about falling behind due to an ineffective SEO strategy, our experts specialize at using different SEO tools to make sure that your website graces the front pages of the internet.

SEO Strategies

There are many different SEO strategies available to you as a business, it can be a difficult task to try and find the best-designed SEO strategy for your business. Many other SEO strategists will not bother to learn the important aspects that make your business unique. We here at True North Social invest the extra time to find out what makes your business unique and then build a strategy to help play to your business’s strengths.

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