What is the Average CTR for Google Ads?

What is the Average CTR for Google Ads?

Average CTR for google ads

It is one thing to run google ads, and it is another thing to run them successfully. Well, the best way to know a good CTR is to be familiar with the average CTR for Google Ads by your industry. Before you start panicking, that low figure could actually be higher than the average click-through rate and not a sign that your campaign is a complete failure.

Imagine that you have paid some money for PPC ad campaigns and would like to see their latest performance by checking their click-through rate (CTR). Unfortunately, you discover that your click-through rates are struggling to rise above a meager percent or two, after using your analytics software.

But is that percentage a really low figure?

In this article, we are going to try and answer all those questions you have around CTR and how you can use this information to your advantage to increase your conversion rates. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What does CTR really mean?

Your click-through rate (CTR) shows how often people click on your ads after seeing it. This information is very powerful as you can use it to gauge how well your ads and keywords are performing. When you discover that you have low CTR you can implement new tactics to level up.

Calculating CTR is also pretty easy. Simply divide the number of clicks on your ad by how many times it appears. For example, if your ad gets 10 clicks and 200 impressions, it means your CTR would be 5%.

Every ad and keyword has its specific CTR. A high CTR could be an indication that people are finding your ads relevant. However, CTR is not as direct as you may think.

It can be used to benchmark the success and performance of your ad. But it is so controversial that anything can affect it.

They vary so widely by industry that no two campaigns are alike in audience or goals. CTR varies by industry and approach. Therefore, you need to implement some techniques to ensure that you can increase your CTR as much as possible.

Factors that affect your click-through rate

So, what are the factors that could affect your clickthrough rate? Well, we will be discussing the major ones. Usually, the right combination of these factors will give you a lot of hot leads willing to purchase your products or services. However, getting just one of them wrong could have a negative effect on your CTR.


The Headline

The first thing to consider with PPC ads on Google is the main headline. It’s best to start with the first thing that many users will see when they come across your ad. This is what would lure them into reading the contents of the description.

A good headline should be about 60 characters long, and a dash separates it into two sections. So, one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate is to use a headline that stands out and goes straight to the point. It’s just like reading an article. If it starts with a dull headline, you wouldn’t have the urge to read through the contents.

Therefore, with your ad, you need to ensure that it is catchy enough to have a significant impact on your clickthrough rate instead of prompting them to skip to the next ad. So, if your current headline doesn’t appeal to you, change it to something compelling, and the clicks will increase.

Ad Copy

The Copy

After the main headline comes the ad copy, which gives a detailed description of what the ad is all about in just 80 characters. This means that you need to persuade users to click this ad with just these few words. Usually, it is an expansion on the theme of the main headline, which incorporates the benefits and call to action. Your ad copy should not be vague.

Instead of just talking about your company, you should give details about the product/service and the reasons why they should make that purchase. No one will want to click on your ad if they don’t see a valid reason to do so. Your ad copy should convince people to choose you.

Ad Position

Ad Position

Your google ads position also matters a lot. We do believe that this could be the most overlooked factor when it comes to CTR on Google ads. Of course, everyone’s ad can’t be on the first page of google search results.

This is why Google uses an auction system to determine the ads that secure a position at the top. Just as it is when people would instead click the first result when doing a keyword search on Google, the ad that takes the number one spot has the best chance of getting the highest click-through rate.

Of course, that is why people are willing to pay a lot more to secure their ad position at the top of the search results. Therefore, if your ad is among the first things people see after typing in a keyword, then you can expect that you would have a much higher CTR than if your ad appeared towards the bottom of the page.

The Ad Creative

Display ads are different from your regular ads on Google. In this case, Google will display your ads on third-party websites using a different picture format referred to as a creative. It is this picture format that is displayed on third-party websites to attract people’s attention. The ad creative differs from organic search ads in a lot of ways, but the major difference is that they are more like virtual billboards.

With this ad type, you have more control over the ads and how it displays to your users. You have a lot more flexibility with this type of ad, including the freedom to choose how much text it displays, color scheme, and even font. However, this flexibility can make it easy for rookie advertisers to make a lot of mistakes that can reduce their CTR.

What is a good Google ads conversion rate?

Now that we have talked about the major factors that can affect your click-through rate, the next question is, what is a good CTR for AdWords?

The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. You have to start by comparing your CTR to that of your competitors by using an average CTR calculator. While low CTR signals that your ads are not relevant to viewers, an above-average CTR may not always be a sign of success either.

You need to combine this with other key performance indicators to determine how successful your campaign is. Therefore, a good google ads conversion rate has more to do with the average CTR peculiar to your industry. For AdWords paid search ads, the average click-through rate is usually about 2% while that for Google’s display ads is about 0.35%.

This means that if your ad is anything above this percentage, then it can be seen as an above-average CTR. Your conversion rate and average CTR vary from industry to industry, with some being more competitive than others.

Be industry specific.

By checking out your industry’s average click-through rates, you should have a good idea of how well your ad is doing. With the current industry stats, you will discover that there is a huge difference in click-through rates between display ads and search results across all industries.

We will discuss this in subsequent sections. Every industry has higher click-through rates for google ads than display ones. This is because Google doesn’t always get it right on the display network when it comes to displaying ads on relevant websites. In other words, you could be getting up to thousands of impressions on your ads but won’t get the more important clicks.

As a result of this, your overall click-through rate will be terrible. Based on recent Google statistics, the average click-through rate for each industry can range from 2% to 6%.

If your click-through rate lies between these figures, then you have a good google ads conversion rate. The higher it is, the better. But you need to monitor your ads CTR consistently as they can change at any time.

When you stay one step ahead of the game, your CTR will be on a larger scale for as long as possible. One of the best ways of knowing if your CTR is higher or lower than your industry average is to look out for industry-specific benchmarks. Before we discuss this, let’s look into some trusted ways you can improve your CTR.

Using special deals and a better display URL

People will always appreciate awesome deals. You can start by adding a special deal to your ad headline to improve your CTR. Imagine if you saw an ad that offered 60% off for your first purchase while another just tried to convince you to buy, which would you be more inclined to check out?

That would be the one with a special offer. This would make your headline stand out and, of course, get a lot of clicks. Also, your display URL should include your main keyword. Most times, this is overlooked, but it is a good way to boost your clicks.

Using the right words and ad extensions

The first thing to note here is that you should use a strong call to action like “Get Started” or “Buy Now.” It is also a great idea to throw in power words like “best” and “You.” These can help in convincing your audience to engage with your ad.

Emotional triggers will always hit the right spots. Use words that help you connect easily with what your audience would be feeling at that very moment. This will drive users to take action.

Now, let’s talk about ad extensions. With Google Adwords, you have to try to take advantage of a small space to sell your brand effectively. However, you can use ad extensions to increase the size of your ads and give you something more to work with.

More words mean more chances of making your ad relevant to google users. So, what are some ad extensions you can take advantage of? Let’s start with the location extension.

With the location extension, you can add an extra line that shows the address of your business right at the bottom of your ads. This confirms your physical presence which might translate to trustworthiness for your audience.

Next are the call extensions that display your business phone number on your ads. All your users have to do to call you is to simply click on the ad.

Finally, site link extensions give you the freedom to show your users more about your business by allowing you to link the ads to specific pages on your website. However, for all these to work effectively, you have to make sure you are targeting the right audience.

Putting your ads in front of those who are likely to be interested in your services could increase your CTR dramatically.

Search Network

The Search Network

The search network displays your ads every time someone searches for keywords related to your focus. For example, if someone does a search on google for “potato peeler,” the search results will display google ads specific to this keyword at the top of the search results. What would distinguish this from the other search results on Google is that there would be an “Ad” icon next to it. The CTR for the search network is usually higher because they show ads that are relevant to the exact google search.

Display Network

The Display Network

On the display network, the ads show up on websites or apps where your audience is surfing. In this case, the user is not actively on a google search for your keywords but only checking out a particular website. However, your ad pops up because the content of the website is relevant to your keywords. This is the biggest reason why people tend to ignore ads on a display network, leading to a lower CTR.

What is the Average Click-Through Rate in AdWords by Industry?

The average CTR across all industries in Adwords is 0.46% for display and 3.17% on the search network. The industries that win the top spot in this search category are the Dating and Personnel business, which is just above 6% and Travel and Hospitality companies. According to data gotten in 2018, the lowest average clickthrough rate was by the Consumer Services, B2B, and Technology industries.

An excellent point to note here is that the clickthrough rate may have been low because consumers had to do a lot of research before going ahead with a final purchasing decision. To give your search CTR a boost, you should do a detailed review of the keywords used in your ad.

Are they truly relevant to what you are offering people? Does it suggest your intention of wanting people to make that purchase? Make sure that your ad copy resonates with your target audience.

What is the Average Cost Per Click in AdWords by Industry

CPC refers to the specific amount you have to pay for every click on your ad. For all industries, this is $0.63 for display and $2.69 for search. Among all Google ads on the search network, legal services have the highest CPCs, which is not too shocking as the term “lawyer” is actually the fourth most expensive keyword on Google.

In the legal industry, the average CPCs are as high as $7, even increasing to as much as $100 per click with some specific keywords. Coming in a close second are consumer services with industry averages of $6.40. On the lower end are advocacy and nonprofit groups with industry averages lower than $2 due to the limit placed by Google Grant advertisers. On the flip side, CPC on the Google

Display network is inexpensive, capping at as low as $1 per click. Only Dating and Personals gives a better cost on the display network. To lower your CPC, you can work on increasing the grade given for your ad quality.

With specific geotargeting and scheduling, you can ensure that your ads and clicks are not from areas where you don’t do business. With the display network, make sure that your ads are reaching those who are more likely to be interested in using the right demographics and remarketing tactics.

What are the Average Conversion Rates in AdWords by Industry?

A simple way to explain conversion rates is that they are the number of conversions you get for each ad. On the display network, this is about 0.77% and then 3.75% for search.

The industry that takes the top spot here is also Dating and Personals for both display and search ads. Other industries that are also worth noting here are Consumer Services, Auto, and Legal.

On the lower end are advocacy advertisers, home goods, and real estate industries. One reason for this could be high competition, but a lot of other factors also come into play. In these industries, consumers have more choices available, and this could make them picky.

You can improve your AdWords conversion rates by paying close attention to your landing pages. Are they clear and simple? Do they open up quickly? Are they easy to use on any device? When all the answers to these questions are positive, then you are on the right track to getting a good CTR.

Do not send a specific ad to a general home page as that will only confuse your website visitors. Sometimes, your conversion rate may be poor because your offer isn’t compelling enough.

Try to switch it up once in a while to study which one communicates with your target audience better. Finally, your google ads convert best when they are reaching a qualified audience. If your products are meant for a luxury market, it would be a disaster to target those that barely earn up to a thousand dollars yearly.

What is the Average Cost Per Action in AdWords by Industry

Every time there is an action involving your ad, there is an amount you pay, and that is referred to as CPA. While CPA on the display network has gone up in the last few years, those on the search network have gone lower.

For all industries, the average CPA in Adwords for the display network is $75.51. The average for the search network is $48.96. In this category, Tech, Real Estate, and B2B companies peak at more than $100. Automotive rounds out the bottom spot.

We would guess that these higher CPA’s are because these industries are selling high-ticket items. So, how can you reduce your CPA so that you can get a better return on your google Adwords expenses?

First, you have to find out the problem to be able to provide the perfect solution. Why is your CPA high? There could be two reasons for this. Either you are getting a lot of clicks with no conversions, or your click costs are high individually.

So, work on fixing this if it relates to your situation. Next, don’t rule out the power of keywords in CPA too. Make some research on high-converting keywords and focus more on this.

What happens next?

Now that you are more aware of the intricacies of google ads, you can use these metrics to your advantage. When these tips are implemented successfully, you will have high-converting ads at an impressive rate. So, optimize your ads with the right features, including creative offers and relevant keywords.

Ensure that the landing page for your ad is pleasing to those who click through. This will play a huge role in improving your campaign metrics. It’s possible tomake a lot of money from your google ad when you take the right steps.