Keyword Research Services

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Keyword Research Services

What are your customers thinking? It’s the question that drives keyword research for SEO. Using keyword researching tools, data mining, feedback and competitive analyses, businesses everywhere are trying to answer this very question. In many cases, their very survival depends upon it. After all, ranking on the third page of Google rather than the first can result in your website losing 99% of its prospective audience. In a world where 93% of buying decisions start online, that’s pretty much the same as being invisible.

That’s where True North Social comes in. As an SEO agency, we specialize in keyword research and the best practices for SEO, we understand that without a strong keyword strategy even the most well-designed website can struggle. With analytics tools, proven experience, and a drive to optimize, we seek to connect your products and services with customers that want them.


Research for SEO

Good keywords are based on two competing principles, traffic, and competition. When we perform keyword research for SEO, we’re seeing how many people are searching for it on a daily basis and what sort of keyword competition it’s drawing from other businesses in the industry. Ideally, we want to use the big, broad ideas summed up by short-tail keywords to come up with competitively overlooked long-tail keywords, that businesses like yours can snap up and use to boost visibility. Seems pretty simple right?

Unfortunately, everyone else is doing the same thing too. Good keyword research for SEO takes patience and expertise to grow. But with experience, techniques and the use of cutting-edge SEO keyword tools we can make that process much shorter.


Keyword Research for SEO

Our main goal is to optimize your website’s keywords to generate leads and drive conversions, at the end of the day your business has made an investment and we want to repay it.
  • Our keyword research analysis SEO is driven by your input. We want to understand your industry, the business and your brand’s unique voice in order to help drive your SEO strategy towards the audience that will drive future sales.
  • First, we’ll run a preliminary evaluation of your current site to see how your current keyword strategy is run. Then we’ll run analytics to find out how effective it is.
  • Then using keyword research tools, and by surveying long-tail and short-tail keywords we’ll build a list of the most relevant words that match the image, and offerings your business provides. After we’ve developed your keyword portfolio we’ll stack it up against the competition and see if we’re treading in any highly competitive territory.
  • After we’ve finished analyzing and refining, we’ll try some of the most effective keywords with a short PPC campaign. This will help us find out just how many new conversions our revitalized strategy can bring to your business.
  • Once we’re finished we can provide you with a ranking of all prospective keywords based on which ones bring in the most prospective revenue.
  • Finally, when we’ve whittled down the list to a few unique keywords it’s time to start the hard work. Developing content, copy and designing web pages to best optimize your new keywords.


What Research Strategy Can do for Your Business

Performing keyword research for SEO isn’t just about boosting your website’s rankings on Google. The analysis and insights we gain from our research bring holistic changes to your business.

  • Engage Customers – An effective keyword strategy is based on providing your audience with more of what they want. By tailoring content and design to their needs you ensure their continued interest in your products and services
  • Continuous Improvement – Becoming a search engine optimizer is not a hands-off pursuit. We’re constantly checking the effectiveness of keywords against website metrics, changing those that no longer bringing in traffic and refining content to better reflect the ones that do. Paying attention to customer data allows you to keep your content relevant all the time.
  • Use Resources Efficiently – Over time we’ll figure out which keywords add the most to your business’s bottom line. Instead of pursuing a scattershot strategy that takes up valuable time and money, we can focus on upping the keyword density percentage and visibility of search terms that work.
  • Find Hidden Gems – Research shows that long-tail keywords make up 70% of online searches. That means there’s a vast resource of untapped keywords just waiting to be exploited. By focusing our efforts on these keywords you can reach new audiences that were looking to buy your products but didn’t know how, or where to find them.

Why You Should Contact Us

SEO is not an overnight strategy; the firm you pick to work with will become a partner rather than a distant entity. At True North Social we understand how to marry the intricacies of SEO management with the requirements of your business. When you work with us your customers become our customers, your bottom line, becomes our bottom line.

Call us, E-mail us or visit our LA offices in person and you’ll find a team of energized, dedicated account managers with vast experience in keyword research for SEO along with many other digital marketing competencies. By choosing us, you choose an agency with a proven track record and an in-depth knowledge of SEO best practices to bring to the table.


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