SEO for Jewelers

SEO For Jewelers

SEO for Jewelry: Gemstones, Diamonds, Rings (Marketing Experts for Jewelers)

Find customers in your area who are looking for jewelers now!

As an expert in the jewelry business, you know that your customers often have highly-selective taste and are looking for a company that is able to prove quality and credibility. True North Social gets this and knows how to customize SEO for jewelry to market your services to the right customers at the right time. With proper optimization, you’ll find leads from local customers who are ready to buy now. SEO serves as an affordable way to generate sales grow your business.

Why does your jewelry business need SEO and why is True North Social the perfect choice to optimize your site? There are many reasons, and here are the ones our customers like the most:

We are Experts at Pinpointing the Top Jewelry Search Words for Your Business

Anyone who isn’t experienced in SEO might assume that to be successful at optimizing for jewelers, you would need to rank high for words like “jewelry,” “jeweler,” or “gold jewelry.” While these words are relevant to your industry, they are also generic and will have a ton of competition. More competition means it’s harder to get to the top of results and you’ll pay more to get there. Even more importantly, someone searching for “jewelry” could be looking for any number of pieces you don’t even sell.

Instead of these random, generic terms, True North Social performs in-depth research to target keywords that are relevant to your products and customers near your geographic location. This leads to finding better, higher quality leads that convert to real sales.

SEO for jewelers is an important step to building your business because SEO is particularly relevant to your industry. This is because people rarely have a jeweler they go to on a regular basis. When they need a fine jewelry piece, they often find themselves searching online. So, by creating high-quality content targeting longer phrases that are relevant to them, such as “highest quality gold jewelry near me” you begin to establish the idea that your business is exactly what they need and want.

How We Use Search Engines for Jewelry Retailers

Just like with crafting intricate pieces of jewelry, there is both artistry and science involved with quality SEO. To bring these two crucial elements together, True North Social doesn’t just employ the best, most innovative SEO methods, we also pay close attention to crafting content and creating superior visuals and user experience. This is what attracts people to your site and keeps them there and shopping. Not only is this important for sales, but search engines also look at how long people stay on your site. More time spent means users are finding real value and the engines will now rank you higher for that.

This is so relevant because current SEO is more than just optimizing for the most popular jewelry search words in a handful of places. Instead, you need to spread this optimization across your whole website, your social media accounts, review sites and more. Additionally, with the growing importance of social media in marketing, we put emphasis on creating sharable content that is also optimized to reach even more people.

Most importantly, SEO for jewelers helps you reach more customers who otherwise wouldn’t have entered your store. Whether they’re intimidated by making a fine jewelry purchase or they simply don’t know where to go for one, SEO helps them find you from the comfort and convenience of their internet browser. This is the experience True North Social wants to create for you and your customers!

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