Website RedesignServices

Is your website everything you want it to be? If you’re looking to take your website to the next level, True North Social’s Website Redesign Services can give your brand a fresh, new look.

Website RedesignServices

Your website’s design, performance, and how people perceive it can and often does have a great deal of influence on your business. If your goal is to bring in more leads and convert leads to customers, one of the first steps is to optimize your website for these goals. Neglecting to do this can mean your business is losing out on lots of leads to your competition.

While the website redesign process can be challenging at times, it is worth the effort. However, hiring a team of experts like us ensures that your website is professionally optimized based on the goals you outline.

Why Hire A Website Redesign Company, Like True North Social?

There are several reasons why your site needs a change. In addition to branding staleness, your newly redesigned website will improve customer experience, eliminate UI/UX confusion, and deal with usability issues associated with the current site.

Our redesigned websites are custom-tailored to every business’s individual goals. We generally redesign websites with the following goals:

To attract and retain more customers
Significant changes to your brand often require a website redesign. This is especially important if you’re introducing new products or services. A consistent look will help to attract new customers and retain existing ones. This will also make your site easier to navigate. In other words, an improved overall customer experience.

Improving mobile friendliness
A corporate website redesign is necessary if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices. We make sure that your newly redesigned website looks great on all types of mobile devices. This isn’t just important to improve conversions on the website from mobile device users but also for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google prefers to index and rank mobile-friendly websites above ones that aren’t. That’s why if your website is outdated, it’s time to update it.

Tailored to the needs of your target audience
Redesigning your website is not just about changing the look and feel. Your site’s functionality should be tailored to the needs of your target audience. This is especially true if your site is focused on lead generation or selling a niche product.

Your Website Is
The Most Important Marketing Asset

Even if you have an offline business, your website is still a valuable, if not the most important, marketing asset. However, having a website isn’t enough; after all, there are hundreds of others in your niche out there. So, your website needs to be your business’s 24/7 sales representative. That said, if it’s not churning out the required sales and leads, then there is something wrong.

As a business owner, it would be worth considering these facts:

  • 88% of visitors will not visit a website again if they have had a bad experience with it.
  • A well-designed interface can increase your website’s conversion rate by up to 400%
  • 48% of people surveyed said that a website’s design is the #1 factor when deciding to do business with a company.

It goes without saying that the way your website looks and functions matters to your business’s bottom line. That’s why neglecting to spend the time and effort needed to update and improve your website means that you’re losing out on a lot of business. While your website should be beautifully laid out, it also has to be conversion-focused.

As the #1 Website Design and Digital Marketing Agency, True North Social, has the experience and team needed to deliver websites that add to your bottom line. Our professional website redesign services have consistently delivered results for our clients. We use years of data analysis to help us design websites that provide results. Every element added to the design is there for a purpose, and that purpose is justified by data proven to increase leads and conversions. That’s why we can almost guarantee a lead-driven, conversion-focused redesign for your business’s website.

What Is A Website Redesign Project?

A website redesign involves a few basic steps. It starts with defining the project’s objectives, which will depend on the nature of the business and its goals. These objectives, known as operational needs, should be clearly understood before the process begins. Redesigning a site that has been up for a long time, with dozens or possibly hundreds of pages, will require more planning and participation from multiple stakeholders. However, the resulting redesign can be highly beneficial if your current site performs poorly and you’re not happy with the current design. 

website redesign services

Depending on the project, we often determine what pages are most important for your visitors. Google Analytics can help us by identifying the most valuable pages on your website to start working on them. This helps us ensure that the most important pages get the most attention. After which, the remaining pages can follow a similar format. This is the ideal approach for large and small redesign projects alike.

Without proper planning, a redesigned website could have broken pages and reduced conversions. Our corporate website redesign services check your website from every angle, both prior to and after it goes live.

Do You Need A Website Redesign?

Do you think that your existing website needs to be redesigned? However, before you invest in getting your website redesigned, you may want to ask yourself the following questions. Answering these questions will also help you hone in on your goal(s) for the redesign.

  •  Do visitors find my website easy to navigate and locate the information they want? You can get some insight into this by checking your website’s bounce rate.

  •  How many visitors are converting to sales?

  •  Has the competition recently updated their website, and if so, how?

  • Is the content on my website current, correct and informative?

  • Is the website doing a good job of representing your business, especially what it does?

  • Are you tracking and analyzing all visitors to your website?
website redesign project

Why Choose Us to Redesign Your Website?

One of the most important reasons for any business owner to get their website redesigned is so that it performs better than the old one. That increase in performance will mean higher conversions, more traffic, and better rankings in most cases. At Truenorth, we have worked with clients across many industries, ensuring that their websites meet these goals. It is after all one of the reasons why we are considered an outstanding website redesign company.

 If you are in the market to get your website redesigned, here are a couple of reasons to choose Truenorth over the competition:

We are one of the most experienced digital marketing companies in the United States. Our teams have worked with dozens of businesses across the US, not just designing websites but their entire branding and marketing campaigns. This experience enables us to redesign websites that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We don’t offer regular professional website design services because we know that even the best-looking websites will not perform as well as they should if they aren’t designed for the right audience. That’s why the first step for us is to understand who your target audience is, why they visit your website and what will lead them to convert. This understanding helps us design websites that meet these goals.

We don’t use templates or your old design as the basis for our new design unless under particular circumstances. All redesigned websites are done from scratch to tick all the boxes we need for your business.

Our website design services ensure that your visitors enjoy an unparalleled user experience, which, if anything, will give your business an edge over the competition. When clients or visitors to your website find the experience enjoyable, there is no reason to seek similar information or products from another website, aka your competition.

Your website redesign will need some high-quality copy to go along with it. Our website copywriting service, operated by our team of expert writers, will draft optimized content custom-tailored to your brand complementing its marketing efforts. Similar to the design, our copywriting is also conversion and audience-focused. The two combined will become part of a bulletproof digital marketing plan.

Does Your Website Accurately
Represent Your Business?

Let’s face it your website is at the heart of your business’s digital marketing campaign, just as it is a big part of your online presence. Your website is where most people come to learn about your business and brand. However, many companies also use their websites to convert site visitors to buyers and leads. An effective website represents your brand and business in the best possible way.

Think about it this way: do people visiting your website feel your brand? This goes beyond just having a logo designed. Consider features like your copy. If anything, brand recognition can help you stand out from possibly dozens of other competitors and help your audience choose you over the others.

While the majority of your visitors aren’t going to convert right away, especially if they are visiting your website for the first time, however, even if they aren’t converting straight away, they will continue to remember your business, something you can push with via a retargeting campaign.

If you happen to be using a generic design or the colors on your website aren’t reflective of what your business does, you need to redesign the website. In addition, you want a website that accurately reflects what your company does so that you can get more leads. This is especially important if your paid ads direct users to your landing page.

If you think a website needs to be redesigned because it does not reflect your business’s goals, please contact us. We can discuss how to redesign your website to meet your business’s goals in the best possible way.

The Benefits
of Professional Website Redesign

 Website designers and those that claim to specialize in redesigning a website are a dime a dozen. However, all you need is to look around at your competitors who have recently had their w ebsite redesigned, and it’s not hard to see that lot can go wrong.

Many people assume that a redesigned website needs to look great. Sure, a great-looking website will help attract and retain visitors, but that’s not the only metric you need to focus on. That’s why the benefits of a professional website redesign are beyond just a website that appears modern and is mobile-friendly.

We are one of the few website redesign companies that make sure your website gives you an edge over the competition.

SEO Advantages

When it comes to SEO, a redesign can make all the difference. Search engines like Google prefer websites that load fast. That’s why a redesign that optimizes load time, for instance, amongst other aspects, will help increase organic visibility.

Retain Visitors

Redesigning a website is an excellent way to stay relevant and connect with customers. To keep your website fresh and relevant, you need to measure how your customers interact with your content. This is possible only by conducting a test run on a few key pages and comparing the results. This way, we can improve the design of the most important pages by seeing what works better. This method is also a great way to test new ideas before settling on a specific format.

Improve Conversions

In addition to improving search engine ranking, redesigning your website can also increase conversions. At True North Social, our design and marketing team uses their years of experience to redesign websites with a specific focus on improving conversions. While most professionals who offer redesign services may overlook a website's conversion aspect, our SEO and digital marketing experience mean we understand how important CRO (conversion rate optimization) is to any business. Depending on your industry, we use a couple of design elements that have improved business conversions over the years.

How We Improve Your Website’s Branding?

Designing a website to be user-friendly requires rethinking the structure and navigation of the site. For example, we must ensure that the text wraps around the images while avoiding obnoxious colors and typography. In addition, our team needs to put themselves in the shoes of your users to see if they can find the information they want on your website.  

search engine optimization

In our experience, the visual aspects of a website’s branding are instrumental in forging a brand’s image; most of all, your website should be visually appealing. Using active visual elements, such as logos and themes in the right places, helps people visiting your website quickly identify your brand. We also need to find, test, and then decide on textual elements on your site that align with the brand’s voice and tone of voice. This will ensure that visitors associate your site with your brand, which is essential if you also have an offline presence.

A logo is a vital part of a website’s branding. We often start with closely examining a logo to determine if it fits in with your vision of the redesigned website. Creating a good logo is crucial in establishing a brand. If the current logo isn’t up to the mark, it too will need to be redesigned as a first step. Then the same color scheme (as the logo) is used for the rest of the site, with fonts and colors that compliment the website’s overall design.

Finally, we have to make sure that the logo is in line with the brand’s values and position, after which it takes up a prominent position on the homepage.

website redesign service

Fonts Are A Big Part of Branding

The use of fonts is another crucial aspect of a website’s branding. Using multiple fonts on a single page can distract and detract from the site’s branding. To avoid this, we limit the number of fonts on your website to two or three. We also avoid excessive use of contrasting styles or overlapping typefaces. However, we use fonts in different sizes and weights to direct readers’ attention to specific parts of the website.

A professionally redesigned website will help a company increase its value and gain new customers. We ensure it delivers a consistent tone by effective use of colors. For example, we may use blue since it is more appealing than orange. A dark blue and pink are more likely to attract a visitor’s attention. Generally, the color palettes on a website should match the colors of the company’s logo.

Using relevant keywords and phrases is an essential part of building a brand in terms of content. While using the right keywords on a webpage is critical, overusing them may make it look spammy. Instead, we use white space to let the content breathe (so to speak). The effective use of white space helps your visitors focus on the critical elements of the page.

The Most Common Website Redesign Mistakes

current website

Many business owners come to us complaining that their recently redesigned website isn’t performing well as their old website. While there can be various reasons for this, it is often because the redesign wasn’t well thought of by the web design company.

If you’re in the process of getting your website redesigned, or want to evaluate if the company you hired did a good job, here are a few common mistakes to watch out for:

One of the biggest mistakes when redesigning a website is making it too complex. It’s essential to make sure the home page is not too cluttered, or it may cause your visitors to leave without reading it. The navigation bar should be simple and separated into categories. If possible, keep the design of your website as simple as possible. That’s one of the reasons why our redesigns focus on keeping things as simple as possible without the website looking bland.

A overwhelming and packed website can lead to a higher bounce rate. Keeping the layout simple and limiting the design will help your visitors find what they’re looking for in an instant. If you have a web page with 2000 words, break it up into easily digestible parts. Use graphics and charts to make the content easier to understand and retain visitors.

When planning to get your website redesigned, it is essential to set clear goals for the eventual design. Not only does setting goals makes it easier for the design company, but you know how to measure the success of the recently redesigned website. Sure, you’ll want the new website to be aesthetically pleasing, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of performance and conversions.

A site that is slow to load and hard to navigate isn’t just losing prospective customers but is also bad SEO practice. Keeping the design of your site minimal means that search engines like Google will love you for it.

As you have probably already realized, website redesigns can be a lot more challenging than designing a website from scratch. Several things need to be considered, which a regular low-cost web design agency can’t handle. That’s why it is so crucial that you hire a company like Truenorth to oversee the redesign, ensuring that it (the resulting website) meets all the required metrics that matter to your business.

If you have a laundry list of goals, it will be hard for the redesigned website to be focused on the primary ones. You need to have a handful of primary objectives to ensure a successful redesign, such as conversions and visitor retention.

Finally, it is essential that you continue monitoring your website’s traffic, conversions, and organic rankings after the redesign. This will help you to spot problems early on.

Finally, it is essential that you continue monitoring your website’s traffic, conversions, and organic rankings after the redesign. This will help you to spot problems early on.

Our Website Redesign Will Help Boost Your Professionality

Many clients who come to us often have excellent website content, and in that case, they don’t need new content as part of their redesign strategy. However, these websites often lack the professional impact required to drive conversions or sales (whichever may be the case).

A recent study by the Gartner Group found that websites lose 50% of their sales potential online because visitors can’t find what they want. Often, the design isn’t conversion-optimized, which leads visitors to not convert to sales. The lack of sales ability leads to 75% of traffic being wasted. A redesign will benefit these types of websites the most.

If your business invests money in digital advertising only to find that the results aren’t thrilling, you’ll need to consult with our outstanding creative design team. Truenorth takes a conversion-focused approach to website redesign for businesses that benefit from it the most.

We have been redesigning websites for some of the biggest names in various industries for years. We redesign websites every day and continue to drive consistent results. Every change we make to a website when redesigning is to meet the goals outlined for the business. That’s why our redesigned websites perform exponentially better than those done by other companies.

Website Redesign Versus Getting It Designed From Scratch

Generally speaking, a website redesign builds on the core of the existing website. You will want to opt for a website redesign if:

The website does not reflect your brand image

While your website may be doing well in terms of SEO, it may fall short because it isn’t reflecting your brand’s personality. Think of it this way, most visitors to your website are also potential customers; that’s why it is important to communicate who you are and what your website is about. If the existing website isn’t doing that, it must be redesigned.

Hard to navigate

If visitors to your website find it hard to navigate, they will bounce off. That’s why it is so vital that first-time visitors can quickly locate what they want so that they stay long enough on your page to engage with the business. That’s where having a great user experience comes in.

The website isn’t mobile-friendly

If your website is older than ten years, there is a chance it is not mobile-friendly. That said, you can always try accessing your website via a smartphone to check if it looks and operates as it should. However, if it isn’t mobile-friendly, the website will need to be updated to a responsive design. Responsive designs give the website a dynamic layout that automatically adapts to the device’s screen size.

You should opt to get your website designed from scratch if:

Your website is slow

If your customers complain that the website is slow, it is time to consider getting a fresh design. Though website speed can be fixed by compressing items like images, the speed boost isn’t dramatic in most cases. If the website is slow, it is because the design is fundamentally flawed. As a business owner, you will want to get a new website design that’s both SEO-oriented and loads up in under 2 seconds.

Many technical issues

Websites may have technical issues, which can be fixed. However, if your team is spending far more time fixing technical glitches on the website than they do on improving it, then it is time to think about getting a custom website designed for your business. As a growing business, the platform has to be scalable. If the original design wasn’t meant to be scalable, then a new website is the only way to undo that decision.

Making small changes is difficult, if not impossible

You shouldn’t need to hire a programmer to make a few simple changes or fix errors. You should have a team or an individual who knows how to use a content management system to make the desired changes. If your website isn’t plugged into a content management system like WordPress, you might want to get a WordPress website.

Still not sure if you should get the website redesigned or designed from scratch? Then feel free to get in touch with us to discuss what you need.

Website Redesign FAQs

As rule, website platforms- especially WordPress, become less and less secure with age. Our redesign services include updating themes, plugins, and WordPress itself, to close loop holes that hackers can exploit.

Yes, it will continue to be compatible with all your social media account. We will not change anything relating to your social media presence.

Unless you are a digital marketing expert, who knows what they are doing, we would advise against it. Most hobbyists design their own websites, which is fine. However, if yours is a serious business, the website plays a role in its success. That’s why getting it professionally designed is so important. When you hire professionals like us, we make sure that your website is conversion-focused and tailored to the needs of your business. This will mean it is easier to optimize and bring in lots of traffic organically, that convert to paying customers or subscribers.

As rule, website platforms- especially WordPress, become less and less secure with age. Our redesign services include updating themes, plugins, and WordPress itself, to close loop holes that hackers can exploit.

Yes, it will continue to be compatible with all your social media account. We will not change anything relating to your social media presence.

Yes, it will continue to be compatible with all your social media account. We will not change anything relating to your social media presence.

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