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If you’ve gotten this far in your planning for a marketing campaign, you probably know that Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is one of the premier methods for getting your product in front of your customers. These days, if your marketing strategy doesn’t have an online presence, it can’t be called a marketing strategy. You need your customers to be able to find you quickly and easily with a simple internet search.

But how exactly do you do that when the internet is so large? How can it be done when there are so many possible searches? Lucky for you, Google Ads Agencies like True North Social have emerged to guide you through the process.

Google AdWords is an ongoing investment. It requires constant tailoring, monitoring, and adjustment. If you don’t commit to regular management, the chances are good that you are not getting as much out of your marketing budget as you could be.

But let’s take a step back and look at the whole picture for a moment.

Google Ads Keyword Research

It all starts with keyword research. Without excellent keyword targeting – as well as negative keywords that weed out incorrect possibilities – the chances of your Adwords campaign appearing at the top of the search results decreases dramatically.

Conventional wisdom suggests that you can design your online advertising strategy first and then tailor the keywords to it after. Research, however, indicates that you should begin with keyword research and customize your marketing strategy towards it.

These days, there are a variety of tools as well as consulting companies who specialize in helping you optimize your AdWords account for maximum efficiency. Start by getting familiar with these tools and running the searches for the keywords you are aiming at. From this initial bit of research, you can start designing the rest of your AdWords marketing strategy.

But, if you have better things to do with your time, our company, True North Social, will do all of the research for you. We’re familiar with the available tools and have been in the business of internet marketing for almost ten years. We know exactly how to get the most from your advertising budget.

We’re happy to consult directly with you on the initial research and how best to optimize it for the best possible SEO results.

AdWords Campaign

When you have a better idea of the keywords that are most effective for your business, you’re ready to take on the next step. Let us help you design a campaign strategy that will use keywords effectively. We’ll help you figure out the budget you are willing to spend on each AdWords campaign, and in particular, what keywords you are ready to bid on.

Pay per click campaigns only charge you when your ads are clicked. This reality makes the keywords that trigger those ads particularly important. You don’t want to waste your time and money on keywords that don’t activate an advertisement. You want the ads that are triggered to be specific to the particular search results.

Either you can attempt to manage all this yourself, or you can call in a Los Angeles based Google Ads Agency such as True North Social. We specialize in helping you build your online presence from the ground up. With direct consultation, we’ll keep you informed on all of the research as well as how to create a great pay per click campaign.

Google Ads Landing Page Design

Your next step will be to create appropriate landing pages that grab your customers’ attention and get them to commit to an action. Offering an intermediary landing page allows you to stretch your advertising budget a little further. From a well-made landing page, your customers get another taste of your professionalism and products.

Business web pages can be a little daunting to jump straight into for a prospective customer or client. There is a lot of content, and perhaps even a few things that they aren’t looking for. Having a well-made landing page gives you the chance to show them exactly what they’re looking for before they order.

True North Social will work with you to both build landing pages and show you how they interact with your customers. Our quality designers will work with your branding to create clear landing pages that will convert your customers’ attention into action.

Not only does hosting a landing page improve your conversion rate for your AdWords campaign, but it offers you the tools to measure how many click-throughs translate to direct action. We’ll make sure you get landing pages that keep them clicking.

Ongoing AdWords Management

Once you’ve got your ad campaign up and running, you might think it’s time to take a rest and let it do its work. But running an AdWords campaign requires constant interaction, maintenance, and optimization. AdWords campaign and keywords evolve and change constantly, and your online marketing campaign should grow with it.

As you probably already know, customers aren’t always looking for the same thing. Trends change, new products will come out, and new advancements are made. When that happens, you’re going to need to change with them.

True North Social offers a long term relationship with you to help maintain your placement on the search engines. We make it a point to keep on top of the latest trends for your business, monitoring your competitors, and making sure your keywords are relevant and current.

Ready to Hire an Adwords Management Agency?

Online advertising with Google is a daunting process, even for professionals. There are a lot of moving parts, from the conception of a marketing strategy to the keyword research to the design and implementation of landing pages to the ongoing maintenance. And that’s without keeping abreast of changes in the trends of the paid searches your customers employ.

You may think you have the time, design skills, budget, and stamina to marshal such a task, but why do it all yourself when you don’t have to? True North Social will take some of the pain out of your marketing strategy. Start your next campaign off right by calling us for a consultation.

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