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What Is The Average CTR For Facebook Ads?

Every aspect of Facebook Ads management has one thing in common: clicks. Ad clicks can determine the cost of your ad as a whole, based on ad creative, how it’s targeted, and if it produces engagement. Marketers who focus on paid advertising depend on the CTR of Facebook ads to determine strategies. So, what is the average CTR for Facebook ads?

What is a Facebook Ads CTR

CTR or click-through rate is a metric used on Facebook Ads (as well as Google Ads) that measures how many times users have clicked on your ad to a landing page, and how often it was viewed on the platform. 

How CTRs on Facebook Are Calculated

To get your Click Through Rate, Facebook will divide the ad’s number of link clicks by its number of views. This is multiplied by 100, and expressed as a percentage. 

Where Can I Find my Facebook Ads CTR?

Each ad will show its own CTR. You can find it by:
  1. Log in to Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Open the “Ads” tab.
  1. Select the time frame you wish to view with the dropdown menu.
  1. Select the “Columns” dropdown menu, then click on “Performance and Clicks”
  1. Scroll right and look for the column marked “CTR (All)” 

Average CTRs for Facebook Ads?

When factoring in all industries, the average CTR on Facebook is approximately 0.90% – 1.33%

What is Considered a Good CTR for Facebook Ads?

As you know there is a difference between good and average. Knowing the average CTR for ads on Facebook is a great place to start off when you are analyzing your ad’s performance, but there’s always room for improvement.  A good CTR for Facebook ads will land somewhere between 2%-5%. So, how do we get there?

How to Get Higher CTRs

1. Improve your targeting strategy

Look at ways you can improve your ads. Do they visually grab a user’s attention? Your ads should be captivating your audience.  Are you taking full advantage of Facebook’s targeting capabilities? This is something that admittedly does take practice, frequent analysis, and experimentation. However, knowing WHO your audience is, is an invaluable asset to your ad campaign, allowing you to target users who are most likely to convert. 

2.Retarget your ads

User’s who have engaged with your ads in the past are much more likely to engage with ads again, and convert. This keeps your company visible to people who have already shown an interest. 

3.Ensure your ads are visually engaging

While a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s often not enough to grab a user’s attention these days. Experiment with different types of visual ads such as GIFs, infographics, and video. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention, because each audience is different and dependent on your industry. So don’t be afraid to experiment, just make sure whichever form of media you choose for your ad, that it is attention grabbing. 

4.Improve Your Ad Copy

Ad copy can make a huge difference in CTR.  Make your ads personal and compelling. Ask or answer questions that users interacting with your ad will be interested in. The first sentence in an ad is key. For example: “Are you tired of _____?” If the answer is yes, the user is much more likely to continue reading or click on your ad, at which point you can offer a solution.  

5.Collect Engagement

Increasing your engagement on your ads is a great way to make them stand out. With each like, comment, and share, your ads become more desirable and trustworthy in the eyes of users.  You can collect engagement by using Page Post IDs, which accumulate your engagement on the ad using different ad sets.  You can also present ads with low engagement to users who are already fans of your brand. These users are more likely to engage in positive ways, thus increasing the chances of link clicks and conversions. 

6.Test Your Ads

Testing your ads is a helpful way to analyze what works and what doesn’t. You can test every aspect of your ad: targeting, ad copy, ad types, objectives, etc.  Start by creating at least two identical ads on Facebook, then changing one thing at a time. Once you find something that works, say your ad copy, then create more ads with that ad copy, and move on to the next feature to test.  This can take some time to narrow down the most effective formula, but the time spent is well worth the pay off. This allows you to get to know your audience and see what grabs their attention most. 

Combining These Tips and Tricks Improves Your Facebook Ad CTR

By aligning your ad with your target audience, you will find the most effective way to improve your CTR on Facebook. Knowing your audience and how to target them is the best way to ensure a successful ad campaign. 

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on your audience

Review your targeting options on Facebook to target your ads to the audience that will most likely be interested in your product. This will ensure that your ad is only being shown to users who are likely to engage with your ad.
  • Review Your Ad’s Content

Once you feel confident that you have successfully honed in on your target audience, you need to ensure that your ads are engaging them in an effective way. Creating a sense of value and FOMO is an effective way to grab your audience’s attention. 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment

Minor changes can make a big impact when it comes to improving your CTR. Don’t be afraid to experiment with images, headlines, and ad formats.  Always view your ads as a work in progress. No ad is ever going to be perfect. But finding new ways to engage your audience is always fun and rewarding. CTR and CPC (cost per click) go hand in hand. If you can increase your CTR, you will earn a higher relevancy score. This can lead to a lower CPC, thus earning you a higher conversion rate at the lowest possible cost.  Check out our other posts for more information on creating your best ads on Facebook:
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