Expert Tips on How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking

Expert Tips on How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking

What web traffic are you currently getting from Google searches? Are you optimizing Google My Business to its full potential for your local marketing? Imagine gaining customers from being the first thing they see when they search for products or services on Google. Keep reading to learn more tips on how to improve your Google My Business ranking.

Understand Google My Business Ranking

In order to optimize Google My Business as a tool for your business, it is important to have a better understanding of how it works.
Google My Business is designed to work with a company’s current website. This provides your business with a public identity and presence by listing it on Google. If a person searches “electrical services near me”, the businesses with a Google My Business listing nearby would show up. The chances of your website showing up in this very broad search is unlikely. But showing up in search results for local customers makes this even more important for bringing in new business.

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You may be asking why this local ranking is so important. Your potential customers are using their mobile devices to search for things near them daily. If you aren’t meeting them where they are at, you could miss the opportunity to work with them solely because they never knew you were an option.

Upload Photos & Video

Upload Photos & Video
Have you ever put photos of your business in your Google My Business profile? If not, then this is a must-do for the future.
Uploading photos can be helpful in several ways for your potential customers. First, it helps give credibility to your business. Being able to see pictures without navigating off of the Google page gives a preview of what the potential customer can expect.
Video has a 30 second limit on the page. The purpose behind uploading videos is to give your potential customers a quick look at what your business is like that the photos alone can’t explain. The use of video has been increasingly successful for businesses recently, so taking the extra time to plan, shoot, and upload an engaging video can be extremely beneficial to your page.

Interact With Customer Reviews

Interact With Customer Reviews
How many Google reviews does your company receive per week? What action do you take from these reviews?
Customer reviews that are both positive and negative can help your company grow. Addressing negative reviews is an area where many companies miss out on. People want their concerns to be recognized and taking the time to thoughtfully reply to these issues can even help improve this relationship in the future.
The negative review could be based on a simple misunderstanding and listening to this customer could be enough to bring them back again. The public interactions can improve your business visibility and help to increase the likelihood of anyone who sees it, wanting to know more.

Add Contact Information

Add Contact Information
What is the best way for someone to contact your business?
It is important to add the most direct way for your potential customers to reach you. Listing a general email or phone number that you don’t check often is not helpful for you or the customer.
Listing all of the most up-to-date information will ensure that you aren’t missing high-quality leads. After all, some people will use Google instead of your website to contact your business directly. Accuracy is key because if your business moves or the name of the commercial building you reside in changes. It can affect how you show up on Google and make it more difficult for your customers to find your location.
Assigning an employee with the responsibility of keeping this information up to date and continuing to research strategies is crucial.  This will keep your business from falling behind in this small but important area. Through the use of our local mapping optimization, our search engine optimization specialists can help make your local business information found easily.

Link Your Website

Driving customers to your website is a huge part of the purpose of Google My Business. Not every customer will take action from the page on Google, so linking your website can help to create the bridge that lands them there.
Choosing which page of your website to link is important as well because it will contribute to the first impression that your customer makes of the business. Directing them to a page that will directly engage them and motivate them to take action is key. If they were to go to the contact page, it would be a repeat of the information that they can already see on your Google My Business information.
If your website already has a successful local SEO approach, it may show up in the search results. Our experts utilize specific SEO tools and strategies in order to generate profitable customers for your business. This can be a great alternative to running a Google Ads campaign for many businesses.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read about tips to improve your Google My Business ranking, you can start putting them into practice for your business. Putting an extra focus on being detailed in this process can help you boost your business to rank higher on Google and reap the benefits of a higher search ranking.