Facebook Will Start To Limit How Many Ads A Page Can Run

Facebook Will Start to Limit How Many Ads a Page Can Run
As part of its latest Graph and Marketing API update, Facebook has stated that it will soon limit how many ads a Page can run at any time. Facebook has explained that mid-2020 will be taking the required steps to limit the number of ads a Page can run simultaneously. The impact that this will have on advertisers is very minimal and will not affect your brand in any way. Seems off right? Why is it that Facebook would purposely limit its revenue by restricting brands spending their money on ads? Facebook is implementing an ad limit due to the very high ad volume which will obstruct an advertiser’s performance. With having too many ads running at the same time, fewer ads will leave the learning phase which will force the budget to be spent before the delivery system can optimize the ad’s performance. According to Facebook, running too many ads can weaken your overall ad performance. Meaning, eventually reduce the overall ad spend because of the over-saturation of ads. With more big advertisers start to complain about the poor results of their Facebook ads. Limiting how many ads a page can run will make sure every ad is getting the proper optimization. As stated, the Facebook change will only impact a minimal number of brands, meaning it’s not likely that your business will be affected. Marketers will be able to monitor their Page’s ad volume via the new Ad Volume API, with the change going into effect mid-2020.