Because we’ve been right where you are. Trying to get everyone and everything to work toward the same goal. We know what it takes because we live it and breathe it everyday. We have the technical know how, but more importantly- we know how to craft stories about products, services, and brands.

Once you have a really great story, you have something unique to say that none of your competitors can claim. You’ve found the voice with which your whole team can speak. That’s when you’ve found your True North.


Over the years we’ve found that our clients will tell us everything we need to know about what makes their business great. They know why customers buy from them and what makes them successful. They just need a little help articulating it into the right format. We don’t expect our clients to be experts at websites, social media, ad campaigns, or search engine optimization– that’s why they come to us. Instead, we help them to understand how we can adapt what makes them great into something that can extend their reach and help them grow.

Here’s how we do it:


We are a boutique digital marketing agency focused on a small number of quality clients. This is for one simple reason – we talk to them constantly. We understand that your success is our success. Helping you helps us.


The needs of every business are unique. We work with you to formulate a strategy to understand who your customer is and how to communicate with them. We create an authentic, cohesive, and custom tailored strategy to help you compete in a crowded marketplace.


Image is everything. We produce stunning creative work that tells a story to your customer. When customers understand how associating with you can define who they are, they have a compelling reason to buy (and are likely willing to pay a higher price).


Having great ideas is not enough.
It takes a lot of work to make a dream come into reality. That’s why we have an incredible project planning and management process. This insures we can track who is responsible for each task and when it will be delivered.

“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!”

– Mari Smith


Kellis Landrum

With over 20 years of experience in website design and development, Kellis provides strategic and creative leadership for the agency. He has made a career of weaving thoughtful, engaging brand and sales narratives into the structural constraints of digital channels.

Kenny Bost

Kenny co-founded True North Social after a successful career in social media marketing and public relations. Melding cutting edge social strategy with new age creative directing, Kenny ensures that our clients experience the most comprehensive social campaigns.

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