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Good photography can define a brand. And well-planned, well-shot photography can provide your current or potential customers with an ideal vision of their life with your product in it. In many cases, consumers are primarily concerned with how the item makes them feel, or how they’ll look using it. At True North Social, we showcase your product in the hands of just the right person, in just the right light, at just the right time and place, so your customers can connect with your brand and see how much better their life could be with your product.

But model photography is not always easily done, and shooting models on location can be even more difficult to plan. With all that goes into a quality on-location photo shoot, the process can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you and your company are new to it. True North has experience setting up and executing a wide variety of photography on location, and knows each step that needs to be completed to get the job done. In the end, planning a location shoot with True North ensures that your product photography will be delivered on time and on-brand, helping to enlighten your target customers on the benefits of your product.

Plan On a Successful Shoot

From creative planning to scouting, budgeting to location preparation, our team can organize and execute your entire model shoot from start to finish, so that you can focus on your business. True North Social can manage hiring a photographer, sourcing models, creating call sheets, sourcing props and equipment, and even organizing the crew during the shoot, all while preventing overtime and delays that could cost your business time and money. We have connections with photographers, models, influencers and vendors, and will negotiate rates and financially plan for the shoot. And when shoot day comes, True North will handle the tedious details and ensure that you get all that you were hoping for and more.

The Right Location for Your Look

Our team has a long history of helping customers choose and book their locations for photo shoots. Whether paid or unpaid locations, indoor or outdoor, True North Social can help your company scout and secure the ideal spot, using years of experience and a sharp eye for colors, light, space and even logistics. When the time comes to shoot your models and your products, you can limit location setbacks by leaving the location scouting and booking in our hands, and count on getting your much-needed photos on time while always keeping your budget in check.

The Right People for Your Products

True North Social keeps in touch with a large network of trusted models and model agencies, hair and makeup artists, stylists and, of course, photographers, to help our clients get the best available talent for their budget. Our team can connect you with the people you need to get your company photography, helping you book the right model, photographer and styling for your brand. With attention to detail and an eye for consistency, True North will ensure that the talent you hire is a perfect fit and can assist your team to setup schedules and call sheets to keep your on-location photoshoot running on all cylinders.

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