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Garfield Montessori Provides Holistic Growth for Children   Allow your kids to experience the authentic Montessori curriculum. There’s more beyond the classroom walls and that’s engaging the child with real life experiences.   Garfield Montessori School develops the holistic well-being of children through its teaching methodology and wide array of programs and activities.    Montessori has five primary classifications for learning: practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, and culture.    Each of these segments brings something different yet equally important to the growth of the child.   

Practical life

  There are so many times we wonder how we can use our academic learnings in real life. But we don’t always wonder why we don’t have practical lessons in school to keep us ready for the real world.    Montessori recognizes the importance of learning practical exercises to keep children prepared for what happens outside the classrooms.    According to Dr. Montessori, children learn best when they have active participation in the learning process.    In the Practical Life section, children actually learn progressive motor development with the use of objects they are familiar with and these are things that are commonly found at home.   


  Our senses are crucial in the learning process. In this learning area, children are taught to use their senses to enhance their observation skills.    The senses are also enhanced by proper association of color, shape, size, smell, sound, and texture, among others.    That’s just the start. By learning those, children will also gain analytical skills.   


  Math is an important part of everyday life. However, it’s also widely acknowledged that this is a hard subject to learn.    At Montessori, there is a proper flow of learning to follow that will make math easier and more fun to learn.    It starts with sequence, recognition, and quantity of numbers. This would then lead to concepts that would include the process of operations and the memorization of mathematical tables.    Working with a workable sequence will make it easier for children to learn the more complex mathematical problems.   


  Montessori, too, follows a methodical phonetic instruction when teaching children how to read and write, which are the basics of the language segment.    Sound and letter recognition are the basic steps to learn before professing to word building and writing.    There are also specialized lessons to guide children with their vocabulary.   


  Finally, there is also cultural learning. This is basically an extension of the language learning but with integrated history.    Knowing history will lead children to appreciate cultural diversity. The diversity lesson will also tackle physical geography, which is significantly connected to the lesson on cultural differences.    A child’s reading and writing skills will be extensively used in cultural learning.   

An environment where children thrive

  Garfield Montessori School believes that the learning environment of a child is key to their growth–both in the academic and practical realms.    The school follows the authentic Montessori education, which veers from the traditional methods of education.    There will be mixed-age groupings within the classroom so the children can learn from each other, and most activities are based on what the student actually needs.    If you want your child to be exposed to a different kind of learning that is student-led, you may visit our school at 3617 Martin Luther King Junior Blvd., Denver, CO or call us at 303-388-8828.


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