A Look Into Instagram’s New Analytics

New Instagram Business Profiles now show users the optimal times and days that your followers are on active on Instagram, along with follower demographics, post impressions, and more. Earlier in 2016, Instagram confirmed that they were developing new business profiles to help businesses and brands be successful on Instagram. Which for any of us marketers who have been concerned about Instagram’s long term goals is very comforting news. Let’s take a look at some screenshots regarding the new feature: Instagram analytics. Forewarning: this should make you VERY excited! Much like Facebook these analytics aka “insights” give you all kinds of useful data about who your followers are, when they’re online, and how many people viewed your Instagram post. Check out an iOS screenshot of them below: Instagram Follower Analytics It’s Christmas morning for Instagram marketers, and we just got everything on our wishlist, starting with follower demographic analytics. Now, you’re able to see where your followers are located, their gender, and their age. Location: You are now able to see where your followers are located; including their city and state. We just got a huge insight into our audience’s activity because this enables us to further optimize posts based on time zones. Gender and Age: For a long time now marketers, like myself, have had to note the total followers of each account to measure the increase in follwers week after week. Instagram will now tell you how many new followers you’ve gained this week. In addition you can see how many of those followers are male and female (via a circle graph). Creating new content based on gender has never been so easy! Post Analytics If you are at all familiar with Facebook’s insights, then you have this next part down. The second section of analytics available is called “Insights”, and as you would expect they are almost spot on to Facebook. Including data showing impressions, reach, website clicks and follower activity. You can now see how many people simply viewed your post (not just double-tapped) aka reach, website clicks via the link in your bio and impressions which is the total times all posts have been viewed. Follower Activity: Before this update marketers had to use third-party apps to gain insight into optimal post times based on the most popular times your followers were online. Now with “Follower Activity” you can see the times (day of the week + time of day) in which the majority of your followers are active. Scheduling now takes one less extra step! Top Posts: Curious which of your posts you tried so hard to make amazing for your followers achieved the most impressions? Well you can now view which posts were most successful thus allowing you to make adjustments in the future when creating new content. Sort-able by both a 7-day & 30-day option, you can now see how all your hard work panned out over the course of a month or week. Since the rise of Instagram through the social media platform ranks, we have had to rely on third-party apps to gain insight into some of our most valuable marketing campaigns, which to say the least can feel uneasy. Knowing that this data is being pulled directly from Facebook gives marketers confidence in trusting these numbers. We finally get to know the exact location of followers, age and gender and when most of our followers are actively using the app. Finally, we can optimize content with zero doubt in the data.


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