Making Money With Facebook Ads

You probably already know that for your business to make money and succeed online you need proper social media channels set up in order to increase awareness and get sales. You have the profile, you share brand-related content, you have reached a fair amount of the right audience, and you are getting engagement. So what else can you do to increase your presence on social media? Are you actively seeking to attract more users to your brand? Are you using Facebook ads management to increase revenue? If the answer is no, read on. In this article we will go over the best ways of making money with Facebook ads.

How to Use Your Facebook Ad Campaign To Increase Revenue

We are going to go over 12 ways business owners can make money using Facebook Ads. Remember no matter where you are in this process that there is always room for improvement. So if you’ve dabbled in Facebook ads previously, we may be able to suggest something new that works for you.

Facebook Right-Hand Column Ads

Using Facebook right-hand column ads are a simple and straightforward way to use Facebook ads to make money and increase awareness.
These are right-hand column ads that appear on Facebook in the right-hand column of the page.
They include a title, brief description, and a URL.
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Post Link (News Feed)

Post links are also known as news feed ads. These are a popular choice for many business owners using Facebook advertising.
With post links, your images will be slightly larger than a domain ad, and you will have more room to add a description. This makes it easier to get a user’s attention. You can use either photos or video with these types of Facebook ads.
While these ads are great if you are trying to make money with Facebook ads, they also have a much higher engagement rate, garnering interest in your brand.
You’ll want to make sure you are engaging with users who comment on your post, being as personal as possible. This will instill trust in your brand, and increase excitement.
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Page Like

The more likes your posts have, the more likely it is that your target audience will see your ad. This will keep users in the loop for promotions, and keep your brand in their mind. This type of Facebook ad is supported for both mobile devices and computers.
These types of ads include a “like page” button on the ad, creating an immediate call to action. We highly recommend choosing a great image for this type of ad, as it does need to be eye-catching.

Local Ads

When you are creating ads, you can choose to target users located in a specific area. This is great for many businesses for clear reasons. Your ad will show up on the feed of users who are in the area that you have set. These ads can also include a call to action button if you choose, making it even easier to convert users.

Special Offers & Events

You can use these local awareness ads to post about events and special offers your brand is involved with.
Perhaps you are opening a new location and want others to know about it, or you have a sale or limited time deal going on at one or all of your locations.
These ads are a fantastic way to spread the word and get people excited about your local business.
You can sweeten the deal and increase the likelihood of conversions by creating a call to action button where the user redeems an offer, after which they will receive a confirmation email with all the details they need to know about the offer.
You can use this data for future promotions as well, so you can reach people who have shown an interest in your brand across multiple platforms

Carousel Ads

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These ads show off multiple products rather than showcasing just one product. This is a great option if your business has a sale on multiple items, or you have several popular items to show off.
This type of ad creates more depth, and gives a mini shopping experience to the user, and they are more likely to click through to see more off the products you offer.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic product ads allow you to re-target users who have shown an interest in your business previously, either by going to your website, or interacting within apps.
To take advantage of these ads, you’ll want to ensure that your product catalog is uploaded to your Facebook profile, and that you have Facebook Pixel running properly.

Lead Ads

Lead ads are a way to redirect users who interact with an ad by taking them to separate pages that are linked through Facebook. This means that their scrolling will be paused, instead of refreshed because they leave the platform after interacting with your ad. This leads to less frustration for users.
These types of ads are not without their downsides unfortunately.
When you create these ads you will need to manually export the leads. There are however software programs that can do this for you. Also with certain industries, these ads are not ideal for marketing because conversions may not happen as often compared to a funnel.
You can always give these a shot and test out the results for your business.

Collection Ads

Collection ads are an enhanced version of carousel ads. These are ideal for mobile users. They allow the user to view the product you are selling from different angles, as well as zoom in and out. These are great for increasing both sales and engagement.
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Ads for Apps

If your brand has an app, Facebook is a great way to get more people to install it.
These ads are news feed ads that include an image, call to action, and description. Many businesses have found this to be a successful way to promote their apps.


Boosted Posts vs. Dark Posts

You’ve probably seen these frequently when you are scrolling through Facebook yourself. These ads do not show up on your timeline, but show up in the user’s newsfeed.
This is a great option because it looks like many other ads, but doesn’t take up space on your own timeline. They also allow targeting users based on keywords, and to users who are already fans of your page.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are many options when it comes to making money with Facebook ads.
When it comes to great ads, it’s all about the quality of the content, and the relevance of the ad to your target audience.
Running ads can take your business to a whole new level when used properly. It can be a challenge choosing the right ad format for you and your budget, but the rewards are well worth it.


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