Lead Generation SEO

Lead Generation SEO

Search engine optimization, and lead generation SEO in particular, are not really new phenomena. They have been used since time immemorial to benefit the company or individual with the desire to expand business by welcoming new customers and clients. SEO for lead generation is a refined strategy, meant purely to widen and even generate a customer base, however, it is somewhat new.

The best aspect of it? It holds tremendous promise and potential as a lead generation tactic!

Fundamentals of Lead Generation

At its essence, lead generation is a form of recruitment, in that you are recruiting members of your target market and beyond, with the help of techniques and various marketing methods. This is used to give rise and expansion to business scope, while at the same time building a bigger client and customer base.

Fundamentally, lead generation can be accomplished in several ways, and for several purposes such as the aforementioned lead generation SEO techniques.

To that end, the following are some of the fundamentals of lead generation, to help you better understand how SEO can be involved in the practice.

1.) Developing an Understanding of the Target Market

This goes without saying, since you cannot attract customers and followers without first knowing who to target, and/or how to target them. There are several anchors or indications which define the audience themselves. Buying journeys of the individual’s, buyer personas, specific and group demands, changing opinions and demands; all need to be taken into consideration if the target market is to be identified and understood.

2.) Utilizing Content Marketing

A great number of marketers hold lead generation as their primary goal; more so in recent times. this is because of the sudden rise in transformative power which content marketing has seen in recent years, what with business blogging becoming so prevalent and lead generation being a positive side-effect, which could be turned into a goal.

In order to put this into effect, a content marketing plan is needed, as the buyers’ personas and the buying journey milestones need to be factored in. Then the leads which have already been generated need to be retained, in order to continually attain business, as well as generate even more leads via association and word of mouth, among other methods.

3.) Planning the Lead Management Procedure

Once the leads have been attained, they then need to be maintained and managed. This is a very crucial stage, since you already have a customer on your hands. There are funds to rightly allocate, leads that require consistent engagement and strategies that need to be refreshed in order to generate a whole new set of leads. A framework therefore needs to be developed; one that forms the basis of all your future and present lead management tactics.

Lead Generation SEO Practices

When we talk about search engine optimization, the generation of leads naturally occurs in the conversation, and especially so if the talk is regarding the improvement of SEO techniques in order to generate more leads and build a bigger business. What’s better about SEO, as compared to business lead generation, is that search engine optimization does not require as much understanding and consideration, not to mention planning, as lead generation does.

This is why it is fundamentally easier to optimize for search engines, even for the most uninformed, since it does not require complex metrics and customer retention practices. It can however, lead to lead generation, and therefore a boost in sales.

The following is a diagram which depicts the natural progression of SEO to the end goal of boosting sales, with lead generation providing the vital middle ground.

Common Lead Generation SEO Tools

Since SEO is a powerful tool in itself, and certainly in the way of generating leads, it needs to be performed and looked into with the utmost in expertise. Lead generation tools for SEO come into play here, and there are quite a few of them available from third-party sites and sources. You can also consult a dedicated and superior marketing agency such as True North Social for this purpose, if you wish for the uber-skilled and professional edge.

SEO Techniques for B2B Lead Generation

While keywords (among the most important of the original SEO points of consideration) are not as important as they once were, in terms of density and numbers; they certainly command a level of importance. Even more important to understand, especially in this day and age, is the intent behind the keywords.

Intent here refers to the reason as to why a certain keyword was added in a strategic location. There are two main scenarios where user intent matters most; when you are searching for information regarding a subject, and when you are looking to purchase something online. There are other scenarios as well, however these two demonstrate the concept of user intent most effectively.

To manually understand the user intent behind a certain keyword, all you need to do is search for said keyword, or a topic that pertains to or has the keyword within it. The results will, most likely, not be worded the same, but they could relate to the same topic. Look for a common theme in the results, and you will know what people search for the most. This common theme is the user intent itself, and it can be harnessed in order to better accomplish the task of search engine optimization for the generation of leads.

Since SEO and lead generation for SEO are best when performed by industry experts with an acute understanding of modern trends, it is always better to hire said professionals for the purpose. We, at True North Social, have a thorough expertise in the field, and can help you generate more leads than ever.

Reach out to us, at True North Social, for all your lead generation SEO needs, and build your business into a veritable empire!