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How to Create Specific Ad Funnels for Specific Products

How to Create Specific Ad Funnels for Specific Products

How to Create Specific Ad Funnels for Specific Products

Every marketer knows about the customer buying experience and sales funnels as these are the basic foundations of marketing. Let’s face the truth, not every marketer is perfect and not all marketers know how to create ad funnels for distinct products. Many marketers fall into the trap of running a single ad campaign and then wonder why their ROI didn’t get the results they wanted. It’s most likely that marketers forget is that with ads, you need to test and create specific funnels and stir your customers through the experience to get conversions. Throughout this post, we will explain a step-by-step process to create success and correctly execute ad funnels.
Ad Funnels for eCommerce Products The eCommerce space is one of the easiest and simplest ad funnels to execute. The majority of eCommerce companies like Amazon and ASOS will create ad-funnel aiming traffic directly to their product pages. It’s crucial to run multiple variations of the same creative, but displaying each version of the creative with different copy. The best performing ad is shown to the majority of people. Adding the “Shop Now” CTA is encouraged if you want to maximize the possibility of directing leads to the web page. If you want to take it to the next level, you can retarget people who go all the way to the cart by ending up abandoning their cart. When this step is properly executed your eCommerce ad-funnel will be wider and will lead to more conversions. You can also run a retargeting ad campaign using Facebook messenger ads. The purpose of the ads will display the exact product that the consumer was considering buying before they abandoned their cart.
Ad Funnels for Informational Products Ad funnels for informational products are not as simple as just showing one ad and taking people to the product page. If your product is an online service such as an ebook, an online seminar, a course or something similar, you probably would want to first introduce it and get people familiar with the product before committing and trying to get conversions. The reason for doing so is because your audience needs to be inspired by learning the information through the product. In order to sell an informational product, you must first take some time and do some research on the audience you are going after. It is essential to find out who the people are searching for your product and the information on your product. When you have gathered your information together then you can target your ads to these people and introduce them to your product.
Ad Funnels for SaaS Products It goes without saying that the most popular ad funnel that SaaS companies use is a free-trial ad funnel. This type of ad funnel benefits SaaS companies because customers would most likely want to get a hands-on experience of using their product before committing to purchase their product. If you just explain the product then you most likely won’t get the customer to purchase your service. The next step for such an ad funnel would be to target people who opted for the free trial and encourage them to buy the product or service. You can achieve this through drip sequences from where you can get them to your product page to make the purchase.
The Reason why Ad Funnels are Better Than One-Off Campaigns A big mistake that marketers can make is forgetting all of their marketing principles while executing an ad campaign and go straight for the sale. If you decide to opt for a single ad campaign and expect it to drive conversions then you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment. An ad funnel incorporates the concept of a marketing or sale funnel into all stages of the campaign.
  1. You first show your prospects a set of ads aimed at spreading awareness and your brand or products.
  2. Then, you nurture the leads with another set of ads aimed at engaging the audience and encouraging them to find out more.
  3. The third stage is when you design ads that get sales conversions, often by including an offer or discount to lure customers.

Conclusion When you are getting ready to plan your next ad campaign, remember the concept of an ad funnel and include more steps to it. If only it was as simple as showing an ad and gaining conversions. Use this post as a guide to create successful ad funnels for your business/product to get more leads.


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