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It has never been easier to connect with potential patients. Like many other social media platforms, Facebook advertising has become the leading platform to set your dental office apart from the rest. With its unique ability to specifically target people, Facebook advertising is the most efficient way to grow your clientele, increase income and bottom line.

According to a Forrester study, 93% of new patients find their dentist online. That means online marketing is the best investment for brands to use their spending dollars.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Dental clinics look to our Facebook Ad Agency to boost their digital and social presence. At True North Social, we have years of experience successfully ranking websites and growing dental practices using search engine optimization.

Get Leads for New Patients with Facebook Ads

Our unique systems generate hundreds of dental new dental inquires each week. We can integrate our systems into your practice and funnel these profitable potential clients directly to you. Never before has there been a more reliable way to generate implant cases.

Facebook Ads forDentists

True North Social has developed a brand new way to leverage the power of Facebook’s targeting algorithm to locate interested patients. This is not anything like traditional social media advertising. Our method is not being used in the dental implant space by any other agencies or marketers.


  • Legitimately interested patients
  • Financial segmentation is possible
  • Supports multiple services from All-On-X to single implants
  • Captures lead data for future marketing

Maximize Leads for New Dental Patients

The Process

True North Social will:

  1. Work with your team to create a special offer
  2. Setup targeting and audience parameters to ensure contacts are qualified
  3. Create conversion-focused advertisements
  4. Setup lead forms, landing pages, and Zapier
  5. Setup email and text message autoresponders
  6. Launch campaign
  7. Optimize campaign daily to ensure the lowest cost per patient

How We Help

True North Social will:

  • 1 Practice per market
  • 150+ leads per week
  • Full Setup – We do all the work
  • No hassles – Just call and schedule the patients

We get results

See screenshot below of results from an actual campaign.

Why Facebook Ads for Dentists Work

With so many choices available, it’s important to understand why Facebook Ads are the best option to get new patients.


Facebook can create precision targeting based on demographic, geographic, and behavioral information. Facebook Ads Manager allows us to create campaigns that get your ads in front of the patients you want and screen out the ones you don’t.

Leverage your existing patient list

Using look-a-like-audiences, we can use your exitising patient data to target new patients with profiles similiar to your existing ones. If you know you work well with a certain type of patient, chances are we can help you find more of them.

Find new niches

There’s probably a niche that you’ve been meaning to get into but haven’t got around to yet. Maybe you’d like to get more patients looking for cosmetic dentistry? Maybe you have a few pediatric patients, but you know should have more. If there’s a niche you know you expand on, Facebook Ads are the perfect way to do it.

Cost-efficient advertising

Dollar-for-dollar, Facebook ads are the best bang for you buck. On average, Facebook advertising costs $0.97 per click and $7.19 per 1000 impressions. That’s a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising like newspaper or radio. It’s even less expensive than Google Ads.

Dental Facebook Ads Aren't a Part-Time Gig

At some point, we all need a dentist. The problem is how do new patients find your dental service?

As one of the top social media networks, Facebook has a database of compatible users who may need dental treatment. Then, targets ads for your dental practice directly on their newsfeed. In this way, you are leveraging a trusted platform that potential clients already spend significant time on. You are increasing your exposure, targeting the right audience, and driving traffic to your dental clinic.

However, the advertising realm is constantly changing. Every day there are new advanced SEO strategies and tactics that can mean some costly problems if not managed properly.

It’s critical to have someone on your team who understands the fundamentals of Facebook ads and targeting options rather than an intern or valued employee simply take on the endeavor as a side project. Often times, mistakes can lead to costly spending on ads, lower profitability, and unforeseen complications. You need someone who knows how to structure your ad campaign to optimize conversion-driven results.

Here’s where we come in. we understand that search engine optimization is a changing craft. Therefore, we are constantly testing, learning, and innovating our marketing strategies to deliver results.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Mastering social media marketing can be the most cost-effective way to grow your business. You need to develop a solid social media presence that will help you strengthen your connections with your current patients and connect
with new ones.

Facebook offers two forms of advertising: boosting posts and ad campaigns. It’s important to identify which is the best to get the results you’re looking for.

A boosted post is a post to your Facebook timeline that you apply money to in order to share it to an audience of your choosing to gain more exposure. It’s the simplest way to advertise since it doesn’t include the various customization features that ads do.

To boost a post, you can easily do the following:

  • Tell Facebook your target audience
  • The maximum budget you’d like to
    spend on a campaign
  • How long you’d like to run the ad

A Facebook ad campaign is created through the Facebook Ads Manager Page to optimize not only audience awareness but also app installs, website conversions, video views, shop orders, and more.

To create an ad, you have the freedom to do the following:

  • Choose different ad placements
  • Use specific objectives that align with your business goals
  • Creative control over the content
  • Advanced targeting abilities with call-to-action

Why True North Social

At True North, our dedicated team works to generate impactful, research-backed advertising for dentists add medical professionals alike. Our marketing efforts create effective highly targeted campaigns for PPC, social media management, and search engine marketing. We can work with your team to consolidate a marketing approach and create custom, engaging content that will convert visitors into patients. This means that our focus is on generating leads each week with no hassle to you. Our SEO specialists optimize your dental website and overall online presence to garner new patients using the best SEO strategies.

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