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Why Is Amazon Product Photography Important?

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Shopping online may be convenient, but it lacks one element that buyers are still craving.  When your customers visit a store they have the chance to pick up items, play around with their features, and see their size. This in-person interaction is taken away when products are on a screen.

Customer don't read

Consumers are relying on your product photos to tell them everything they want without being able to touch, play, and see. This alone makes your photos the most important piece of information on the page to close the sale.  in fact, 63% of online shoppers said that they feel product photos are actually more important than a description. While we wouldn't recommend leaving your customers hanging without a description, this statistic makes it pretty clear what your buyers want from your listing. 

Stand out

Not only do product photos close the deal, but they also act as your introduction and 'capture point'. When a user searches for a product, they will be met with a wall of options to choose from. Your photo is the ticket to drawing them in and having them click on your listing. If your primary image isn't compelling enough, they will be scrolling right past. 

Customers shop the photo

There is no question that customers are turning to online shopping now more than ever before. As the demand grows, so thus the number of sellers.

With competition is rapidly increasing, your sales are depending on your ability to stand out and draw consumer attention with an outstanding listing.

What’s the key to the top-notch listing?

Professional and captivating Amazon product photography.

If you are ready to sales margin grow and become an authority on Amazon, the professionals here at True North are your answer for product photos that will have your stock selling out in record.

What Photographs Make Sales?

You already know that high quality photography is much more appealing to a potential buyer. High-quality product images give an impression of professionalism. This impression increases a consumer’s trust in your brand and sways them to choose you over another seller.

Listings that have images with poor lighting, low resolution, or an unappealing backdrop are perceived as poorly managed. Consumers will assume that your product quality will match the ad. They won’t have a chance to be proven wrong as they move right along to a more suitable listing. 
Beyond quality control, the content of your images will be the difference between a customer clicking ‘add to cart’ or choosing a competitor. 

Successful Amazon sellers are posting the maximum number of photographs allowed and include key images in the selection. 
That’s right, 3 different angles with the same backdrop just won’t cut it when it comes to an online market. You’ll need 8, high-quality images that cover a range of requirements. 

Understanding the Shots

We will provide you with the exact right shots for your product’s needs. As you may have guessed, the first image has a very specific set of rules. You already know how vital this photograph is for click-value and we take this responsibility seriously.
Our team is able to bring you that clean, crisp white backdrop you crave in all its glory. There will be no reason for Amazon to turn away your attention-grabbing introduction. This image will exceed their expectations and regulations. 

Great images show why your products is worth buying

We’ll follow this up with proven sales making selections including images that:

  • Showcase product benefits
  • Highlight key features
  • Provide size reference
  • Serve as a helpful infographic
  • Display the packaging in detail
  • Show the product in use
  • Illustrate how they can use it in their lifestyle
  • Give a close-up of inputs or buttons for tech products
  • Provide nutritional information if applicable
  • Give users additional angles for an in-person experience
  • Because many buyers are shopping from a mobile device, we’ll be sure all of these images are mobile-friendly and easy to see on a small screen.

Want to wow your customers?

Our photographs are the key to creating that 360-degree spin that has proven to increase conversion rates by 6-8% over still images alone.

For the best product photography, you can trust True North to deliver quality and timely results that your Amazon listing will love.

Why True North Social?

When it comes to such a vital element in your product sale, you simply can’t leave your success to luck. Our qualified photographers are able to deliver you breathtaking photos that are proven to increase conversion and boost your sales. From Amazon’s rules and requirements to the technical know-how, we’ve got the tricks and tools to ensure success. 

Setting up the perfect shot is time-consuming and purchasing the tools for the job is expensive. Because of our set up and a team of amazing photographers, we can deliver results at a fraction of the time and money you would spend on a DIY. 

From that perfect white backdrop on your primary photo to the exact right shots, your consumers will love, you can depend on us to turn out quality, sales-increasing product photography every time. 
Increase Sales with Professional Product Photography.

If you want to boost conversion, capture consumers, and improve ratings we’ve got your dream team ready to make your goals a reality. With skilled Amazon product photography professionals by your side, you’ll see results as you’ve never seen before. 
From that opening shot to the final close, we’ve got your back. 

Ready to up your listing game and reap the benefits? Get in touch with us today to experience the True North difference and become an Amazon success. 

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