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From ecommerce to startups to fashion brands, we share a common goal with clients – to bring out the best in their brand through Instagram Marketing Services.

What Instagram Marketing can do for your business

  • Reach more potential customers

  • Create engagement with your target market

  • Build your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness

  • Grow your following & engagement

  • Increase your reach

  • Participate in the conversation about your product or service

  • Create consistency in your brand’s content & voice Free up time to focus on your business

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Why True North Social?

Great accomplishments in business are never done by a single person, they’re done by a team of people. Our social media team is comprised of copywriters, content curators, paid ads experts and photographers who live and breathe social. It’s our goal to achieve your goal. From creating beautiful content calendars to building ever involved audiences, we have the roadmap and want to share it with you.

Base Instagram Marketing Service


Our in-house team helps you to present your product or service in the best possible light. By curating and collaborating on a catalog of original, educational and engaging content, you can build brand trust, loyalty and awareness. Our goal is to shift the burden of content creation, optimization, and schedule management off of your plate and onto ours.

What you get:

Instagram Marketing Add on Services


Never miss a comment again, with our in-house community management. We perform daily checks Monday-Friday of your Instagram comments and reply to comments by liking and/or responding accordingly. Additionally, we will notify your team about comments which we feel we cannot answer or need special attention.

  • Management of Comments and Direct Messages
  • Notify Your Customer Support Team
  • Engage With Your Community


Is your brand lacking in the comment department? True North Social has dedicated specialists who will join direct message groups where the sole directive is to garner more comments on every single piece of content posted to your profile. Present a profile that thrives with life through the daily management of exchanging comments.

  • Management of Comments and Direct Messages
  • Notify Your Customer Support Team
  • Engage With Your Community


Promoted posts can increase pro file reach far beyond just your followers. Increase the reach and engagement of the your Instagram posts to targeted non-followers. Ads can include a call to action prompting users to view your pro file (and follow it), click to your website, or send you a direct message (lead generation).

  • Monthly Influx of Followers
  • Increased Engagement
  • Increased Reach
  • Cost Per Click Analysis
  • Audience Targeting


Are you selling the products online? Get clickable tags on Instagram for purchases. Connect Facebook/Shopify product catalog enabling the option to tag products in posts. We will tag relevant products allowing users to click a product and move seamlessly to the client’s online store to checkout.

  • Management of Engagement Pods
  • Comments on Every Post


Working with influencers can add value to the reputation of your brand by introducing your product or service to a warm and receptive audience. If you choose the right influencers. We can source, negotiate and manage influencers to help you build the right relationships. Our process involves extensive research and vetting to find influencers who best align with your business’ brand guidelines and marketing goals.

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Deliverables Confirmation



With a hand selected models and scouted locations, your posts have never looked so good
One of the most common Instagram photography styles, the top down layflat, accessorized to perfection.
Gorgeously shot to present your products to your audience just how you imagined it.
Get a combination of photo shoots planned and shot every single month. Take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

Case Studies

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Instagram Marketing Agency FAQ's

Instagram has grown tremendously over the last few years. The Pew Research center claimed that 55 percent of online users in the United States are active Instagram users. Instagram marketing companies are regularly researching best Instagram practices to give maximum sales through this channel.

True North Social has been helping brands grow on Instagram since it’s launch in 2010. Since then, the need for business’ to market on the platform as a source for online sales and leads has exploded. We constantly change our marketing strategies for the fluctuation in changes on the platform.

Marketing on Instagram: Trending Now!

  1. Boosting Instagram Posts Has Become a Necessity for Everyone

  2. Instagram’s Shopping Feature Allows Brands To Sell Product Directly Through the App

  3. Instagram Is Now the 4th Most Visited Site in the World

  4. Instagram Stories Ads Are Brands New Magic Sauce

  5. Brands Are Already Finding Success Using Micro-Influencer Marketing

  6. To Navigate the Algorithm, Instagram Marketing Pros Have to Get More Analytical

New approaches are being explored everyday here at True North Social to approach each of these changes. Our clients see immediate adjustments in their Instagram marketing strategy as the platform continues to evolve.

With this evolution we see more and more users using Instagram on a daily basis, if you are on the fence about hiring an agency to manage your social media here are some statistics that might nudge your decision.

Instagram currently has:

  • 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

  • 100 Million Photos Uploaded Per Day

  • 4.2 Billion Likes Per Day

  • 25 Million Business on Instagram

Instagram Content Management

We craft beautiful and unique Instagram experiences. With more than 10 years of knowledge and expertise as a full-service Instagram Agency, we design and share the most engaging content possible for our clients.

Stunning Instagram Photography

We shoot stunning, one of a kind, recurring Instagram photography, planned and brought to life by professionals. With more than a dozen photographers to choose from, your project will come to life stylistically right before your eyes.

Followers & Engagement

Our Instagram Marketing Agency can garner you thousands of Instagram followers month after month. Using a combination of promoted posts, proprietary tools, influencers and proven tactics we help your brand become a player in your space.

Instagram Advertising

We design and implement Instagram advertising campaigns that drive traffic and sales. No more confusion around what should be a straight forward process that drives revenue for your business.

Truly Engaging Instagram Marketing Content

Audiences desire to be entertained. Yet, more and more, many Instagram marketing companies waste time and resources on ineffective, bland content ideas as opposed to building lasting and engaging thoughtful experiences. By curating and collaborating on a catalog of original, educational and engaging content, you can build brand trust, loyalty and awareness.

On-Brand Content

Start sharing objective oriented Instagram content that garners followers, increases engagement, elevates profile reach and drives website traffic which in turn drives sales.

Original Photography

Our Instagram Marketing Agency creates stunning original photography, produced with one goal in mind, to make your product or brand look as appealing to your target audience as possible.

Grow Your Instagram Audience By The Thousands

Get more followers, likes, and comments with True North Social’s Instagram Marketing Agency. Some of our clients gain over 3,000 organic Instagram followers per month, without using paid ads or boosted posts. This is what going viral on Instagram is all about!

Stunning Photography for Your Instagram Profile

Lifestyle Photography
With a hand selected models and scouted locations, your posts have never looked so good

Flat Lay Photography
One of the most common Instagram photography styles, the top down layflat, accessorized to perfection.

Product Photography
Gorgeously shot to present your products to your audience just how you imagined it.

Monthly Recurring
Get a combination of photo shoots planned and shot every single month. Take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

Save money by integrating your photography with our Instagram marketing agency services.

Get Photography

Instagram Advertising That Works

Instagram advertising has never been so easy. Our in-house team of Facebook and Instagram marketing agency experts offer solutions to help your brand to grow on social media. We use the Facebook advertising platform to coordinate paid Instagram marketing designed to sell products and generate customers. Sell more with Instagram ads!

Proven Instagram Marketing Tactics

A single place to share, curate and discover visual content that tells a story. True North Social delivers an Instagram marketing service like no other. There are several goals associated with an effective Instagram marketing campaign. The marketing goals differ based on the niche, competition and current branding levels of business.

  • Grow sales

  • Increased Brand Awareness

  • Promoting products and services

  • Connecting with top influencers

  • Increasing engagement and retention

  • Sharing news related with the agency

  • Act as catalyst to grow traffic to the organization’s website

  • Exhibit an Instagram advertising agency which is aware of best Instagram practices shall use the following to ensure success in the above listed goals.

  • Developing content strategy– Content is the king. High quality content assures better engagement and retention rate. A plan should be crafted to lay an eye-catching impression of your company, based on the target audience. The idea is to promote your business or company in the best way possible.

  • Determine types of content and ratio- Instagram support graphics, videos, animated GIFs and Image collages. So, for example- A service that is complex can be best understood through a video but a brand selling shoes can do with Image-collages. Promoting a brand or product can be difficult if the type of content is incorrect. Building a content calendar to schedule type of content on dates is a useful trick to manage Instagram campaigns. This trick is already used by a lot of digital marketing companies.

  • Defining Hashtags- True North Social being a complete Instagram marketing agency, focuses on researching the right Hashtags associated with the content and target audience. One of the best websites to research hashtags is- while looking for hashtags, one has to understand the popularity and relevance of it based on the content.

  • Captions- Instagram has a limitation on captions- 2200 characters. The objective of the caption is to increase engagement on the posts i.e. to trade clicks and shares. Your caption should ‘connect’ with the end-users.

  • Outreach to Influencers– An Instagram profile having a good number of followers can be an influencer to their audience. Our content could mention these influencers or vice-versa to increase the organic reach of our content.

Instagram Photography is Our Agency’s Specialty

We shoot vibrant, beautifully brand oriented photography for Instagram. Our social media photo shoots produce content that increases community engagement and thus increases sales. We have analytics from a multitude of clients to prove it. All of our photo shoots are accompanied by a professional photographer and creative director. Our social media shoots consist of-

  • Lifestyle photo shoot with models

  • Lifestyle photo shoot without models

  • Product photography in studio

  • Product photography lay flats

  • Product photography on white

Benefits of Instagram Promotions

Leverage the most powerful social media advertising platform and attract new audiences with ads that grow your Instagram followers, increase your post engagement and drive conversion.

We find the winning ads and start to focus on scaling these and expanding on campaigns that work.

Our process:

  1. Competitive audit

  2. Establish goals

  3. Setup

  4. Analyze and refine

Our Instagram Marketing Experts Can Help You:

  • Craft an on-brand visual Instagram flow with expert level calendar curation.

  • Increase real followers & engagement through proven strategies.

  • Have one of the top Instagram marketing agencies manage your community.

  • Manage your Instagram product catalog and tag associated products.

  • Get your brand consistent comments on every post.

  • Instagram influencer marketing management.

  • Produce and shoot recurring social media photography.

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