10 Reels Ideas for Instagram

tease upcoming videos

In the ever-shifting waters of social media marketing, the head of Instagram recently announced that it is no longer a photo posting app — they are to starting to lean toward video entertainment. Instagram reels are an amazing way to engage with your Instagram followers while also expand your reach! In fact, video content is currently the #1 real growth hack. The new Instagram reels tab is chock-full of suggested content, which is a terrific way to find reels ideas.

It may seem difficult to come up with fresh Instagram reels ideas for your brand or business, especially if you’ve struck a creative wall. But we’re here to spark some imagination for the perfect reel you can post today.

1. Behind-the-Scenes Reel Ideas

Whether you’re a photographer or you’re a small business selling jewelry, creating a behind-the-scenes reel can be simple and effective! Take the time to tell your followers about how your product is made and what the process is like while working with you.

Next time you’re in a photoshoot, packing an order, or pouring a candle, take out your phone and start filming for future Instagram reels.

2. Introduction or Behind-the-Brand

Since Instagram reels are often discovered on the reels explore page, it’s a great opportunity to create a video showcasing your brand story and introduce yourself to new followers! → Combine past video segments, narrate your origin story using text, or talk straight to the camera… Whatever you want!

More “get to know me” reel ideas include: What led you to start your business, Which people inspired you along the way, and What are your visions/goals?

3. Tips & Tricks

Regardless of your sector, you hold valuable information that can help Instagram users. Create how to videos for your instagram community. The possibilities are infinite! Whether you provide styling suggestions, offer tips on how to use your products, or know photo editing hacks, you can incorporate whatever your passion is in front of the camera. → Try giving a quick tip -OR- asking your audience what they’d like to see more of!

instagram reels idea for digital marketing
instagram reels idea for digital marketing

4. Before & After Instagram Reels

Sharing before & after videos is an excellent approach to boost engagement! They’re not only eye-catching, but quick and easy to edit. Some Instagram reels ideas can be home improvements, recipes, hair, artwork, and much more!

youtube channel instagram reels ideas
youtube channel instagram reels ideas

5. Tease Upcoming Content

Post a teaser clip for upcoming videos or product releases in your instagram shop by creating a short sneak peek reel. This can be a quick way to get people engaged and talking about YOU. You can create a video highlighting upcoming podcast episodes, a new blog post, updates to your instagram shop, or the next youtube video coming.

6. Create How To Reels

There are tons of how to video ideas, from showing your followers how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie to outfit tips. This is a great way to draw attention to your instagram account from the explore page. Start by making a running list of ideas that you’re passionate about, then use those to create a how-to series!

Note: Always be sure to provide key takeaways in both the video and the caption.

future instagram reels ideas: cheese and charcuterie inspiration
future instagram reels ideas: cheese and charcuterie inspiration

7. Community Spotlights

Sharing user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to engage your audience while also filling-up your content calendar. Once you’ve collected enough content, you can combine those tagged images or video clips from your community all into one instagram reel highlighting your followers. Alternatively, you can create a compilation video of positive customer reviews and instagram comments!

Quick tip: Remember to ask for permission from the content creator.

8. Employee Highlights

Another instagram reels idea to keep an engaged social community is by highlighting employees doing an incredible job.

First, Pick a theme! In your 15 to 30-second video, ask your staff what their favorite part of working for your brand is (or a similar question according to your theme). People watch videos to feel like they’re part of a community and this is a good way to make followers feel like friends.

9. Answer FAQ’s Instagram Reel

If you hit a creative block, answering frequently asked questions can be part of your instagram reels ideas arsenal. Write them down and keep them in a bank for future instagram reels! You may also use the questions sticker on instagram stories to encourage your followers to ask you questions.

10. Day-in-the-Life

Create a video reel showing your followers a “day-in-the-life”. Instead of focusing on the behind-the-scenes of your profession or business, you’re taking your followers through your daily habits with a more lifestyle edge!

A great example is posting a reel highlighting your morning routine or a home tour. This is a huge opportunity to make followers feel like friends, which is always the goal.

Home tour youtube video
Home tour youtube video

TikTok vs Instagram Reels

To avoid the huge watermark from TikTok videos, create different reels for different social media platforms. Instagram reels tend to cater to a millennials while TikTok caters to a younger Gen Z audience.

TikTok was designed mainly as a form of entertainment and a way for creators to share videos with viewers on an informal level. Instagram, on the other hand, was founded as a platform for artists and brands to post original content to help them expand their reach and brand. The video content on Instagram reels is usually more aesthetically pleasing and informative.