Outreach & Link Building

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Outreach and Link Building

In the ever-shifting and changing world of professional SEO services, link building is the one skill that holds perhaps the most value of all. Even more than that, it is the net result of several other skills combined. In practical terms, it is a form of marketing, only marketing that leads to marketing if that makes sense!

Simply put if you want to gain a wider audience in the professional circles, you need to have other people mentioning you on their websites or in their conversations online (which can be in multiple different forms like discussions on forums,  blog posts, podcasts, reposts, comments and more). The best way to do this opposed to visiting them personally and paying them to feature you is by building links.

It is an invaluable skill to possess, as well as an important technique and tool to know and master.

Outreach & Link Building

Link Building Techniques

Getting a page that is not from your own website to somehow link to a relevant page on your own website sounds simple enough.

No, it is not simple at all, in fact, it is quite complicated especially in today’s ultra-competitive and often quite convoluted internet landscape. But then this is also due to the plethora of techniques that one can use to build qualified and downright excellent links. From list building to speaking directly to influential bloggers and social media monarchs, there is so much that can be done to gain more links.

Following are some of those ways:

One of the best ways to construct good links is the old-fashioned way; that of content quality. This may sound like a lot of work but, just like most things in life, there are very few shortcuts to the top.

Good quality content will go a long way in impressing influential bloggers and websites, which will then lead to links being built over time. It will make your target site owners read and link to your website, while at the same time building an audience with them as well, which is very beneficial in the long run. This process however despite being very useful, is somewhat time-consuming and should be pursued well in advance.

Another great way to build links is to submit the content as well as your websites to directories. Submissions, despite not being the most viable option when it comes to building links, is still very useful as part of a larger arsenal of SEO services.

As far as external living sources are concerned, your best option for getting links is to approach peers, friends, and partners. This is much easier than approaching some random blogger or influencer on the internet, and best of all, you do not have to spend any money this way.

Your professional peers are even more likely to follow and link to your work. This is because there is a very high chance that they have content of their own that they would like to be linked. You can do a mutual exchange and share links among yourselves, which will then drive traffic. Just make sure that the reciprocal link harvesting is not too excessive since this can be damaging to the ranking.

Excessive linking of this type is flagged by Google and other search engines as being forced and will often yield negative results. To avoid this, make sure to keep the linking natural and not forced.

This is one of the most important considerations when achieving qualified links is the objective. Any good link building service may be able to guide you through this aspect of attaining links, however, since it is your content you, have to make sure you craft it in a way that makes sense in terms of anchor text. The quality of the anchor text matters too, so make sure that the text is up to standard.

One very effective way to attain links is to make use of broken links and replace them with fresh solid links to your own sites. Granted it involves communicating with the webmaster in order to have your text linked, but it is an invaluable technique nevertheless.

This is a more direct method in which one makes use of an outreach scheme, by contacting an influential bigger and creating a value proposition for them. Since such bloggers usually have a tremendous online presence, it will be quite advantageous. You may have to fill out a few forms for website submissions and reach out to a wide variety of people, but in the long run, this will be rewarded.

True North Social | A Profound Link Amassing Service

When we talk about the best link building service, there are certain qualities that come up automatically. The service has to have a wide repertoire of services, such as social media marketing facilities to link amassing and a track record of success.

True North Social provides just the service you need, in terms of gaining links, and can assist with not just driving more traffic to your site, but can also help you gain a large following in the long term. When looking for a partner on the long, and often confusing road to links, it is good to have someone who knows what the path is like and how to navigate it to the best of one’s capabilities.

Let True North Social help you gain more links and therefore a greater online presence. Reach out to us and sit back while we take you from an online beginner to blogging master!

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