Social Media Marketing for Restaurants


Social Media Marketing for Restaurants


Social Media Management for Restaurants

The restaurant industry is ever-growing, and having a solid social media management service in place can send your business into an upward trend. With social media being a major factor for digital outreach and organic traffic for restaurants, True North Social seeks to provide full service social media management for a wide variety of restaurants. Our primary goal is to provide a social media management strategy that is hands-off for your business so that you can focus on other areas of growth as we target your consumers and build upon your digital impact.


Social Media Advertising for Restaurants

Social media advertising is a sure-fire way to improve your restaurants bottom line and increase sales. Our social media strategies directly target your ideal customers and buyers in your Geo-targeted locations who are seeking to enjoy the food you serve. Let True North Social take the lead and create revenue generating ads that encourage consumers to dine with you, enjoy promotions, or frequent your restaurant.

Instagram Marketing for Restaurants

Showcase your savory foods, draw in customers visually, and improve your overall business with a customized Instagram marketing plan for your restaurant. True North Social provides a full service Instagram marketing plan that includes fully planning and delivering engaging Instagram posts that entice customers to dine at your restaurant.

Instagram Advertising for Restaurants

As one of the world’s largest social media platforms, Instagram serves as a key factor in pulling in all of the right customers to your restaurant effectively and with ease. At True North Social we design and implement Instagram advertising to showcase restaurant promotions, featured dished, customer interactions, and more to improve your social media impact. Allow us to fully handle your Instagram advertisements and prove the effectiveness of a truly consistent Instagram ad campaign. Improve follower count, up your engagement, increase impressions and so much more.

Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

Target your restaurants most loyal customers as well as new patrons through Facebook Marketing. Let True North Social manage your Facebook marketing campaigns and fully capture your restaurants target audience through a customize plans. Place ads that are visually appealing, display your latest restaurant promotions, and more. We provide consistency and added reach to your target audience while boosting your restaurants foot traffic and web traffic through precisely planned ads and a Facebook marketing strategy that suits your budget.

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