Competition in SEO

At True North Social, we understand what it takes to help you be competitive in search results. Even if your competitors have a head start.

Competition in SEO

Gaining a thorough understanding of competition in SEO strategies is only possible by leveraging data from your immediate business rivals. Climbing up search engine rankings would be an uphill battle without them.

Most brick and mortar firms which have recently launched an online component of their business assume that their website will generate immediate results. As if merely having a website will magically start generating conversions and spontaneously contributing to their bottom line. What they don’t understand, however, is that their immediate rivals have a greater understanding of various local SEO strategies for search engines such as Google and Bing.

The best way to generate the highest number of leads possible for your niche is to improve your website’s organic search rankings. And believe it or not, your rivals will be your best means of achieving that sweet spot. SEO tools such as MOZ will reveal factors which have strengthened their website, and any weaknesses that might plague them.

Your goal would be to identify those weaknesses and just latch onto them. Let your opponent’s weaknesses become your strengths.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone can spend hours upon hours each day crawling search engines to analyze their competition. Professionals at True North Social specialize in the art of analyzing your immediate rivals and highlight key weaknesses with your website – only then will you truly be able to ‘optimize’ your website.

Competition in SEO

Find the real competition number

Your primary means of gaining new leads is strategically placed keywords. For instance, commercial juicers would be interested in the keyword, “Delicious orange juice”. You should enter this keyword into Google’s search box to see the number of rivals who use it on their website, it is important to include the quotation marks as well and avoid Google’s broad match search which inflates the number of results from a few hundred thousand, to a couple of hundred million!

The following pictures should show the differences between the searches:

As you can observe, including quotation marks shaved down more than 26 million results into a smaller, but still somewhat formidable 383,000 results.

383,000 is an extremely large number for many younger businesses to cope with. Instead, a juicing company still in its nascent stages should use synonymous keywords that mean the same thing. For instance, try a different keyword entirely such as, “Tantalizing orange juice”.

As you can see, there are only 8 such results on Google’s pages. Definitely, something that any orange juice still in its early stages could build upon. The general rule of thumb in SEO optimization for smaller companies with smaller budgets is to focus on those keywords that typically have less than 400 results on Google. Why achieve a new milestone for more work when it can be done with less?

At True North Social, we can help your website climb up to the top even if there are hundreds of thousands of results on Google. Because there is a difference between amateur SEO optimization and professional SEO optimization.


The Domain and Page Authority numbers

Page Authority (PA) allows you to understand how well a particular page might rank on search engine result pages. Domain Authority (DA) is a similar qualitative measurement which shows the entire domain’s overall visibility and rankings in search engines. When used collectively, the PA and DA metrics can give deeper insights into how well your site is optimized for SEO.

Using an SEO toolbar such as MOZ or SEMrush, you can tabulate the first top ten results on a search engine and calculate the average domain authority and page authority numbers. The rule of thumb to note here is that both the PA and DA should average about 20. Anything greater than that, and your particular keyword will prove to be much more competitive.

At True North Social, we are SEO experts and we will implement the use of SEO strategy tools to increase your domain’s rankings.


The age of your competitor

Using a tool such as WHOIS, you can find how long your competition has been operating. Older domains typically do a lot better with search engines than newer ones. This is an especially useful tool if your business focuses on an entirely new niche, if there aren’t many older domains operating within the same industry, it probably means you can easily beat your competition and rank much higher.

Does the keyword have any relevance?

Sometimes companies choose ultra competitive keywords that nobody actually searches for! It’s not worth the headache to aim for keywords that are irrelevant to your business. Keeping an eye on search volumes will allow you to know exactly what the customers are searching for.

If none of your competition is using the specific keyword you’re searching for, there might be a reason for it, perhaps no one searches for them on Google at all.

Sometimes a keyword is pretty easy to rank for. Now, this might sound titillating to many firms eager to gain a search engine ranking, but ask yourself this important question: Is the keyword contributing at all to your bottom line?


Keyword density

You should analyze the keyword density for websites that rank higher than yours. This way you know what specific words are responsible for their success. This will give you valuable insight into proper keyword placement SEO strategy.

Your best friend, in this case, would be a keyword density tool such as SEOBOOK.

Identify your top ten competitors and enter their domains into SEOBOOK. The top keywords they’re using will give you a broader understanding of what your potential leads are looking for.


Have a beautiful website design?

Take a look at some of your close competitor’s website design. A clean and clear website with intuitive controls and functionality will go a long way in selling your product or service.

Unfortunately, without a competent SEO system in place, even the most expertly designed site will struggle to rank in Google searches.


The link building

A high number of external links to your website will have a significant impact on its SERP rating. Use a backlink explorer such as Majestic SEO to perform a thorough link analysis of your competition. Higher ranking websites typically have thousands of external linked domains.

SEO optimization requires you to be extremely vigilant about the search engines and the technical jargon which they use to rank websites. At True North Social, we have some of the best SEO optimization experts who know the ins and outs of search engine algorithms and will provide you with out of the box solutions for your website. So you always remain on top.

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