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Best Instagram Apps for Business

With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram has become one of the best ways to connect with clients and potential customers alike in the digital age.

However, despite its popularity, Instagram can still be a complex platform to navigate — especially if you’re using it to conduct business activities like marketing your product or brand and growing your audience.

Luckily, there is plenty of quality Instagram apps that can help you find success on Instagram.

Here, we shall discuss 30 of the best Instagram apps for your Instagram post or Instagram ads. Let us explore:

Why Instagram Posts for Business?

You’re probably already on Instagram and are wondering how you can use it to market your business. For starters, take a look at your customers.

If they’re mostly teens, they might not be into Instagram much — so Facebook or Twitter would make more sense (though if you have an awesome content strategy, it could work).

However, if your customer base comprises early adopters and influencers who use platforms like Pinterest and YouTube to shop for cool stuff, then social media marketing through your Instagram feed makes a lot of sense for you.

Types of Apps for Instagram

Like most social platforms, many third-party apps can enhance your experience with Instagram posts.

Some apps let you create beautiful photo collages, while others allow you to connect more deeply with friends on your friend list.

We’ve scoured our app directories and put together a list of must-have apps that use all of Instagram’s features (like location and hashtags) while giving you access to great features that aren’t built into the original app.

Which are the Best Apps for Instagram Business?

If you’re looking for suitable Instagram apps, which can assist you with Instagram posts, Instagram stories, photo editing, Instagram analytics, Instagram videos, photos pop and other services, let’s explore them below.

Instagram Photos Editing Apps

Why these apps?

Whether you’re a professional photographer or not, you can create great images with mobile devices and a few of the best photo editing apps.

These popular photo editing apps for your camera roll include:

This online design tool is a lifesaver. You can make an Instagram cover, social media graphics or create an entirely new logo from scratch.

Canva’s simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to quickly mock up stunning designs.

You can even access free stock images, high-quality fonts and all sorts of different templates (from business cards to invitations).

A photo-editing app that allows you to adjust different filters and settings to achieve professional effects and editing.

Easily add light leaks, vignettes, and other text options for branding purposes. This is a great app if you have some photography experience or are looking to take your photos up a notch.

If you want to make any kind of edits to your photo, but don’t want to shell out cash, then give Photoshop Express price free a try.

This app allows you to adjust lighting and exposure, crop and rotate images, remove red-eye and more.

You can even add cool filters if you want a more dramatic or artistic look.

Hundreds of great apps are available to turn your social media and blogging platforms into incredibly profitable (and professional-looking) spaces. VSCO is one of the favorites since it’s popular with bloggers who want to share their work.

The app allows you to edit your photos before sharing them without leaving the Instagram app or Facebook.

This price free app allows you to edit your photos before sharing them via Instagram stories. So a great photo editing app to pick.

Avatan is a free, simple photo editor with lots of effects.

This mobile app has built-in filters and effects that make you look cool. It has fast, efficient editing Instagram tools like rotate, crop, and blur to help you get your photo looking just right.

Adobe’s image-editing app is among the best user-friendly interface and advanced editing tools for serious photographers.

While it’s powerful and price free, it also has a steeper learning curve than some of its competitors—but if you put in the time to learn all of Lightroom’s features, you can get awe-inspiring results.

This photo editing app gives your photos a crisp, professional look by adjusting its settings to mimic camera filters with just a few taps.

This web based tool is more effective than popular mobile phone apps because it offers many editing tools.

Design Kit is a great tool for creating an attractive and unique look for your Instagram posts.

It gives you access to hundreds of fonts, stickers, and photos and even lets you add your own to customize.

The Layout price free app is designed to help you create a new, high-quality Instagram layout for your Instagram posts and photos.

It offers hundreds of layouts in various styles, including countless combinations of aspect ratios and filter choices.

With Instagram layout apps, you can quickly design a good looking photo collage that suits your unique needs.

AppForType is one of the best price free apps for your Instagram account.

It offers a wide range of design templates, frames, collage templates, and a collection of font choices.

What sets this Instagram app apart is the capability to take a photo of your own handwriting and upload it to the Instagram app.

Grid and Square Maker price free will convert any photo into a grid of Instagram-friendly square images while maintaining the resolution.

This might help build anticipation around a significant announcement from your brand.

Aside from making grid photos, this app turns photos into panoramas and crops them into perfect Instagram-size squares.

Instagram Video Apps

Why these tools?

With this Instagram video app, you can easily take a video on your phone and turn it into a professional video.

You even don’t experience the hassle of bringing out your laptop and video-editing software.

HypeType shows you where your potential customers are posting, in addition to what hashtags are trending across Instagram.

With a dashboard that allows you to choose your preferred social media networks and categories, it’s easy to discover new accounts worth following and discover hot new trends before anyone else knows about them.

It also has a remarkably detailed analytics section which allows you to view stats on how many users have viewed or engaged with posts from an account, as well as who their followers are.

Boomerang is a super fun way to capture your life’s moments! It lets you create short and time lapse videos that have that same in motion feel as GIFs.

If you are trying to get creative with your content, Boomerang is an app worth checking out. And it’s pretty easy to use, too — anyone can make something cool with these in-app purchases.

Create Instagram content based on real-time experiences and events or even use it to display behind-the-scenes footage from various aspects of your business.

Create a Vimeo account for your Instagram business account. It’s free. You can use it as an alternative to YouTube, and it has better privacy settings if you’re worried about your audience looking you up.

It is one of the best Instagram apps for video editing in the market.

Your life is a story, and this app can help you tell it.

With its simple interface, easy sharing options, and social network integration, Life Lapse will be your go-to app when you need to share beautiful videos with customers through your Instagram app quickly.

This is one of the best Instagram apps for video editing that we know of, primarily because it’s so detailed.

You can trim, cut, split, merge, and crop video clips. It’s effortless to make tweaks like changing the saturation and brightness.

Adding music to videos is one of InShot’s key features. Further, this app offers specific features for Instagram, like creating square videos for Instagram’s use.

It’s among the best Instagram video editors due to its comprehensiveness.

Instagram Marketing Apps

Why these tools?

The only thing left is to press Post, but you’ll want to engage with your followers and connect with others to grow your following and strengthen your marketing with these Instagram marketing apps.

Although there are quite a few social networks these days, your audience is likely still spending most of their time on Instagram.

The platforms offer excellent opportunities to run contests, engage with your audience, and gather contact information.

To make things even easier, check out the Repost free version- it makes reposting content from other social media sites a breeze.

Display Purposes is a web-based program that allows you to personalize the hashtags that you add to your posts.

For example, start with one of your pre-selected keywords or an existing hashtag, and it will automatically produce additional hashtags to add to your post. It’s a valuable tool for those looking to gain more Instagram followers.

The Instagram app uses sophisticated computer vision algorithms to locate the best hashtags for your Instagram photos. Simply select a photo, and in under a second, you will receive all the best hashtags.

The algorithm offers the most relevant hashtags to match your photo – AutoHash means you’ll no longer be burdened with random and boring hashtags.

Instagram Ecommerce App

Why these tools?

These apps let you link your Instagram photos to your Shopify store so that potential customers can find the items they saw on their Instagram profiles and make purchases.

This unique app allows brands to integrate their e-commerce experience directly into their Instagram accounts.

The shoppable feed consists of carousel images that link out to different products and product collections, as well as a user’s products.

Ever seen a stunning picture on Pinterest and wondered where it came from? is a site dedicated to showcasing amazing images that you can use in your content, presentations, or just to drool over. Its photos are high-resolution and completely free to use, but they must be credited.

You can search by keyword or browse through its Explore section if you’re looking for something specific. also has image size specifications to make sure your image looks.

Instagram Management Tools

Why these tools?

Thanks to these great platforms, you will be able to efficiently schedule your posts in advance and ensure that your profile is constantly stocked with fresh and user-generated content.

If you want to manage multiple social media accounts at once, Hootsuite is a great choice. It helps you schedule Instagram content in advance and identify any holes in your social media strategy.

It’s exactly what you need because you can also get analytics about your posts and more insight into what’s working in your Instagram presence.

A mobile-friendly tool from Buffer to help you with your Instagram profile. You can create a schedule to publish posts such as images and video content on Instagram based on when you know your followers are most likely to be online.

Great for helping ensure more likes and comments with a steady stream of fresh content. You can schedule Instagram posts as much as three months in advance.

So, there’s no reason not to take advantage of such standard editing tools if you’re serious about building an Instagram following.

With over 600,000 active users, Buffer is one of the most popular tools to help spread and post scheduling of content through social platforms.

On top of an easy-to-use dashboard, you can build a queue of updates to post throughout your day (or week), all from one place. You can also schedule posts further out, too—like monthly—making it easier to stay on top of a new brand and product updates.

Available across multiple platforms: Buffer’s available in three languages (English, French and Spanish) plus four types of web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer). That means you can use it across most devices without issue — and have them all automatically synced up with one another.

With 7.4 million daily users, Later is a must-have tool for Instagram users who want to schedule their posts and achieve follower growth.

This app connects with your account and lets you easily schedule photos and videos to be shared at any time of day or night. It also allows you to access statistics about your followers, monitor other people’s accounts, and search through content from hundreds of hashtags – thus, suitable for hashtag strategy.

Moreover, it has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. All in all, Later helps you become more efficient with your time on social media platform as well as help you master how businesses should approach social media network.

Instagram Analytics Apps

Why these tools?

Analytics apps help you determine how your marketing techniques affect your revenue- what social network posts were most successful, so you can recreate those techniques that produce the best outcome.

This app allows you to track your stats, including how many people have viewed your posts and how much engagement you get for success in your online store. It also has a community where you can view other accounts that use Iconosquare, follow them and comment on their content.

This community is great because it gives a place for other Instagram users to support each other and help one another to grow. Just make sure not to get sucked into their social media circle too much!

To be successful with Instagram apps is by using it as intended, staying true to your brand vision. This tool will help you do just that by tracking what’s working and what isn’t on your account for the online store.

The Sprout app lets you monitor analytics, reply to and like comments and manage multiple Instagram accounts.

It has social media scheduling integrated into your calendar to see exactly when you need to post on Instagram.

You can also add a live chat box directly to your site. It’s helpful if you want to connect with customers on sites other than social networks.

Sprout Social can also help you find relevant people through its tool called Search Connections.

With over a billion software users, you can’t afford to ignore Instagram as a marketing channel.

Use UserGems to gather feedback from your audience and boost engagement with your posts. Install it using an iFrame or by adding the script to your page, then start tagging and asking questions in the comments.

This is also a great way to discover new hashtags (or even competitors’ hashtags) that perform well on popular photos.

Visit some of those tagged images to get more clues about which hashtags will perform best for you.

Command features many nifty features, providing the business with its most vital stats daily.

It also generates a report card that assesses follower count and how engaged followers are.

You can get hashtag and caption recommendations, caption writing assistance, and help to choose the best hashtags for your content.


Domain Authority is an important metric to keep an eye on, especially if you’re trying to rank higher on search engine results pages. A higher DA score can help you rank more easily for competitive keywords, and it can also give you an indication of how strong your website is overall. However, there is no “magic number” or threshold that will guarantee success in your SEO efforts. A good domain authority score can be an important factor in your SEO success, but it’s only one part of the puzzle.

How do you grow your Instagram account?

To grow your Instagram, try to follow other accounts in your niche and use hashtags and location tags, as well as content that is more likely to garner more likes or interactions.

Create visual content using an app like Linkpop. You should have captions, hashtags, location tags, and a custom link in the bio.

When Should You post on Instagram?

The right time to post with your business accounts is when your customers are on Instagram. Timing varies based on what time zone they’re in.

Most people likely use Instagram in the morning, at lunchtime, and late at night, though many users post pictures when working from home.


With 30 amazing apps, you have every tool you need to turn your photos into visual masterpieces and share your success stories. Every single one of these apps is available on one or both iOS and Android devices.

The mobile app world is ever-changing, but that’s no reason not to try them all out and see which ones are best for you. Whether it’s editing, collages or using stickers, there’s something for everyone here.

Before downloading one of these incredible tools, though, I highly recommend checking out their websites first—these tools could quickly become your best friends!


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