Instagram Adds Multiple Account Login Feature

Instagram adds dream feature for social media managers.
The day has finally arrived! Ok, we know, not all of us are social media managers like us at True North Social, but if your a business owner then this day is a happy one for you as well. Since the dawn of Instagram if you’ve had multiple accounts, it’s been a dreary, painstaking process to login and out constantly! It’s driven us mad… but today is the glorious day of redemption. Instagram has added the ability for users to have five logins at the same time. Of course, when given sweet taste of the promised land, we naturally want more and more. While five accounts is great, if you have more than that it just becomes another constant shuffle of logging in and out of your least used profiles. Instagram has stated that this is a trial run, so we’re more than happy to be the test dummies. Anyway, to use the feature you have two options; tapping on your user name at the top of the screen OR holding down the avatar in the bottom right hand corner, both options prompt other accessible profiles. All in all we’ve found the tool extremely useful to both ourselves and our clients whom most of which have at least two accounts to manage, their personal and their business. If anything this feature will discourage logging out of accounts which require constant attention. If we are receiving hundreds of comments on posts on multiple accounts, the ability to simply switch at the sleight of hand is a dream come true, staying connected just got a tad bit easier. Thank you Instagram for coming through with a feature that isn’t clunky for once, Facebook take note (yes we know they are one in the same). We’ll be waiting anxiously for the test phase to complete and with any hope, the addition of more logins, until then we social media managers, thank you Instagram.