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Did you know that in today’s clutter-rich, hyper-competitive marketplace, Instagram Advertising can give your business the edge it needs to outcompete others and win more customers?

Instagram, is a social media platform that has doubled its user base in the past two years and offers businesses unrivaled marketing opportunities. However, in order to grab and leverage them, you need the assistance of a reputable Instagram advertising agency that has a proven track record of developing successful Instagram advertising campaigns.

At True North Social, we have a team of marketers and analysts who are experienced in the nuances of Instagram advertising. We are passionate about developing comprehensive Instagram marketing strategies that capture leads, nurture them into customers, and add tangible value to your bottom line.

Why Promote Your Business on Instagram

Would you like to get your products or brand in front of a larger audience? Do you want to build a ustomer base comprising of individuals who are actually interested in your offerings? Are you struggling to get a high ROI on your marketing investment? If so, then Instagram advertising is your magic spell.

If you are still skeptical as to why and how to promote your business on Instagram, here are a few statistics that will change your mind:

  • Engagement rates on Instagram are 15x higher than Facebook and 20x higher than Twitter.
  • Instagram has a user base of over 700 million people of which 57% access the site every day!
  • More than 40% of your customers are likely to respond better to visuals as compared to text-based posts, such as blog posts, website content, and more.

Sounds lucrative, right?

Well, Instagram marketing promises you extraordinary results, provided it’s done correctly.

How We Help You

Build a Successful Instagram Advertising Campaign

As more and more brands join Instagram to promote their business, finding a spot in customers’ newsfeed becomes increasingly difficult. As a leading Instagram advertising agency, True North Social adopts a tried and tested methodical approach towards Instagram marketing.

When you choose us to seek assistance with promoting your business on Instagram, we take our time to understand your marketing objective, your target audience, and your current Instagram marketing strategy. Based on this knowledge we use a combination of organic and sponsored ads on Instagram to grow your followers’ base, capture more leads, and win more sales.

Ad Creation

We put your best picture forward with high-quality adverts that engage and entice your prospects. In addition to using captivating visuals, our writers work their magic and create a compelling copy that reflects your business identity in the most appealing manner.

Ad Targeting

Our experienced professionals make clever use of hashtags to help your business reach the right people and generate quality leads. In addition, we use the latest Instagram advertising techniques and tools to find and convert customers on Instagram.


Once we have developed and executed a winning Instagram advertising campaign, we use advanced analytics tools to continually monitor and optimize its performance and deliver you the results that you expect and desire.

Accelerate Your Success with ROI-Focused Instagram Advertising

At True North Social, we put data at the heart of everything you do. From evaluating your current Instagram marketing strategy to the selection and implementation of the best Instagram marketing techniques, we use advanced tools and techniques at every stage of the process to develop a foolproof Instagram advertising campaign.

What’s more, our objective is to ensure complete transparency and deliver tangible results. To achieve our mission, we keep you updated with the performance of your campaign so that you monitor the performance and calculate the return on the dollars that you have invested in Instagram advertising.


We use a combination of Instagram advertising and influencer marketing to advertise your brand to a larger audience and foster brand advocacy.


Using targeted hashtags and powerful CTAs, we get your business in front of the right people and drive more traffic to your website.


We set measurable KPIs for your Instagram advertising campaigns, such as email signups, phone inquiries, bookings, and online sales.

What To Expect With

Our Instagram Advertising Services

At True North Social, we totally despise run-of-the-mill advertising strategies that seem to deliver no results regardless of the amount of time or money you invest. Instead, we focus on building customized campaigns that align with your marketing and strategic objectives within an affordable budget.


Here are a few ways we help you connect with more customers on Instagram:

Photo Adverts — Although simple and straightforward, photo adverts are an ideal choice to enhance brand presence and reinforce your promotional message.

Video Adverts — Perfect for delivering a cinematic feel, these 30-second video adverts are a more sophisticated form of advertising used by leading brands.

Stories Adverts — Perfect to build awareness and buzz around a particular product or service, these adverts bring a brand’s story to life and help it reach the people who matter.

Carousel Ads — These multi-photo ads allow you to showcase multiple products in a single ad, as well as a link to your website and landing page.

Connect with Instagram

Instagram Advertising Agency That Delivers Results and Not Just Promises

If you are ready to reap the many benefits of Instagram advertising, let us tell you that it’s not just about posting HQ images and videos. Instead, developing a winning Instagram advertising campaign is about delivering the right content to the right audiences at the right time.

As a results-focused Instagram advertising agency, True North Social focuses on developing winning marketing strategies that are based on concrete facts and not just intuition. We use our proprietary tools and techniques that are not available to your competitors to help your business stand out from the crowd and capture and convert more leads.

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