Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Wondering how to do SEO for your business website? Relax, you’re not alone: about 45% of entrepreneurs don’t even have an idea what it means, but an overwhelming 98% believe that showing up on Google is important. The how is the ambiguous factor that most businesspeople have a hard time in figuring out. And other than knowing about its importance, you shouldn’t have to worry about it either—let the professional SEO consultants at True North Social take care of the optimization of your website.
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Because SEO is no walk in the park.

Because your business has unique needs.

Because no amount of Google-search-learning can equip you with the out-of-box solutions that your business would work best with.

Because your company and your hard work deserves to be noticed.

And because we have been helping companies just like you, let go of their SEO worries by providing them a customized website optimization service, which helps them get noticed by the right audience.

There are eight aspects of search engine optimization that needs to be accomplished perfectly in order to create a strong front for a company’s SEO.

Among all search engine optimization techniques, keyword research is the aspect that takes the cake for being the most important factor among them all. It is the front-line soldier without which your remaining troops can’t follow into the proverbial battle of search engine rankings. The keyword research for your website’s SEO takes more than a simple search on keyword generators. It takes careful planning to strike the right balance with the short tail and long tail keywords, and center them on the specific needs of your brand and your target customers.

The search engine optimization specialists at True North Social use the right tools to generate the most useful keywords for your business and dip into their reserves of expertise to create a keyword plan that ensures the success of your organic marketing.

Ah, competitors. The bane of your existence. Constantly stealing away your prospects (and rankings) and leaving you stranded with a group of skeptics that you have to work on tirelessly to convert. But you have an opportunity here—you can use their best tactics, too.

But here’s the catch: you can’t simply copy everything your competitors do—this would only make your brand image a patchwork of your competition’s methods. The trick is to understand your business goals, search your competition in SEO and create a strategy with only the best possible practices for your business’ individual needs—something we excel at.

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the content on the web pages so that they can rank higher on search engine results. The problem with doing this type of SEO on your own is that you will need to stay updated with the recent trends and algorithm changes that rule the ranking criteria. With the SEO specialists at True North Social taking care that your website is optimized as per the latest search engine algorithms, you can utilize your time and resources on the core aspect of your business.

While the on-page SEO refers to the best practices in the content on your website itself, the off-page SEO refers to the methodologies that you can perform out of your site to increase your search engine rankings. This allows search engines to better evaluate the relevancy of your website by checking if others find your website useful, and assess if your website should be ranked better or not. This is an essential category to work on, and combined with a strong content strategy, this can boost your rankings in a short amount of time.

Without an SEO consultant service to help you guide through the thick marshes of the many, many SEO strategies, you can easily get lost and stray away into practices that may have worked well for others, but may not be the right fit for your business. True North Social can analyze your business and sift through the best methodologies and choose the one which would bring in the best results for you.

In the world of organic marketing, content is king and the backlinks are queen. Together, the two have enough power to completely change the game and take a website with a lower ranking to the first—or at least the second—page (if done right).

True North Social increases blogger outreach by having your best content posted on relevant sites and linking back to your landing page(s). With this link building, your website will have a better exposure to people in your target market, both nationally and globally.

Apart from a well-designed website, highly targeted website content is vital to increasing your online presence. And if you own a local business, your local SEO needs to get the attention of the people in the geographic location of your organization. The main difference here would be the type of links that you (or preferably we) would be focusing on. To make sure that your SEO is targeting the users in your demographic, you need the best website optimization service with an in-depth knowledge and experience with both SEO and local SEO.

As a general rule of thumb, SEO and lead generation are never considered to be a part of the same category. While search engine optimization is thought to solely include practices that help the content rank higher on search results, lead generation is considered to be a method to generate new leads.

But ultimately, both have the same end goal—converting prospects into valuable leads.

With the online marketplace becoming more user-oriented, the competition has become tougher than ever before, and it is imperative that a smart strategy be developed that delivers a strong impact. Enter lead generation SEO, the combination of two tough strategies that can help improve your website visits, engage users, generate leads, increase conversion, and amplify your revenues.

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Never worry about trailing far behind your competitors due to bad SEO. Our highly trained SEO experts use different search engine optimization tools and strategies in a combination tailored to your specific business so that the leads you generate are valuable, and you can easily lead them down to conversion through your sales funnel. We offer customized packages so you only pay for what you get.
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