True North Social is a conduit between our client’s needs and their customers wants. We provide a bold perspective on digital driven photography projects.

Our team of professional ecommerce photographers is dedicated to helping individuals and companies that sell products online. We specialize in creative visual imagery, but unlike other competitors, we are passionate about helping you translate the images into real profit. Whether you are a small or startup business owner hoping to make a mark in the e-commerce industry, or you run a corporation who needs a professional for a catalog shoot, we’re here to establish an impressive visual web presence on your behalf.

We are an industry leader in product photography, with expertise in producing profit-generating photos of an extensive array of products. We accommodate startup businesses as well as well-established names in ecommerce. We are proud of our commitment to professionalism. Our team of photographers and digital experts guarantees that every dollar you spend for photos to promote and sell your products will convert into profits.

Our team makes sure the investment you make on product photography for your online selling endeavor leads to a quick ROI. Our premium online photo service offers flexibility, unlike any other. We can cater to your specific brand needs and requirements. The photos we deliver are compatible with the most popular ecommerce platforms on the web. If you have a unique platform, we can work with that, too.

At Professional Ecommerce Photography Los Angeles, we create images for your site to target your specific needs. We understand that you intend to stand out from the hundreds of competing websites out there. With our expertise in ecommerce photography, we can help you achieve that feat.

We are a full-service ecommerce photo service with over two decades of experience working with accessory, beauty, cosmetics, fashion, technology, and lifestyle brands. We are Los Angeles’ best photography studio when it comes to high volume production of still and on-figure photos for businesses and companies engaged in ecommerce.

What separates us from other studios is we offer flexible and reasonable pricing options and structures without any compromise in creating a high-quality product. You can also avail of our all-in-one packages for a comprehensive approach to your online selling experience, so you don’t have to worry about anything related to the photos you use online.

Photos on White

If you’re just about to start in your investment in e-commerce, you should try our photos on white. We give you the cleanest and most detailed shots of your products on white. This option is the ideal solution when it comes to making your product look its finest.

Photos to Show Personality

The product you sell online must have their personality for them to stand out. At Professional Ecommerce Photography Los Angeles, we take photos and stress on the value of context. We make sure that each photo can explain what the product is all about.


We are not just about product photography for your ecommerce or online business needs. We can create a detailed infographic to help you explain to your target audience how they can benefit from buying your product. At Professional Ecommerce Photography Los Angeles, we believe that text is not enough to make a product stand out.

Other Services

Our team of expert product photographers offer a handful of other services, including but not limited to food, menus, and restaurant images, website imaging, brochures and catalog photos, photo restoration, in-store display photos, and signages. Give us a call if you need any of these specialized services for your photos:

  • Modelled Shots
  • Color Matching
  • Detailed Close Up Shots
  • Background Customization
  • Creative Shots

Aside from e-commerce, we acknowledge that you will use our product photos for other related ventures, including promotional prints, sales events, in-store display, company website, and other online selling and marketing campaigns. We can work with you in whatever endeavor you’re planning if it needs premium ecommerce photography services.

What You Get from Us

The pictures from Professional Ecommerce Photography Los Angeles are professionally done. Working with us means each photo you get has the following attributes to represent your brand successfully:

  • Guaranteed Visual Impact
  • Distinctive Identify
  • Prospect for High Click Rate
  • Lasting Impression
  • Premium Visual Quality

Our professional photographers will team up with processing experts who are responsible for handling the product images to meet your demands and requirements. They perform the job of corrections, formatting, use of editing software, resizing, and retouching to give you the best possible output.

We are aware that you do not have the resources or people to produce top-notch ecommerce photographs, which why you’re looking to hire someone. You don’t have to look further. We are a company equipped with the right combination of expert photographers and equipment to get the job done. We maintain an office and studio in Los Angeles, giving you everything you need if you’re looking at tapping our services for high volume projects.

We understand your goal of building trust by using high-quality photos of your products. After all, no one’s buying your products if you use low-quality images in them. Let us make sure that doesn’t happen. If you think we’re the right company to work with, please give us a call at (phone number) or send us an email here (email address).

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