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We Create Stunningly Customized Shopify Themes

You will love our custom Shopify theme development! As both a Shopify Expert & Partner, we can create stunningly customized and brand-specific online stores as perfectly as you envision. We do this because we know that such a beautiful and fully functional storefront will attract customers time and time again, and will guarantee those customers will not only return, but will wholeheartedly recommend your online store to their social media circle. We can put you in the business position of having your brand grow quickly and consistently, and to realize attractive order volumes.

From landing page to checkout, our expert designers and Shopify developers will focus on customer conversion, customer orientation, and a store design that will not fail to impress. Our in-house Shopify experts give you everything you need to take your business 100% online.

We believe that amazing products should be sold in amazing stores.

At True North Social we are proud to deliver just that. Amazing online stores that deliver results.

Here are a few first-rate examples of our completed Shopify online stores.

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Why bother with a customized Shopify theme?

Here are some common pain points of clients that we hear (and resolve!) at True North Social:

“Templates are so generic. None of them seem to reflect my brand.”

“My primary competitor’s website looks way better than mine.”

“I saw a website with ABC functionality. How do I get that on my site?”

“I think my online store could do so much better if I could add more XYZ.”

What makes us a great partner for Shopify Theme Customization?

We Understand Merchandising

Here at True North Social, we understand how to sell. When a potential customer comes to your website, we know how to create a guided experience. This is crucial to helping them understand what your products are, why your brand is uniquely valuable, and what they should buy if they’re not sure what they want.

We’re Shopify Designers

We understand that in a crowded, competitive marketplace that customers judge on looks. We have a well established Shopify design process that consistently yields stunning results. We don’t want to make you look like your competitors, we want to make you look better. We want to help you to capture the unique personality of your brand, and show (not tell) your customers how your products can fit into their lifestyle or inspire them to reach for a better one.

We Customize Shopify Themes Like Rockstars

We pride ourselves on producing the very finest customized and functional Shopify themes. If you, the client, still aren’t 100% happy, neither are we. We won’t stop until you have your perfect brand representation in your perfect online store. When it comes to functionality, you’ve come to qualified and proven Shopify developers, veritable experts in Liquid coding. Go Liquid, and your content will directly transform into a truly dynamic online store.

We Want You in The Wireframe

We take the professional “wireframe approach” to website design. A website wireframe presents a skeletal monochrome view of a planned website for the purpose of deciding upon the best arrangement of the involved elements to meet the website’s purpose, its business concept and creative catalyst. As our client, you are as endemic in the workflow as we are.

We Create Pixel Perfect Design

We use these wireframes as a roadmap to create pixel perfect designs in Photoshop. When we give you our designs, you’ll know exactly what your site is going to look like before we start to build it. This give you a chance understand precisely what we are going to build and give your feedback.

We Can Improve Your Up-Time

Here’s something you may not know – Shopify doesn’t crash. However, as is the way with our digital world, periods of downtime will be experienced with any eCommerce platform because of security and program updates and online maintenance. Shopify’s up-time is recorded as 99.99%. You won’t find better.

We Can Help You Get Started

You may be in the position of having a site promoting your product, but with no eCommerce store to actively sell. You may have just opened the Shopify box, but aren’t quite sure what direction you wish to take with it. You may simply be one of those people who think that, in the long run, let the experts do the work. Whatever your situation, we are your solution. We can get you up, running, and selling before you know it, with a fully-customized and uniquely branded Shopify store, that will be the envy of your competitors.

We Can Fully Secure Your Store

Is your current store being troubled by security issues? We can help you move your store over to Shopify where security is outstanding, and everything is stored on cloud servers. Remember, Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Therefore, all Shopify online stores are automatically PCI compliant, ensuring your customers have complete peace of mind when purchasing from your site. Your business comes across as legitimate and safe, and will quickly gain a reputation for being secure.

We Can Help You Migrate to Shopify

We understand what it takes to migrate over to Shopify from other eCommerce platforms. Let’s take Magento as an example. A Magento store is expensive to build and maintain compared to Shopify, and can present problems to merchants simply in its daily operation. We understand all the issues relating to a store platform migration, such as URL redirects and protocol-independent assets. For example, what happens if customers have bookmarked your previous site – will you simply lose them forever? We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen, and any future visits to your store from those type of customers will be as smooth and seamless as everything else related to your migration.

Creative Shopify Theme Customization

As a Shopify web design company, our experts are with you every step of the way. By fully understanding your target demographic and your business goals, we will create a Shopify web design that will improve your conversion rates and bring you the highest quality results.

Our Shopify Web Design Techniques

By using the very latest tools and techniques, our experts will make sure that your Shopify web design is able to compete with larger businesses in your marketplace. With a theme that’s custom-made according to your specific requirements, we will ensure that you are able to leverage the very best results with your new Shopify web design.

Our Cross-Platform Designs

A Shopify website that’s not fully responsive to mobile devices will lose you money. By hiring an experienced Shopify web design firm, with its expert theme developers, you can rest assured that you will be getting a storefront that’s beautiful to look at and highly functional across multiple viewing platforms. With our cross-platform design, we will help you win the mobile battle!

Our Shopify Store Management

If you need a reliable new team member to help out with your store’s workload, then we have the skills you need. Our Shopify experts will do all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. From product catalog management to customer accounts and order fulfillment, we have the tools that will make your Shopify site run smoothly, and shine.

Get a Highly Secured Shopify Website

Shopify is a Level 1 PCI compliant hosted solution which incorporates 256 bit SSL technology as standard.

Bespoke eCommerce Optimization

As a full-service company, we use our efficient conversion analysis software to keep track of the number of visitors who reach your website, along with their buying patterns and behavior. Our clients can also consult on recommended updates to the design to increase their sales.

Get Found Online:
The Importance of SEO

At the heart of online success is one key factor: getting found in the first place. We are very aware this can be a huge challenge faced by businesses, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can increase user engagement, and help our clients create the best customer experience by using tried and true SEO tools and design techniques. Our data-led content strategy ensures that your brand will be heard and found online again and again.

Search Engine Optimization

Our experts are able to develop a bespoke content strategy for your business, focusing on customer engagement and identifying the most suitable channels to help you reach new users and improve SEO results.

More Bang For Your Buck

  • Unique, brand-focused store
  • Professional, outstandingly beautiful design
  • Great user-experience
  • SEO-optimized design, and
  • Unparalleled functionality

Why choose us for your Shopify store?

We are Shopify Theme Customization Experts

The Shopify Experts Program is a specific and cultivated community of motivated and ambassadorial experts whose goal is to actively assist businesses grow their Shopify stores by offering high-quality, theme customization services.

We are proud to be a Shopify Expert, recognized for:

  • Our comprehensive and expert knowledge of Shopify
  • Our desire to expand and grow this learning
  • Our resources and motivation to find more Shopify entrepreneurs

We are a member of an exclusive group that is recommended and trusted by established Shopify merchants.

What’s Required of an Expert?

As a recognized Shopify Expert, we must:

  • Be a Shopify brand ambassador
  • Deliver top-quality work on time, every time
  • Create and maintain open and honest communication with all Shopify merchants
  • Provide a high value, positive experience
  • Remain proactive within the Partner Community, by
    • Attending / host Shopify Meetups
    • Participating in Shopify Forums
    • Developing Shopify-related content, and
    • Distributing this content to our dedicated network
  • Maintain active and open communication with Partner Managers, and
  • Bring new merchants to Shopify and/or upgrade current merchants to Shopify Plus

Not only does this ensure continuing professional development across all fields – Setup, Design, Development, Marketing, and Photography – all new and existing Shopify merchants can expect a standard of excellence when they use the high-quality services offered by Shopify Experts.

Why Hire a Shopify Expert?

When you’re looking to get the maximum benefit and success from a particular project, you know everything has to be just right. Here at True North Social, our Shopify theme developers have exactly the same aim. Although Shopify is quick and easy to set up and maintain, getting it exactly how you envision it may take the help of one of our professional developers.

Why hire a Shopify Expert Developer to take your store to the next level:

  • SEO: It is of little surprise that Google and the rest do prefer custom-built sites over free, generic themes, and SEO will be crucial to any future success your store enjoys. It’s best to have a store ranked highly that will attract customers, who will then share their experience on social media, thus attracting more customers.
  • Expert Advice: As Shopify Experts (and e-commerce experts in general), we know our stuff. As a client, you’ll be able to share that pool of knowledge, and to benefit from all the very best tips, practices and tricks at their disposal to bring out the full potential of your online store.
  • A Consistent Brand: Just imagine if McD’s changed the Golden Arches to another symbol every single week. Consistent branding has always been a major factor in a business’s ongoing success, and our Shopify developers will assist you with branding across every platform. Consistency equals recognition.
  • Leave It To The Experts: Let’s face it. You’re embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure. Is your time so free that you can try and do this work on your own? Seriously, leave it to us, safe in the knowledge that you’re involved all the way.

We are also Shopify Partners

The Shopify Partner Program is a diverse group of designers, developers, marketers, and affiliates (other creative types) who use the Shopify platform to build customized eCommerce websites, themes, and apps. As Shopify Partner developers, we create new themes and apps, which we publish in the Shopify Theme and App Stores.

Why, Why, Shopify?

Our in-house team of Shopify developers build and customize professional Shopify websites for world-class brands. We know that selling isn’t easy, but our Shopify development team are here to ensure you get the very best in creative theme customization, allowing you to reap the rewards of the best eCommerce platform available today. Our resident Shopify web design experts consistently hit the “sweet spot” between design and easy-of-use, creating and developing stunningly responsive websites that will increase your conversion rates and your overall traffic.

If you’re looking to build an online store, Shopify, the industry leader of hosted eCommerce solutions is exactly what you need, enabling you to easily and quickly set up a mobile friendly store for your business. Why do so many people just like yourself choose Shopify? In a nutshell, here’s why:

  • Quick & Easy: Thanks to its logical structure, clean and user-friendly interface, and Shopify’s servers happy to hold your data on your behalf, setting up an online store with them avoids many of the headaches and frustrations you can get dealing with self-hosted platforms. Additionally, there is an extensive library of video guides and clear documentation to help you available on the Shopify site.
  • No Tech Skills Required:  All hosting and software is provided by Shopify, securely and reliably, and easily able to accommodate spikes in your traffic when your product goes viral! Seriously, all you have to do is concentrate on selling.
  • Reliable & Secure: Your store is going to be dealing with personal financial information, including credit card details (and let’s not forget the odd slightly impatient customer). The beauty of a hosted store and shopping cart is that they have server maintenance, upgrades, and security covered on your behalf. Additionally, you can enable SSL Certificates for your store, encrypting your data and sending it securely, and Shopify will ensure you are 100% PCI compliant.
  • Mobile Friendly: People now shop more online when they are on the move as opposed to being sat in front of the home computer. Therefore, it’s essential your online store is perfectly mobile friendly, retaining its unique look and all of its functionality. Have no fear – all of Shopify’s themes are fully optimized and responsive to mobile devices, and include a free mobile commerce shopping cart. It doesn’t matter where you’re customers are at – your online store is right with them.
  • Customizable: And some! Shopify has around 160 themes, either free or paid, available in their Theme Store, and you’ll find more online at sites like ThemeForest. All of them, every single one, is fully customizable – yes, you’re right, and this is where we come in. Because of the customizability, a code-editing process, we can create a truly unique and beautiful store as per your exact wishes. Your brand’s identity and image will be as intrinsic to your store as the product itself.
  • Customer support 24/7: As a business owner, you know that customer support is key to success, and Shopify know it too. 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, they have you covered, with rapid responses ensuring you’re not left high-and-dry. Contact is easy – phone, email or web chat. And don’t forget the Shopify library mentioned earlier, full of expert troubleshooting advice and guides.
  • Dedicated App Store: There are apps for everything, and Shopify is no exception. They hold a veritable treasure chest of functionality you can add to your store. Here’s just a few examples: customer wishlists, reviews, loyalty schemes, in-depth analytics, labels and packing slips, and social media sites. At last count, there’s over 1,500 available at the Shopify App Store, including a great selection of apps to help with marketing. Speaking of which…
  • Marketing & SEO Tools: Success will not spring forth simply because you have a great online store – sad but undoubtedly true. The secret lies in getting your customers through your virtual store lobby, and the secret’s called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Great SEO will get your website, and your online store, ranked higher by Google than others in your particular marketplace. Advanced analytics are waiting to tell you where your customers originally come from, how they heard about you, and how you can tailor your market to get more of them to follow suit. Shopify even has a virtual marketing assistant called “Kit” to help you out with products, customers and the performance of your store.
  • Own Payment Gateway: Although Shopify has integrated several payment gateways into its structure, it also offers you its own, powered by Stripe. Use this option (which doesn’t require a merchant account to be eligible for), and you’ll avoid transaction fees, as well as benefiting from lower credit card fees.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Last but certainly not least is Shopify’s abandoned checkout cart recovery service. We’ve all done it – filled the cart, but for one reason or another, we’ve left without completing the purchase. Would you believe around two-thirds of potential customers actually do this? Sizeable, potentially lost revenue. Shopify will automatically track and then email these potential customers, and remind them to pay.

How Customizable are Shopify Themes?

Maybe the question above should instead read… How Talented & Expert is Your Shopify Developer?

From complete theme and product customization to personalizing discounts and offers to checkouts and payments – it can all be made 100%-bespoke according to your requirements and your preferences:

  • Shopify themes allow for users to quickly make changes to design layouts and individual aspects of functionality, resulting in the complete customer experience, while at the same time, streamlining your eCommerce operations.
  • The front-end styling of a Shopify store and its content management system (CMS) capabilities are unparalleled. You are simply not able to do this problem-free with any other eCommerce platform. You get great documentation, highly functional tools, and excellent API support.
  • When it comes to customizing your products, Shopify makes it so simple – to buy, to sell, to update, to add, to remove, to list, and to manage across multiple sales channels.
  • Throw in the vast array of apps available in the Shopify Apps Store, and your online store becomes even more efficient and customizable.

In essence, Shopify is about one thing, and it’s this: unique branding. Being the same as the next guy is suicide in commerce – success comes through original products branded uniquely. Customization does not equal a loss of speed or responsiveness in the Shopify / eCommerce equation.

As we’ve said, we believe that amazing products should be sold in amazing stores, and we at True North Social are proud to deliver just that

– amazing online stores that deliver results.

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