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SEO for Marijuana

As the marijuana business has gained strength and legitimacy, marijuana and CBD sellers, growers and dispensers are facing the same problem other industries face: How do we get our business to stand out against the competition? SEO for marijuana could be the answer for your business.

Marijuana SEO is the cost-effective and smart way to advertise your marijuana products, when print advertising and other forms of marketing may be closed to you. True North Social understands the difficulties you face in your industry and know what to do to help you promote your business legally and effectively.

Importance of SEO for Marijuana Website

SEO and search rankings are important for any business but there are two reasons SEO for marijuana is especially important:


  • Paying for Rankings Isn’t an Option: Due to current laws, marijuana growers, dispensaries and related businesses are unable to take advantage of Google AdWords. AdWords is a powerful tool that other industries can use to simply pay their way to the top of rankings. Because this isn’t an option, everything must be done to gain search rankings organically and this is where SEO really shines.
  • Dispensaries are Not Automatically Listed on Google: Dispensary internet marketing is especially critical if this is your role in the marijuana industry. People search for dispensaries the same way they look for everything else: by typing in an online search. When you choose True North Social, we’ll go through the steps to ensure search engines and your customers can find you on the map.

At True North Social, we know what it takes to do SEO for marijuana to maximize your results and work around the advertising and legal issues your business may face when trying to raise your search rankings. To make sure you get the best for your business, our dedicated team of designers, marketers and SEO experts will work with you to craft a plan that is perfect for your services, geographic location, and customer base.

Marijuana Marketing for All Related Industries

True North Social specializes in crafting marketing plans for all marijuana-related businesses, including:

  • CBD
  •  Medical Marijuana
  • Dispensary SEO
  • Marijuana Related Products and Paraphernalia

We research and optimize keywords for marijuana SEO that are relevant to your individual type of business and location. We then use our powerful search engine tools and commitment to innovative and industry-leading practices to set ourselves apart and help you stand out!

Proven to Be Among the Best Cannabis SEO companies

True North Social’s extensive work with Marijuana SEO has given us the know-how and experience to create an optimal marketing plan for your business. When needed, we combine our SEO power with our design and content creation capabilities to build or revamp a website that supports your optimization efforts.

When you choose True North Social, we’ll consult with you on your business and advise on the design and optimization services that will best suit your goals, schedule, and budget. If you need SEO for marijuana services, Contact us to get started on growing a better, stronger business now!


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