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It’s official. If you want to market on social media, Influencers can help you sell. The problem is everyone want to be an influencer these days. There’s so many choices, vetting, communicating, and negotiating with potential influencers can be quite a task. But working with an Influencer Marketing Agency can help.

While word-of-mouth marketing and the idea of influencers has been around for some time, Social Media Marketing has made its power more accessible to small and medium sized businesses, rather than just mega corporations. There’s now a board range of influencer price points that can fit almost any scale of business.

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placements from people who have a prevalent following due to their expert knowledge or social influence in a related field. 

An example of the power of influencers involves the clothing company, Revolve. The brand regularly partners with micro and macro influencers who attend Coachella, one of the most prominent annual music festivals. They send every influencer a selection of products to wear in order to post and tag throughout the festival. Hundreds of influencers share how they style their pieces, which then inspires their followers to have an interest in that outfit. 

Their audience feels a genuine connection to an influencer they follow, trusting them as a source to receive information from, rather than a conspicuous advertisement from a brand they don’t know. In this way, influencers have the power to affect their audience’s spending habits. 



Is this the year for influencer engagement?

Forbes thinks so. In an article written in the Fall 2017, Forbes states that business growth is increasingly dependent on implementing influencer marketing by 2020. Flash forward to today, and this conjecture is now fact. Businesses today need to reach a highly specific audience to break through the noise of traditional advertising as we navigate 2020 and beyond.

Influencer marketing allows brands to target that niche audience who would most likely benefit from your product. Depending on their area of expertise, influencers can make the most engaging social posts on their specialist topic to involve your brand. Thus, bringing your product to an audience that may not have discovered you otherwise. Consequently, influencer marketing has gained enormous traction in a short period of time as an essential tool in marketing strategy. 

  • Influencers can give you access to thousands of consumers who are your ideal target market. 
  • 47% of online consumers use ad blockers, showing that traditional ads are no longer as effective for getting sales or increasing consumer awareness. 
  • Influencers bring value to your brand by creating unique content and sharing it, drastically improving your SEO statistics.
  • The social market place continues to expand shoppability options. Just about everybody these days has a social media profile and they follow people they admire. If one of those influential people endorses your business to their followers, the ability to effortlessly buy your product in just a few clicks is key to capturing sales. 

Social Media Influencer Marketing

There are a number of reasons why social media influencer marketing works. The Forbes article we mentioned earlier gives a great example of how Kylie Jenner partnered with a not-so-famous clothing brand, FashionNova. Kylie wore an outfit from the brand and posted a picture that received over 2 million likes over the course of a day. Though we don’t know the exact analytics of website clicks and purchases, FashionNova has since grown to be one of the top fast-fashion brands, boasting over 19 million followers. 

That’s just one of the many successful influencer marketing examples.

In an age when most consumers on social media keep automatic ads off, use ad blockers or simply ignore ads, brands should be willing to invest in influencers to get direct access to new outlets of their target audience.  Integrating branded campaigns has been shown to lead to an increase in converting sideline consumers to loyal brand advocates.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Today, maintaining an influencer marketing strategy within your promotional efforts is essential to competing in the market place. When you engage with influencers, you are leveraging another person’s brand. It’s important they are a good representation to your brand values in order to capture their audience. Their followers trust their opinion, which makes it highly likely that they will listen to your brand content as well. However, it’s no small feat. You must develop a strong strategy around which influencer to engage. It’s not always as simple as buying an instagram shout-out. Be knowledgeable of their engagement rates and create lists of industry influencers who can be advocates for your brand in order for it to grow. A good strategy will also include a number of ideas you can use to engage influencers you’re interested in. For example, here’s a simple strategy we share in our blog about using influencers on Instagram. Giveaways, guest blog posts, and gifting are just a few ways to build influencer relationships and get your brand noticed. The end result varies on what your campaign goals are and you should understand how to measure your success in order to earn new followers and increase sales.

Common Pitfalls of Influencer Marketing

Unfortunately, the increase in popularity of influencer marketing results in a lot of businesses missing out on key opportunities. There are a number of pitfalls that brands are constantly and repeatedly falling prey, and, if you’re thinking about getting into this mode of marketing, you should know what these mistakes are so you don’t make them, too.

  • The most common problem is not knowing your audience. This is a trap for any kind of marketing. Without knowing who your real customers are, you cannot build a strategy because you are most likely targeting the wrong people.
  • Be aware of people who buy followers. Adequately vetting profiles using analytics tools can be helpful in understanding if an influencer is worth investing in.
  • Brands expect results for investing in their influencers right away. That doesn’t work in most cases. You need to remember influencer marketing is implemented with the intent to increase brand awareness for the long-term.
  • If you aren’t sure of where to direct your efforts, you’ll miscommunicate goals with the influencers you engage. You need to be very clear about what you expect from the influencer and they should communicate clearly in return and tell you whether it’s doable or not.

Now that you know how effective marketing through influencers can be, you should seriously consider implementing this tactic of marketing. Start using it to your advantage, and invest your advertising money in growing brand awareness through industry influencers instead.

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