Google AdWords

Building an organic online following without Google AdWords is difficult: you have to research, develop the right content, constantly optimize and even then contend with long lead times before your efforts bear fruit.

Google AdWords

Building an organic online following without Google AdWords is difficult: you have to research, develop the right content, constantly optimize and even then contend with long lead times before your efforts bear fruit. With our tailored Google AdWords campaigns, we can generate real leads which means you get guaranteed clicks and conversions that you don’t need to sit around and wait for anymore!

By trusting our in-depth skills and product knowledge, your business gains privileged access to the eyes and ears of almost 3 billion users per day. That’s the power you get from tapping into the world’s largest online advertising network, on the largest search engine the world has ever seen. That’s the power you get from our Google AdWords Management Services.

At True North Social, we’ve assembled a digital marketing dream team. Our Google AdWords experts are certified to analyze and coordinate your search engine requirements, with plenty of experience to draw on – they can manage ad spends both large and small effectively.

What Makes Google AdWords Advertising Special?

97% of Google’s revenue comes from its advertising services, bringing in billions of dollars every year and there’s a good reason why millions of businesses including major corporations like Coke, Nike, and Walmart are using their services. ROI, the results clearly show that getting your business to the Google’s front page pays. On average companies are earning $2 for every $1 spent on their Google AdWords campaigns, and with some focused care and attention our agents can double or even triple that figure, even New York Times Bestselling authors agree.

It’s not just short-term results either, we use Google Adwords to help you build real-time profiles of your customer’s browsing habits and requirements. Our analytics will help you understand who’s accessing your website, how, where and when – so that we can go back and refine your Google Adwords advertising to be even more effective.

How We Manage your Google Adwords Account

Traffic is only part of the game, while you can develop a competent Google Adwords pay per click strategy on your own, it won’t necessary mean you get the sales your products and services merit. We want to optimize conversions so you see a real difference in your bottom line from that increasing buzz.

From inception to delivery we build our Google AdWords campaigns based on your business objectives. Starting with setting up your account we’ll guide you through the process step-by-step figuring out the best keywords, evaluating Google advertising rates, analyzing traffic and revamping content, all to get your business to where it needs to be.

Remember we bring a wealth of experience to every client interaction. With hundreds of campaigns built and successfully running, we know better than anyone how to get the most out your finite resources.

We’ll be checking your AdWords account daily, testing proven strategies and trying out new ones and constantly optimizing where we feel we can make things better. Meanwhile our managers are standing by asking your agent the tough questions, to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. When you work with True North Social we truly treat your business like our own.

Do I Really Need AdWords Help?

While we would love to say that we’re the only firm working on these strategies right now, the truth is that the online advertising market is more competitive than ever before. As Google continue to change its algorithms, ranking your website organically and maintaining its place on the first page is becoming harder and harder.

Though we can definitely offer help with your SEO strategies as well, our Google Adwords management services can offer you a much-needed leg up on the competition. After all for every step up you make in the rankings, for every keyword you successfully manage to capture, for every coveted time and location you manage to grab that’s one less click another company will get. It’s survival of the fittest out there and our strategies will ensure your companies marketing is lean and mean.

Great Google AdWords Customer Service

At True North Social we pride ourselves on the value we bring to every client, big or small. Our Google Adwords account managers are no different, we’re not just looking to find out what works in your industry, we want to make sure the services we provide work the best for you.

Whether we’re helping to create a consistent brand voice, experimenting with niche keywords, developing the perfect landing page, or finding new markets for you to pitch to; you can rest assured that our agents are going to be constantly engaged with your campaign. That means contacting us will never be a problem. In fact we’ll be looking to contact you!

That’s right, if Google makes any vital changes you need to hear about, if there’s any new marketing trends in the industry that we think you need to adopt, or if we think your PPC strategy needs an overhaul, we’ll be in touch morning, noon and night. Marketing is a game of fine margins and we want to make sure those margins are working in your favor.

E-mail, call or pay us a visit and we’ll introduce you to the certified, and qualified AdWords experts that will be tasked with handling and managing your accounts.