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It starts with your web design and content. Other marketing companies overlook the importance of this area, and some may even start to think why other dental websites are doing better than the others.

Web visitors, especially the one who uses mobile devices, tend only to scan through text than read it thoroughly, as they search for what they see to be the most relevant information. Knowing this, it goes to show that a website requires clear, concise content that gets straight to the point in an engaging way.

In addition, excellent dental web design must have the technical capability to cater to the needs of its users. It should have the right structures, navigations, optimal loading speed for the convenience of your web visitors.

A slow and poorly structured web design can turn off its users, and you will lose the opportunity to gain a potential client.

Why Do You Need Dental Marketing?

Are you stressed out with the lack of time or skill that it takes to launch a dental practice successfully? Do you have doubts? You must have bad experiences with the past dental marketing agency. We understand what you are going through and over the years, we have helped many dental professionals just like you.

The level of competition in the Dental Industry has become tight in recent years. Because of this, you need a fail-proof strategy to target the right clients, reach people who need your service, and be able to be seen as a credible Dental Clinic worthy of their trust.

Dental Marketing is not meant to be a D.I.Y. thing. We, as a Dental Marketing Agency, only use proven and tested strategies that will work. We believe that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to all the dental professionals – there are those who practice general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and more. We understand that they require different marketing tactics and make sure we target the right clients for a specific specialization in the dental industry.

Comprehensive Way to Get New Dental Patient Base from Google to Social Media

Dental SEO is a surefire way to get patients from Google, especially if you go Local! By building trust and credibility online, you can get ahead of the competition in your local area. Our dental marketing has a technically backed SEO campaign, with a case study to help you achieve your target. Here are some results that you should expect

Brand Search Growth

Increased in Organic Traffic

Increase in revenue

Increase your rankings in Search Engines using the highly used Dental Keywords

Increase in the number of Phone Calls or Inquiries

As part of our marketing plan, there’s nothing more powerful than using Social Media. Marketing through Social Media is the ultimate way to build relationships and create a loyal following. You can also use social media to assist clients to feel more comfortable before they even visit your office.

For dental professionals in both big and small cities, advertising is the ‘go-to’ tactic to gain new customers. However, if you go for Facebook Advertising, you’ll be able to save more, have the control to target specific audiences and increase revenue. In fact, 75% of purchases and new customers gained are coming from Social Media.

Our digital marketing agency will create, as well as run pay-per-click search ads that will feature the benefits of your practice, what services you offer your patients, and the contact info of your office. It’s a smart move for patients searching for dentistry services on major Search Engines.

We also aim to target again the patients who have visited your website with display ads. Understanding the concept of how ads work, we make sure that the design of the ad is sleek, clean, and visually appealing. Using Pay Per Click method will allow you to reach more people in your locality.

Why Should You Hire an Expert in Dental SEO?

If you want to acquire new dental patients, getting services from someone who has the technical know-how in Dental SEO is critical. It takes a lot of analysis, trial and error, on what works best for a specific niche. With years of experience in this field, True North Social knows the recent trends and updates when it comes to optimizing dental practices.

Why Work With Us?

At True North Social, we bring you highly-focused skills in digital marketing, where we manage to pull it all together – from Web Design to SEO to Social Media. With our proven track record, you can be sure that all money and efforts for marketing are put to good use and will all be worth it.

Our digital marketing services for dental professionals are all personalized to your needs. It is an approach in an effort to make your dental practice a successful one. We focus on assisting dentists reach their goals of having a successful dental practice that offers hope for patients to achieve that perfect smile they’ve always dreamed of.

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