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8 Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

In 2024 it’s clear that you need Instagram for your business to grow. That being said with over 800 million monthly and 500 daily users, Instagram provides a convenient marketing platform to reach potential businesses from all over the world.
To improve Instagram marketing for your own use, you need to increase your following constantly. The more people that connect with your brand and follow you on Instagram, the greater your targeted audience is that you reach with every post. Scroll down for 8 ways to Implement Instagram marketing that will help grow your brand:

1. Take advantage of the free Instagram tools

Instagram started business profiles which heavily reflects with Facebook’s business profiles, with an option for “contact” call to action which allows users to call, email or text the business. With the contact option, business profiles have been able to access analytics and insights, allowing users the access to retrieve their impressions and engagement data. When you use Instagram as a business account, you should highly consider converting your personal Instagram profile into a business profile so your business can benefit from these options. The more knowledge you gain about how your users are interacting with the content you share, the more effectively you can make the adjustments in order to improve your overall engagement with your followers.

2. Cross promote posts on Instagram

If you want to effectively gain new Instagram followers that already love your brand or product, post across all your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and invite them to follow your  Instagram account. If they are already following you on social media, they are clearly interested in what you have to offer, so give them a creative way to socially connect to your brand. You should never assume that every post you share will reach everyone that’s connected to your brand on social media. Several followers tend to move away from certain social media platforms as they aren’t as active on them as they are on other networks. You always want your followers to be connected to as many of your social media profiles as possible, this is to increase your reach and engagement per post you choose to share.

3. Don’t over post it will reflect negatively on your Instagram account

You want to be consistent with your postings so you are sharing enough so that your brand stays relevant, but at the same time you also don’t want to be posting so frequently that your followers become overwhelmed and could end up unfollowing your account because they feel like you are constantly on their feed. There really is no magic formula that will work for every brand or product. You would need to test and wait to see how your followers respond to what you share. To start with, we would suggest posting two to three times daily, alternating times of the day this way you are able to determine what times your highest engagement occurs. You can then start experimenting with more and less posts per day, and continue to monitor the engagement you receive. Once you find your niche the work will continue to grow and you will have to adjust as your following increases. Just remember post frequency optimization (PFO) is a never ending task.

4. Like, comment and share content with followers to increase engagement

When followers take time out of their day to leave a comment under one of your posts, make sure to reply and thank them for their support. That simple gesture is a power move in securing  a loyal customer as well as a positive promoter of your brand.
Always incorporate different ways to get your followers engaged and interacting with your posts. A simple, “Tag four friends that would love this offer” can ultimately place your brand in front of a larger audience and that will also help attract new followers. Since they are constantly being introduced to your Instagram profile through mutual followers there is a less chance of resistance, this resulting in many of the other tagged users following your profile.

5. Create an unique hashtag on Instagram

Creating interactive hashtags is an effective way to create instant engagement, however you should always make sure you are using hashtags the correct way. There’s a simple strategy that we have used for some of the larger brands our company consult for is creating a hashtag that your followers use to tag photos of them with the product that they just purchased. Here’s a quick example, creating a hashtag that your company can search for reposting the pictures of your customers with your product will accomplish these two important things:
Firstly more of your followers will use the hashtag and start posting images of them with your product because they will want to be featured on your page.
And secondly each time someone shares a posts using your companies hashtag they are sharing your product with their followers which results in free advertising. It’s a win, win situation!

6. Repost and tag content from other relevant users

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with content that meet the needs of your audience, in this situation consider reusing content from other relevant Instagram accounts or gather content from stock image websites like shutterstock, pixabay, unsplash etc. Just be sure to that you always credit the original source in your post by tagging their profile and mentioning them in your caption or stories. There are several different apps that allow you to download and save Instagram photos and videos to your camera roll, which allows you to easily access them to repost. Using content from other Instagram accounts that have an audience you would like target is a smart way to get the accounts to  return the favor and repost your content after sharing theirs.

7. On Instagram content is king, be as creative as you can (will come back to this with a good image and copy)

Getting creative with your images is a fun and great way to connect with your followers, it’s so much more effective than posting images that look like a straight up advertisements. Take this Instagram post from @sprayground as an example:

They have found creative ways to make a basic luggage brand exciting and engaging to their followers. Their Instagram strategy is based around branding, and incorporating their luggage, apparel and staff into creative images. It’s a smart move, because sometimes without creative angle and just a regular brand it’s a hit or miss that people would gravitate towards your account let alone engage in it.


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