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True North Social – Promoting Your Business on Instagram

Do you ever ask yourself why is Instagram Marketing so important for your business? And what is it with all these tools and services you keep hearing about, well you are in the right place. Our job here at True North Social is to put your business in front of the right audience, promote your account to targeted Instagram users interested in your services, products brand or content. At True North Social our goal is to market your Instagram account, and create brand awareness to targeted audiences across all social media platforms. Our Social Media experts are able to use demographics such as interests, gender and location to make sure the eyes we get on your account are relevant and focused. When you use our services, our project manager will spend the time understanding your audience and niche in order for them to target only those people who have shown interest in similar accounts. You’ll be able to notice engagement and interactions go up too, as more and more people become aware of your brand. We truly focus on exposing your account to active and relevant users across Instagram and Facebook and of course any other channels. This ensures your account grows at a fast, organic ratio. Once your try True North Social you won’t regret it 😉 But enough humble brags from us. Let’s take a quick look at some of the services we offer: Instagram-Marketing-Influencer-Outreach

Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is one solution. This strategy is beneficial for relationship development, link building, and content promotion. Moreover, it helps your company exchange value with industry leaders and increase your awareness of future trends. Okay so  this is a big one but we’ve got to throw this out there, you can’t ask influencers to spread the word about your brand without offering something in return. But does that mean you have to shell out a pretty penny? Some people do prefer to be incentivized by money however, cash isn’t the only way to an influencer’s heart. At least 55% of influencers are motivated by anything that helps them grow their own reach or audience. Additionally 25% are interested in perks like free samples and product discounts. With this in mind we think about how you can incentivize influencers in a way that motivates action and stands out from other brands vying for their attention. Another thing to note is that you want to make it as easy as possible for the influencer to perform the desired action. If you want them to share on social media, consider writing out a few suggested copy lines they can use and tweak. Provide images. Give context to what this promotion means and why it matters. Taking these extra steps will help you stand out from the crowd. Even though influencer marketing works, it’s a time-consuming process that often leaves the best content marketers burnt-out with inconsistent results. Like many of you know more and more companies are investing in influencer marketing everyday, so this is where we come in – If you’re looking to increase paid collaborations then you surely understand how important real followers and engagement is. We make sure we do everything within our power to increase both of these metrics for you. And we’re going to be honest, we’re pretty good at it. Instagram-Marketing-Organic-Growth

Organic Growth

There’s a world of difference and difficulty between using social media as a consumer versus harnessing it for your business. Some people can post a picture of their kids to Facebook or Instagram and see 1000 likes overnight. However small businesses with growing audiences might have a harder time trying to get the same results organically. There are many companies offering “fake followers” and likes on Instagram. Do not be fooled, these are not real people but rather fake bot accounts that will only hurt you in the long run. As a Digital marketing agency we use various techniques to create exposure and awareness for your account. We focus on creating quality, relevant content, and we’ll make sure it gets seen by the right people. If you want to realize the long-term potential of social media, you can’t just focus only on promoting your products. You also need to incorporate tactics and types of content that create organic unpaid engagement. Focusing on organic engagement as a pillar of your social media marketing ultimately extends your organic reach, which you can then pay to amplify, lowers the costs if you choose to pay to promote your posts, establishes social proof by the numbers total follower count and likes/shares on individual posts and  potentially turns your fans’ friends into followers if they see that someone they trust has engaged with your post. Instagram-Marketing-Reporting-&-Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Publishing content is important. But it’s also necessary to know how well your content performs and if your social media strategy is working. The only way to do that is to keep track of your social media analytics, and equip yourself with the right tools and reports to do so. Whether you’re completely new to the world of digging through social media data, or you look through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook reports every day. There are a lot of different terms, reports and metrics to know about when it comes to social media marketing. Looking at an engagement or competitor analytics report isn’t as valuable or helpful if you’re unsure of what you’re looking at. But not to worry. We’ve outlined some of the basics that will help you create and analyze your social media reports. From any agency you decide to work with, you should be receiving weekly and monthly reports on the progress of your Instagram account or social media accounts in general. These insure you’re getting a positive ROI and the agency is doing their job effectively. Our reports consist of the following metrics:
  • Account Growth
  • Gender of your audience
  • Most engaged posts
  • Countries and cities of audience
  • Website traffic
  • Best times to post for your account
  • How to better interact with your audience
The end goal is for you to kick back and relax, we do all the work and research for you. Your account manager will analyze your account in order to understand your core audience. They might consult with you in some cases in order to improve their understanding, then they will get to work! You will start to notice results almost right away and can always ask for necessary changes. At True North Social we offer a variety of services for all your digital marketing needs, Our plans and services are based on the amount of exposure and time we give to your account. The higher the plan, the more people will see your account and content across Instagram. If for any reasons we are not able to meet the goal, we always ensure to make up the missing followers. We want to prove ourselves to you and so we’re offering 50% off our services for first time clients.