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On-Page SEO Services: Optimize WordPress, E-commerce & Shopify Websites

On-page SEO lays the foundation for a website’s search engine rankings. However, with Google’s search algorithm evolving with each passing day, it can become truly overwhelming for a business to keep up the pace, optimize their website, and grab that top spot in search results.

At True North Social, our mission is pretty straightforward. We aim to radically improve your website’s potential by making it rank better in search engines. To achieve this objective, our team of SEO experts use the best on-page SEO techniques and tools that make your website search engine friendly.

On Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?

In simplest terms, on-page SEO can be defined as the process of optimizing a website to improve its search engine rankings and drive more traffic. To do this, SEO experts optimize both the content and the HTML source code of a website to make them bot-friendly.

While this may sound simple, there is a catch.

The on-page SEO checklist is so comprehensive that it can become a challenge for businesses to complete all the recommended optimization requirements. In fact, there are only a handful of websites that come close to the 100% mark.

The Complete On-Page SEO Checklist

From SEO-friendly URLs and image optimization to conducting a keyword research and creating quality, search engine optimized content, there is a lot to do when it comes to on-page optimization.

Being a leading provider of on-page optimization services, True North Social adopts a thorough, methodical approach towards the process. We evaluate your website’s current performance, identify the bottlenecks, and come up with an action plan to improve your website’s visibility on all major search engines.

We optimize your website for the following factors that affect search engine rankings:

Meta Tags

Optimizing meta tags benefits you in two ways — first, it helps search bots understand how relevant your page is to a particular query; second, it influences users and increases click-through rates. When optimizing meta tags, we pay special attention to:

  • Title Tags — A title tag outlines what a page is about. When presenting search results to users, Google and other search engines look at various components of a page, including the title tag to determine if it is relevant to the search query entered by the user.
  • Meta Descriptions — Meta descriptions are like a snippet of a page. They help users understand what they will find on the page. When written in a creative and compelling manner, meta descriptions increase your chances of capturing and converting leads.

Heading Tags

Heading tags are not only important for on-page SEO, but also for improving the readability of content. Here is how adding multiple heading tags, beginning from h1 down to h6, will impact the search engine rankings and the usability of your website:

  • Adding relevant keywords to heading tags improves a website’s search engine rankings as it helps search bots understand what the page is about. In addition, search bots compare the content present on the page with heading tags to determine relevancy.
  • Heading tags give a website page a more structured look, making it easier for users to understand if the page offers the information they are looking for. In addition, online users don’t read the entire page. Instead, they quickly scan the page and look for the section that answers their query. Therefore, adding heading tags helps grab and retain your users’ attention.

URL Strings

URL strings, which are also known as ‘website address’, are an important factor for on-page SEO. Short and concise URL strings are not only easy to read and remember, they also rank better on search engines, particularly when they contain a relevant keyword

User and Search Engine-Friendly Content

In today’s clutter-rich, highly competitive digital marketplace, publishing high-quality, original content remains the most effective solution to attract more visitors and capture more leads. But contrary to what most people think, keyword stuffing alone cannot make your website user- and search engine-friendly. In fact, it does more harm than good.

At True North Social, we leverage our knowledge of the best on-page SEO techniques to produce content that not only ranks high in search engine rankings but also captivates and converts online users.

Here is how we help you use content marketing as a solution for on-page optimization:

  • We conduct comprehensive keyword research to identify the best primary, secondary, and long-tail keywords that are most likely to bring your offerings in front of the right customers.
  • Once we have identified the keywords that have high search volume, we create content that grabs attention, resonates with your audiences, and answers their queries.
  • Our experts utilize their knowledge of the latest search algorithms to strategically place keywords in order to improve your website’s search engine rankings, without affecting content readability.

Image Optimization

High-resolution images that are scaled correctly and contain alt tags play a crucial role in driving website traffic and conversions. True North Social pays special attention to image optimization. We compress all the images to improve page loading times, as well as create search engine optimized alt tags to make images readable for search engines.

Internal and Outbound Links

Links carry the most weight in on-page optimization. Therefore, when you choose our on-page SEO services, we help you earn links from industry-leading websites, as well as create internal links to enhance SEO and make it easier for users to navigate from one page to another.

Responsive Design

Search engines penalize websites that do not have a responsive design. Therefore, we make your website mobile-friendly, so that it offers the same high-quality experience to all users regardless of the device they’re using to access your website.

Get the Best On-Page Optimization Services at Prices You Can Afford

To rank better and drive organic traffic, it is imperative that you spend time and efforts on on-page optimization of your website. However, we understand that as a business owner or an entrepreneur, you already have a lot on your plate. Therefore, we offer you affordable on-page SEO services that are sure to help you grab a spot on the first page of search engine results!

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