Month: March 2018

Website Project Mangement

Shopify Store Template Set Up with Asana

Hey, this is Kelis Landrum from True North Social. We are a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, and…

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Social Media Management

How Social Media Managers Contribute to Company Success

Many believe that working on social media all day is all fun and games, however being a social media manager…

Instagram Marketing Website Optimization

Businesses Can Now Schedule Their Posts On Instagram

Today is a really great day for Social Media Managers and Instagram Marketing Agencies, as of now, Instagram has made…

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Social Media Management

The Top Four Social Media Marketing Techniques

TOP FOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TECHNIQUES True North Social is a Social Media Agency in Los Angeles. We specialize in…

Social Media Management

Why Should You Hire a a Social Media Agency?

Helping Businesses Harness the Power of Social Media True North Social is a full-service social media agency located in sunny…

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Homepage Banner Best Practices for Shopify Online Stores

    Hey there, this is Kellis Landrum at True North Social. We are a digital marketing agency based in…