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Why Veterinary Marketing and SEO?

Leveraging SEO and online visibility to grow your vet practice and help more clients!

You know how to care for animals and how to run your office, but do you know how to attract customers in an affordable, effective way? SEO for veterinary clinics is the perfect solutions for both new and established businesses looking to grow their customer base with a method that has a high return on investment.

At True North Social we are experts at SEO for veterinary practices and know what it takes to reach the customers you need. We’re able to guarantee this because we know SEO as well as you know your business! Not only do we have the experience necessary to employ the technical side of SEO, we know that the real goal is to reach customers, not search engines.

Veterinary Marketing

Reaching Customers with Relevant Content

Many companies offer SEO as one of their services, but they rarely understand the changing nature of this marketing technique. All too often, these inexperienced companies will rely on old, outdated SEO tactics like keyword stuffing. While this worked in the past, and might temporarily raise your search engine ranking, it will do nothing to increase your sales.

Why? Well, because these old methods didn’t focus on the customer, only the keywords and the search engines. With True North Social, we change that by starting with the customer and getting to know what they’re looking for, not just what the search engine is looking for.

This is why our SEO for veterinary practices works. We don’t just temporarily inflate your search rankings, we improve the user experience and generate relevant content so when a customer finds your site, they have plenty of reasons to stay. We are also able to target multiple segments of customers depending on what types of animals your clinic services.

Relevant content examples might include: signs you need to bring your dog to the vet, what to know before bringing your pet to the emergency room, or what type of shots are necessary for your cat?

Local SEO: We also put an emphasis on local SEO for your business. As an establishment that services local customers, it’s important that your site be optimized to show up when someone nearby searches for relevant keywords. For example, you’ll get far more quality leads optimizing for “Houston veterinary clinic” than just “veterinary clinic” which is more generic, will have more competition and is likely to reach people well out of your service area.

By including a mix of local SEO and relevant content for each of your customer segments, we’re able to attract and keep the attention of your entire customer base, not just one kind.

Interested in increasing your online visibility and reaching more customers? Contact True North Social, your experts in SEO for veterinary practice businesses today!

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