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Shopify is one of the top ways to get your online storefront set up quickly, and it’s even better and easier when you choose a Shopify expert like True North Social. As a top-ranked Shopify website design company in Los Angeles, we have the skills and vision to create a user friendly and aesthetically beautiful website customized for your brand. More importantly, we can create a Shopify site for you that will help you compete even against much larger competitors.
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What is an expert Shopify designer?

Shopify Design Experts work with existing templates to customize your storefront or create a new design from the ground up.


What do we do for your Shopify site?

Creating an online storefront that matches your brand and meets your needs is our number one priority. We combine your vision along with solid design knowledge to form a website that is as gorgeous to look at as it is easy to use across all platforms.


What kind of ongoing support does TNS provide?

Unlike other design companies, True North will not abandon you after we’ve developed your site. We have ongoing services including Product Catalogue Management, Order Fulfillment and Bespoke eCommerce Optimization.

True North Social offers customized Search Engine Optimization for your Shopify site

We also offer customized Search Engine Optimization for your Shopify site to help the right audience find your storefront. This is just one of the many advantages of choosing a top-rated and full-service marketing company for your Shopify design.



With our team of WordPress designers, developers and quality analysts you get a site that’s responsive, fast, SEO friendly and designed to give your users the best possible experience. Our optimized WordPress designs even go a step further by ensuring consistent ease of use across all platforms including tablets, mobile devices and PCs.

What makes TNS the best choice for WordPress design?

Our approach to WordPress design sets us apart from the competition in a variety of ways. Since we’re a full-service marketing company, you not only get a superior design, you also get the advantages of potential built-in SEO along with optional services like photography, Social Media Management and more.

what makes us the best choice for your brand

A large part of our strategy and what makes us the best choice for your brand, is our commitment to superior user experience. If your site looks beautiful but your customers can barely read the font or figure out where to click, then the design has failed. We help you avoid pitfalls like this by creating WordPress designs that keep the user in mind along with attractive design.



At True North Social, we believe in giving our customers everything they need for optimal website performance from the initial coding right through the completed design. This is why we offer comprehensive web development services including coding, writing markup and more.

Why develop and design with the same company? Choosing TNS means you’ll get your website developed, designed and optimized faster and at a more reasonable cost than going with a la carte options from multiple companies.

Why choose TNS for Development? Our development process involves a careful process set forth by expert developers and includes the help of mock-ups. Mock-up sites allow you to see how your site will look before it’s fully designed and functional to ensure everything meets your vision and goals. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive guarantee for our development services to ensure your 100% satisfaction along with ongoing support after your website is up and running.



We use exceptional UI and UX design to take OK websites and turn them into the kind of site people love to visit and come back to. Often misused and misunderstood, these design optimization functions allow your site to be easier to use and navigate while also keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

What’s the difference between UI and UX?

Often seeming to be used interchangeably, these two terms are quite different but work together to make your website better for you and your customers.

UI stands for

UI stands for User Interface Design and it’s what we think of when we think of how a site looks to a visitor and how easy it is to visually navigate. UX is the more technical of the two and stands for User Experience Design and the workings behind UI. To simplify, think of UX as the frame of a house while the UI is the brick. Both are important and neither can stand well without the other.

Still confused?

No worries! That’s what we’re here for. While UI and UX are often misunderstood, that doesn’t make them any less important to your website. Trust your UI/UX Optimization to us and get easy to use and beautiful results without any of the hassle.


Search Engine Optimsation

Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever to expanding your reach and targeting the right audiences. TNS gives you the advantage in this critical marketing and developing function by performing in-depth analysis on keywords and incorporating SEO into the design of your site.

Why is SEO so important? While the role and methods of SEO have changed over the years, it remains one of the best ways to achieve organic search rankings and methods for helping customers and search engines to find you.

What SEO services does TNS offer? We offer everything you need to make SEO marketing a success for your brand. This includes:


Keyword Research:

We carefully analyze and choose the keywords to target for your company to ensure you rank well and reach your target audience.


Competition in SEO:

Through expert methods and professional connections we help build your links on other, quality sites to further your reach.


SEO Strategies:

Don’t become entrenched in the hundreds of SEO strategy options available, let our experts choose the right approach for your company.


On Page:

Combining quality content with keywords, meta data, optimized tags and interlinking, we fully optimize your site to increase rankings and improve the relevancy of your site for users.


Off Page:

We improve and manage the way your company is perceived and talked about online, outside of your own page. Combining well researched keywords with quality content is also critical to not just getting clicks, but real sales.


Local SEO:

We use customized SEO techniques to address the specific needs of companies who service a local customer base to ensure your site is seen by customers right in your area!


Outreach & Link Building:

Get the advantage over your competitors with our competitor analysis and strategy services.
When you contact us, we’ll advise you on the best options for your SEO needs and create a customized strategy just for you.

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