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Top Snapchat Influencers You Need To Follow

It’s no surprise that the newest social media giant, Snapchat, has more than 100 million users. But the most popular new social media platform is also one of the most confusing. We’re here to help you get started by listing out the top 100 Snapchat Influencers to follow right now.


One of the most attractive parts about Snapchat is that it’s somewhat private in comparison to it’s rivals. You can snap a video or photo to one person or a group of your choosing without all your followers seeing. Your videos and photos, will automatically disappear after a few seconds (unless they screenshot you, and in this case you will be notified). As a result, you can be less concerned with the perfection of every piece of content you share.


For the more seasoned snap chat influencer you will likely be posting to your “public story”. This is a sort of quick slideshow of all your snaps within a 24 hour period, after which they are gone forever and you start anew. The stories are where you will be able to follow along with top influencers on Snapchat. Stories give you an inside glimpse into some of your favorite music artists, professional athletes and movie star’s lives.


Unlike many other social networks, Snapchat users offer us a glimpse into their lives in a much more intimate manner. Because the social platform only keeps your content live for 24-hour time frames. Users are much more comfortable being themselves and letting their followers go behind the scenes.


Now, for the hard part, where in the world do I find people on Snapchat? Everyone first notices the “discovery tab”, full of curated current event content. But still your probably wondering how to actually add your own list of snapchat influencers for a more custom type of news feed.


The 101: How do you find Snapchat accounts? Which Snapchat accounts are worth adding to your friends list? And where within the Snapchat app do you actually follow users?


Below you will find a list of 100 musicians, artists, models, celebrities, chefs, and trainers we believe are worth your follow. We’re sure there are quite of few familiar faces on the list (although, soon enough you might know them in a knew uncomfortably close kind of way).


But many, we’re sure, will be unknown Snapchat users, trust us you’ll be happy we let you in the cirlce. All 100 have found a home on the app where they can be hilarious, or odd, or goofy, or just flat-out genius. Everyone on this list, in all honesty, is undeniably really good at Snapchat.


Next to each Snapchat  profile on this list there’s a yellow box containing a ghost. This “Snapcode”, is a unique QR code that you can use to add someone on Snapchat. You can also go to your camera, click on the ghost button in the top middle, then click add friends.


Here’s our top list of Snapchat accounts. Who you need to follow now:


1.Louis DixonitslouisdEntrepreneurWorldwide
2.Chris BrownBPChrisBrownRecording ArtistHollywood
3.Jared LetoJaredLetoRecording ArtistLondon
4.Kylie JennerKylizzleMyNizzlTelevision PersonalityCalifornia
5.GiGi HadidDoubleGiForceModelNYC x Malibu
6.Miley CyrusMileyCyrusRecording ArtistCalifornia
7.WaleWaleebmRecording ArtistWashington DC
8.Bella ThorneBellaThorneDABActressLA
9.Cody SimpsonAussieMusoRecording ArtistGold Coast-Australia
10.RihannaRihannaRecording ArtistLA
11.Mack WildsMackWildsRecording ArtistStapleton Projects
12.Brody JennerNextJennerationTV PersonalityMalibu
13.Vic MensaVicSaveMoneyRecording ArtistChicago Illinois
14.Danny BrownxDannyBrownxRecording ArtistDetroit, Mi
15.Tyler, The CreatorToiletBoyRecording ArtistOkaga, CA
16.SchoolBoy QHoovaQRecording ArtistLA
17.Waka Flocka FlameWakaFlockaveliRecording ArtistNY
18.Selena GomezSelenaGomezRecording Artist/ActressHollywood
19.“Girls” HBOGirlsHBOTV SeriesWorldwide
20.MTVMTVTV NetworkWorldwide
21.“Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”FallonTonightTV ShowWorldwide
22.“Good Morning America”GMA_ABCTV ShowUSA
23.Ryan SeacrestRyanSeacrestTV PersonalityLA
24.Chance The RapperChanceTheRapperRecording ArtistChicago
25.Shay MitchellOfficialShayMActressLA
26.TygaLamboLuxuryRecording ArtistCalifornia
27.Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnoldSchnitzelActorLA
28.Kevin JonasKevinJonasiiRecording ArtistNJ
29.Nev SchulmanNevSchulmanTV PersonalityNYC
31.New England PatriotsPatriotsAmerican Football Massachusetts
32.New York JetsOfficialNYJetsAmerican Football NY
33.Seattle SeahawksSeahawksAmerican FootballSeattle
34.Jack JohnsonJaackJohnson02Recording ArtistLA
35.Luke BryanLukeBryanSnapsRecording ArtistNashville
36.Catt SadlerCattSadlerTV PersonalityLA
37.Victoria’s Secret PinkVSPinkFashionWorldwide
38.Taco BellTacoBellFast FoodUnited States
41.Rebecca MinkoffRebeccaMinkoffFashionNew York
42.The HundredsBobbyHundredsIllustratorLA
43.Leandra Medine, Man RepellerMan_RepellerFashionUT
44.DJ Hannah BronfmanHannahBGoodFitnessNYC
45.Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal CEOSophiaAmorusoAuthor/FashionCalifornia
46.Hailee SteinfeldhaizActressLA
47.Keegan AllenlifelovebeautybActor/Author/MusicCalifornia
48.Fifth HarmonyfifthharmonyRecording ArtistsMiami
49.ZoellaoffcialzoellaYoutuberBrighton, UK
50.Joe SuggthatcherjoeYoutuberLondon
51.Ariana GrandemoonlightbaeRecording ArtistHoneymoon Av
52.Jean Wattsjean_wattsRecording ArtistLA
53.Hailey BaldwinhaileybisboringModelNY/London
54.Pia MiaprincesspiamiapRecording ArtistGuam, US
55.Zac Efronzacefron87ActorCalifornia
56.Robert PattersonR.Patterson86ActorLondon
57.Ashley GreeneGreeneyGirlActressLA/NY
58.Jack ReynorJackReynorActorColorado
59.Caspar Leecasparlee1994YoutuberLondon
60.Austin MahoneyungmahoneRecording ArtistMiami
61.Justin BieberrickthesizzlerRecording ArtistCanada
63.Casey NeistatcaseyneistatYoutuberNYC
65.The Washington PostwashingtonpostNewsWashington DC
66.Martin GarrixmartingarrixProducer/DJNetherlands
69.David GuettadavidguettaoffProducer/DJFrance
70.Paris HiltonRealParisHiltonTV PersonalityCalifornia
71.James YammounikingyammouniRecording ArtistMelbourne
72.San Antonio SpursofficialspursBasketballTexas
73.Jerome JarrejeromejarreEntrepreneurNYC
74.Shaun McBrideShondurasSnapchat StarUT
75.Christine MiMiologieSnapchat StarNY
76.GeeohsnapgeeohsnapSnapchat StarNorway
77.Brittany FurlanBrittanyjfurlanComedianLA
78.Ashley Bensonbenzo33ActressLA
80.Snoop Doggsnoopdogg213Recording ArtistCalifornia
81.Maroon 5maroon5Recording ArtistLA
82.NFLnflSports LeagueUS
83.Steve OsteveotvDumb StuffUS
84.Nash Grierlifeofnash“Im Weird”US
85.Spotify UKspotifyukMusicLondon
86.Meg DeangelismegandeangelisYoutuberWorldwide
87.Eleanor CaldereleanorsnapTrend PearLondon
88.Max HurdmaxhurdTrend PearUT
89.Jonathan SaccneJolysacconejolysYoutubeLondon
91.Sam PottorffsammpottYoutubeLA
92.Tia MowryTiadmowryEntertainerLA
93.Rick RossferrarifatboyHip HopLA
94.Soulja BoysouljaboysodmgHip HopLA
95.Carter Reynoldsreynolds.carterEntertainerLA
96.Perez HiltonPerezHiltonEntertainerNY
97.Brent RiveraTheBrentRiveraYoutuberNY
98.Lea MichelemsleamicheleActorNY
100. DJ Khaleddjkhaled305 DJ/Entrepreneur