LA's Top Influencers
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The Top Influencers in Los Angeles

We have compiled a list of the top influencers in Los Angeles below. Before you being your reading, know that this is an on-going list, we will regularly add more LA influencers to the list as we come across them.

Curious how we came up with these specific influencers? We found some influencers we have relationships with already and hit the drop down arrow to see similar influencers. We did our best to make sure each person is LA based, mostly by checking that they have Los Angeles in their bio and secondly by checking a few of their posts to make sure they are location tagging LA.

Their specific niche ranges, but we tried to make sure they are in fact influencers and not solely posting for themselves. For example, do they have products they are promoting, are they doing specific activities like wearing designer brands, working out, etc.

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Marina Laswick

LA Influencers - Marina

// Who is she: Marina is a model, blogger, content creator, and of course Influencer.

// Bio info:
God first ✝︎
fashion ⋆ travel ⋆ lifestyle
happily married to @kdukesfilm ♥
model+blogger in LA ☾
made in ➳ Canada

// Brands she works with: @blackorchiddenim @danielwellington @lycheeswimwear @tata__jewelry @zara @motelrocks @mynamenecklace @beginningboutique @storets

Marta Mielczarska

LA Influencer - Marta

// Who is she: Marta is an influencer who specializes in fitness, swimwear and fitness based products.

// Bio info:
📍 Los Angeles
▫️ @BangEnergy Elite
🤪TikTok : martamie

// Brands she works with: @BangEnergy @fashionnova @revolve @sommer.swim
@24hourfitness @agolde @ohpolly


LA Influencer - Janaina

// Who is she: Model, Influencer, Pilates Instructor. Fitness, Swim, Modeling.

// Bio info:
Made in 🇧🇷 📍LA
model 👠 @lippsla – talent 🎭 @hritalent
Private pilates instructor 🤸🏽‍♀️
📧[email protected]

// Brands she works with: @aloyoga @moviaactivewear @koral
@vita_la @empressmimilingerie @nikewomen @doyourumble


La Influencer - Nicole

// Who is she: Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Blogger.

// Bio info:
Nicole Isaacs
Travel 🌎 Food 🍔 Culture 💃🏽
📍 LA
🏠 Homebase: LA
🎬Creative Agency: @hungryape
✉️ [email protected]
🎥 YouTube: Nicole Isaacs

// Brands she works with: @ellejay @lovewave @revolve @olay @vitaminaswim @tularosalabel @ignitecbd @mondaysswimwear

Payton Sartain

LA Influencer - Peyton

Pam Arias

LA Influencer - Pam

Maggie Keating

LA Influencer - Maggie

Liberty Netuschil

Los Angeles Influencer - Liberty

// Who is she: California model and blogger who focuses on positivity and motivation.

// Bio info:
Positive Vibes Only🚫
📶Destination for healthy living, self growth and motivation to be the best version of yourself.
Visit below for inquiries💌

// Brands she works with: @adoreme @bandofgypsies @skyn @tacoolavintage @freepeople @lani_the_label @gigicbikinis @cupshe