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Social Media Advertising blends creative and analytics with one goal in mind, drive conversions

The competition in organic content is cutthroat. That’s a hard fact. Have no fear, our social media advertising agency is set to compete with the best of the best and help you get your content noticed by choosing the right channels and reaching out to the right audience.

Based on social media advertising statistics, social media platforms provide the best ROI to businesses, but many fail to use these tools to their fullest potential, mainly due to their lack of time, experience in the industry, or the skills required to manage each aspect of the advertising campaigns.

So how can you, as a business focused on thriving in your industry, benefit from social media without having to exert too much of your personal time or resources?

With True North Social, Advertising Effectively on Social Media Sites is not a Daydream Anymore

Social media advertising can be tricky because each site has a different interface and advertising design, and an in-depth knowledge about the nuances of each makes all the difference between a well-executed advertising strategy which brings in measurable results and a failed one. Considering that a typical conversion rate online is only 1%, it becomes all the more important to use the right strategies for the right channels, maximizing the potential of each platform, and bringing in the best possible results to the table.

And True North Social can do this for you.



Pinterest is increasingly becoming a popular platform for reaching out to audiences via targeted placement,

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And True North Social can harness this potential for your business, increasing brand awareness, page visits, valuable leads, conversions, and ultimately—revenues.

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Google+ offers the unique advantage of being associated with the most-used search engine on the web.

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With our professionals taking care of your advertising on this platform, you can rest easy knowing that your social media management is in capable hands.

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As a social media agency which focuses on creating and deploying effective strategies for social media advertising,

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We understand the true power of Instagram, and have spent years honing our skills in Instagram advertising and marketing, and creating the right campaigns for our esteemed customers.

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Facebook ads are designed around specific marketing objectives. This means that each campaign needs to be carefully crafted for a specific purpose.

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Our experts make sure that your campaigns are not just background noise to a group of potential customers—they are solutions geared towards a group of individuals who are actively looking for one.

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LinkedIn is easily the best social media platform for B2B advertising. However, it is extremely important that your content reaches the right audience.

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The well-trained experts at TrueNorth Social will ensure that both your ads and sponsored content is received by the audience you are targeting, and is received well.

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Twitter allows you to include certain phrases in your advertising campaigns so that whenever your target audience tweets with these keywords, they will be able to view your advertisement.

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This opens a huge gateway to targeting relevant prospects and increasing your conversions—but only if you do it right.

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Generate Revenue With Social Media Ads

As one of the top social media management companies in Los Angeles, True North Social has fueled the social media marketing strategy of a diverse range of businesses, varying from leading corporate firms to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

We know that although ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘retweets’ matter, the ultimate objective of any business is to earn tangible value from its social media marketing investment. Therefore, our team of online marketing enthusiasts not only takes social media off your plate, but also delivers the results you desire in the form of increased number of ‘leads’, ‘conversions’, and ‘sales’.

With our social media management services, we help you:

Companies that engage in social media enjoy an increase in positive brand image by 60% of their customers. Our unique advertising strategies will help you make the most of the tools that social media has to offer.

Using advanced targeting options, True North Social will stretch beyond the usual targeting strategies and attract the attention of valuable leads for your business. This allows you to use your resources efficiently, without spending too much.

With social media advertising, you have the opportunity to track the conversions from your ads—giving you the chance to understand what works and allow you to allocate resources where they give measurable results.

With social listening, you can have a better insight into what your customers think and what they want, equipping you with the advertising ammo you need to market and advertise on other channels, as well.

Advertising on social media will take an expert, but the results with these targeted adverts are mind-blowing. The cost of advertising on social media channels is more cost-efficient than any other channel.

With social media advertising, you have the opportunity to track the conversions from your ads—giving you the chance to understand what works and allow you to allocate resources where they give measurable results.


Tailored Social Advertising Solutions at Competitive Rates

Social media advertising is here to stay. And True North Social ensures that your business has the right practices in place that leads you to more conversions, an improved brand image and much more!

If you’re interested advertising on social media sites, but you’re unsure where to start, reach out to us and have our experts take care of your advertising troubles.

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