Google Maps SEO for Dispensaries

Local Google Maps SEO Is Important For Dispensaries

Local Google Maps SEO

Your Dispensary Needs Google Maps SEO

Google Maps SEO for cannabis dispensaries is cut-throat competitive. A dispensary has to pursue local visitors, vacationers, out-of-state traffic, and also differentiate themselves from their local competitors. You want a Marijuana SEO agency that is conscious of the cannabis industry as it is now, and where it’s headed in the future.

A good dispensary SEO company investigates and develops a local keyword list. Ranking the terms on that particular list in Google Maps is typically the objective, and you want to team up with an agency that has a plan of action, reports on their improvement, and employs an in-house content strategist. If there’s a single thing that will stunt a local SEO campaign for your dispensary, it’s thin, poor, or off-topic content.

Content Matters for Google Maps SEO

If you are the one who has a very robust content, it’s likely you’ll beat out competing dispensaries in the Map Pack. If you look at large cannabis dispensaries, you’ll see that most of them publish content regularly. This is a part of their local maps SEO strategy as well as their brand building strategy.
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How Do We Rank Dispensaries in Google Maps?

As Google has improved their algorithms to cater to users in the most helpful way possible, SEO methods and strategies have evolved. Many popular SEO tactics of the past are now regarded as “black hat” due to the fact that they aim to influence the search engine, instead of delivering the best experience for the end user. As a general rule, your SEO campaigns should go entirely undetected by the regular user. We make web pages for users, not search engines.

Below are the leading components of Google Maps SEO campaign for dispensaries. We do them all as required to help your cannabis dispensary thrive!

Local Citations

Locally Relevant Content

Google Maps Optimization

Local Customer Reviews

Complete Google Maps SEO for Dispensaries

As we create great web content and execute a solid strategy for getting it in front of your target audience, Google will see and rank your website in the local map pack. If an agency use manipulative tactics like keyword stuffing, pointless or duplicate articles, paid backlinks, or hidden text, you could be penalized by Google or taken out of the search results entirely. It’s important for dispensaries to keep their local seo clean.

How much will Google Maps SEO cost?

This question really depends on where your dispensary is located. Dispensaries located in major cities like Denver or Los Angeles will be more expensive to rank than in other areas. You should be prepared to pay anywhere from $1,000-$3500 per month for legitimate SEO. Anyone charging less will not be able to get results, or they are using black hat tactics.

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