SEO Keywords for Marijuana Businesses

Best Keywords for Dispensaries, CBD Companies, and Marijuana Businesses

Cannabis Keywords Are Important

Your Marijuana Websites Needs Good Keywords

When it’s time to begin a Marijuana SEO campaign for a dispensary or cannabis business, the first thing we do is research keywords. It’s important to know which keywords are getting a lot of search volume. The more people searching, the more valuable the keyword is.

According to Neil Patel, “Keyword research is how we keep our ears to the ground. Can you afford to fall out of touch with your audience?” This is such a true statement because you need to understand your audience before you can market to them.

Below we are going to list out some the highest searched marijuana related keywords. We’re also going to provide the search volume so you can see for yourself which are the best for your business.

cannabis vape pen

Top CBD Related Keywords for SEO

KeywordSearch VolumeNotes
cbd gummies review1300Target this keyword with a list of CBD gummies reviews
buy cbd online1600Excellent buyer keyword
buy cbd oil online2500Another great buyer intent keyword
hemp cbd oil6500Very competitive
best cbd gummies3100
cbd gummies35000Extremely competitive
cbd gummies near me1900Good for dispensaries or local CBD sellers
cbd gummies for pain1600
cbd oil capsules4200Good product keyword

Top Local Dispensary Related Keywords for SEO

KeywordSearch VolumeNotes
marijuana dispensary near me24000Perfect for local dispensaries
marijuana dispensary20000Another great local keyword. You want to rank for this + your city.
recreational dispensary near me4700If you're local, this is a keyword you want to rank for.
nearest marijuana dispensary450
cannabis dispensary near me4200
cannabis store near me2200
mmj dispensary1100Good for medical dispensaries

Now You’re Ready to Optimize!

You can use these marijuana keywords to help optimize your website. Pick a keyword, pick a page on your site, and get to work! Keep in mind, True North Social can help marijuana businesses stand out online and get more customers. Fill out the form below if you need some help!

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