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Los Angeles SEO Agency: True North is a leading SEO company in Los Angeles. Find out how we can help your business rank higher in Google!

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This very moment there is a conversation going on within your industry, let us help you be a part of it. We can position your business at the top of the search engines to help and help you get more customers.


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Search Engine Optimization

Managing your online presence is a full-time job. Let our team of search engine optimizers take charge, increase user engagement, and generate customers that will fill your sales funnel to the top.

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Local SEO Competition

The competition for Local SEO in Los Angeles is cutthroat. That’s a hard fact. But before you give up, our SEO agency is all set to compete with the best of the best, and help you get your content noticed by the right local audience.

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Be relaxed. You are at True North Social: One of the best social media and SEO service providers in Los Angeles. Firms who have ignored SEO strategies in the past are now trying harder to get visibility online.


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Instagram Marketing in Los Angeles

At True North Social, we have a team of marketers and analysts who are experienced in the nuances of Instagram advertising. We are passionate about developing comprehensive SEO strategy that includes Instagram marketing strategies.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is a fairly basic concept in Los Angeles SEO. We’ve all heard of word-of-mouth marketing which is similar to what influencers do, but keyword research helps get in front of people who are looking for your service right now.

Keyword Research


Websites with Strong SEO

Los Angeles SEO Web Designers

Finding the sweet spot between design and search engine optimization isn’t easy. Whether you are looking to promote a service or sell a product, we craft unique and SEO optimized websites which are sure to suit your purpose. We plan, design, and develop stunning responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic.


Web Design

WordPress SEO in Los Angeles


Do you need WordPress website optimized in Los Angeles? True North Social has put up a talented team of web designers, WordPress developers, and SEO Experts from Los Angeles to fully optimize your WordPress websitess. We are self-proclaimed – “best WordPress website SEO company” due to our detailed process and strategy.

WordPress Optimization

Improve Sales with Shopify Web Design

We Build Professional Shopify Websites for World-Class Brands!

Selling isn’t easy. But, using Shopify web design can make the process easier. Shopify is hands down, the easiest way of selling online, provided you use the right techniques. Luckily, we are your resident Shopify Custom Theme Designers who will help you create a beautiful Shopify website that will convert at a high level.

Shopify SEO + Design

Los Angeles SEO Agency

Are you search for a Los Angeles SEO Agency? True North Social has been helping LA businesses rank higher in search engines for years, and we know what it takes to get the job done.

Search engines dominate the world. When you need to find something or when you need to locate a business, the first place most people go is to Google. Bing and Yahoo get some traffic too, but Google is the dominate search engine in Los Angeles.

Because the majority of people search online for things they need, it’s important that your business appear near the top of the organic search results. This will ensure that customers find YOUR business and not a competitor’s business.

How is Los Angeles SEO Different?

SEO in Los Angeles is very different from other cities like Long Beach or Beverly Hills. Los Angeles is one of the most populated areas in the USA and has more people searching online than almost anywhere else. For this reason, the LA SEO strategies need to be finely tuned in order to be effective.

How to Find a Los Angeles SEO Expert

There are many people and companies in Los Angeles who claim to be “SEO Experts.” Just because someone know basic SEO strategies and techniques does not make them an expert.

A true SEO Expert will not only be able to show you proof of past performance, they will also be able to explain their Los Angeles SEO strategies in a way that you can understand. A lot of fake SEO Experts will try to use big words or overly complicated explanations in an effort to hide their incompetency.

What are the critical parts of Los Angeles SEO?

Keyword Research: Keyword research must be completed to determine what people are searching for. Many business owners feel they know what their customers search for but the we are often able to uncover many additional search phrases.

Local SEO: Google My Business is the map-based search results that Google provides. We are able to optimize your listing in such a way that it appears in the top 3 results when being searched locally.

Link Building: Links from other websites help Google to trust your website and brand. Each link from a reputable website is like a vote or a “thumbs-up” for your website. It is a very important sign of trust.

Content Marketing: You’ve heard the phrase “content is king” before, right? This is very true. Compelling, well written content is a very important part of any SEO campaign in Los Angeles.


We design well branded conversion driven websites.

Sheer Sports

ProStar Strategies

7 Charming Sisters


Terrain Materials

Valencia Wine Co.

Mr. Good Vape



Local SEO in Los angeles

Local SEO has become one of the essential components of every business in search for success. That’s because it makes finding your business a lot easier for your local target demographic. In short, local SEO is is designed to people in Los Angeles directly to your business.


Local SEO

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