Custom Website Design

When we talk about a unique online presence, custom website design is sure to come up in the conversation. Anyone who has ever set out to make themselves known on the internet starts with a website first and foremost.

Custom Website Design

When we talk about a unique online presence, custom website design is sure to come up in the conversation. Anyone who has ever set out to make themselves known on the internet starts with a website first and foremost. A custom design will guarantee improved visual appeal, better visitor response, better click-through rates and better links attained. In the end, all of these improved categories lead to signifigantly higher profit.

All of that and more, just because you chose a custom designed website for online presence!

Importance of following Design trends

The internet is an ever-shifting and undulating landscape, with trends coming and going at the speed of light, and sometimes even faster, when you take into account all the countless trends arising. The world of custom website development is no different, with new trends surfacing when a new technology is introduced, or when some major website decides it’s cool.

Every custom web design agency that is currently operating, does so with a certain awareness of what is prevalent in the industry, whether it be the adoption of some new technology, or a particular layout. This is because design trends are not to be overlooked, specifically when we are talking about an industry and mindsets that change very quickly and rapidly, rendering many a tried and tested technique obsolete.

Top Custom Web Design Trends

As mentioned earlier, following design trends is of the utmost necessity. To that end, following are some of the top most trends in recent times, in which every website needs to adhere to, if it is to be considered of value, and worth referring back to in the way of visits or links.

Grid-Style Layouts and Card Design

This trend has been in existence for some time, and was made ever-popular by Pinterest. Users of the website saw the simplicity of the design, plus the functionality of the grid style layout, which allowed for a whole new level of interactivity and design excellence. This then paved the way for a wave of websites that had a similar layout. It also clearly demonstrated to every custom web design and development agency, what a website should look like if it is to have any significant viewership.

Content-Based Layouts

This doesn’t mean a layout that lacks visuals whatsoever in favour of pure content. It simply means a website that bases the majority of its visual appeal on cleverly crafted and worded content is more likely to have viewership than a website that depends mostly on the visuals alone.

Interestingly, content can take on many forms, as we see on many modern web pages. They could be a line of tweets, or opinions and quotes, from various movers and shakers of the industry. This means that while content is necessary, websites do get some leeway based on the type of content that is on their pages. This is what custom website design services need to consider, when crafting the website, since readership is just as important as viewership, and content can be more effectively linked back to, as compared to just the visuals.

Radical Interfaces and Artificial-Intelligence Run Bots

Whenever the phrase ‘artificial intelligence’ comes to mind, people are strongly reminded of robots and automated systems that have a learning curve and can decide which visual or text to display based on what the user does. Granted, that this is when we think in the context of a website and not generally, but nevertheless, it’s true that we design is moving forward with leaps and bounds, and one of the biggest design and development trends has to do with complete automation.

Then there are the radical and futuristic interfaces that not only make one wonder as to how the limits of design capability have been pushed ahead, but also where the direction of design will be in the next few years, seeing as design is already at an incredibly beautiful stage.

Radical and often times controversial interfaces make a disruptive change among the common and convoluted layouts. Sometimes these are refreshing to behold, while still being valuable to link back to.

Relationship between Web Development and Design

Today, it is very important and quite common for a web development service to work closely with designers, in order to get better synergy and drive better results. This is the age of communication, and when one communicates between technical and aesthetic departments, the results are truly breathtaking, as can be seen on the websites of some of the industry leaders in the realm of visual web crafting; such as True North Social.

Get the Best in Design with the Best Web Design Service

True North Social has made a reputation out of aesthetically pleasing and content-rich results. Our own website is a testament to the design capabilities that we boast, and how far we are willing to push the limits in order to achieve what our client asks of us.

To that end, we offer complete web design services to our esteemed clients, backed with a guarantee of the latest in design innovation that is a developmental and visual delight.

Reach out to us and allow us to design you a website that will be the envy of all your competitors, and which will shine through on both the visual and aesthetic front, as well as in terms of visitor and linking appeal.